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Best glass and window cleaning sprays for your home

Get your windows and mirrors sparkling with our pick of the best window and glass sprays

Cleaning a window with a window cleaner
Published: February 10, 2022 at 12:43 pm
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With some of the best glass and window sprays to hand, it's easy to tackle grubby windows and smeared mirrors to let light flood into your home.


Make cleaning a breeze with our pick of the best cleaning sprays — including more eco friendly and natural options, and supermarket favourites — so you can get stuck into spring cleaning whatever your budget. If you have skylights, take a look at our specific skylight cleaning and maintenance guide.

And if you need help making your windows sparkle check out our guide on how to clean windows

Read on for our pick of the best glass cleaning sprays available to buy in the UK...

Best glass and window sprays

OceanSaver Glass Cleaner Starter Kit

Ocean Saver Glass Cleaner

This eco-friendly glass cleaner has a gentle, fresh sea spray scent, and does a great job of removing grime from windows and mirrors, with only a few smears remaining after a buff.

We love that all you need are the concentrated EcoDrops – a bit like laundry liquitabs – which you drop into a bottle of water, shake to dissolve (this does take a bit of effort), and then spray. The bottle that comes with the starter kit is made from recycled plastic, but you can easily reuse any spray bottle. You can also buy individual EcoDrops, with subscription services available through their website.

Tesco Window & Glass Cleaning Spray

Tesco Window & Glass Cleaning Spray

For those doing a spring clean on a budget, this spray should do the trick. It settles onto the glass easily, so no wrestling with the spray trigger bottle. It has a slight vinegary smell, but that’s the key ingredient working its magic and it doesn’t linger for long.

You need a bit of elbow grease to make sure all smears are buffed out – but it’s worth the extra effort as it gets rid of some particularly stubborn grease marks. It also now comes in refill tabs, which can be dissolved in a spray bottle filled with water, so you can easily reduce your plastic use while doing your weekly shop.

Nilglass Window and Mirror Cleaner Spray

This iconic brand achieves a high-quality result – the nozzle is easy to use and widely disperses a fine mist on to the surface, so less product is needed. Wiping with a microfibre cloth gave the best smear-free result and it was very quick to buff away with little effort.

It is heavily scented so make sure there's plenty of air circulation if you’re using it in a confined space – although the smell did fade fairly quickly. The bottle is widely recyclable, but you can also buy a 5L refill and decant it for frequent cleaning jobs. Its effective formula means it can also be used on shower screens and car windscreens.

Fabulosa Glass Spray in Mint Swirl

Fabulosa Mint Swirl Glass Spray

With a light minty scent and a cruelty-free formula, this glass cleaning spray packs a punch too, as it’s proven to kill 99.9 per cent of viruses.

The spray nozzle is easy to use, and leaves a fine layer on the glass that barely runs. We did have to use quite a lot of elbow grease to remove some of the tougher water marks on the glass, and there were slight smears left. Cheap and cheerful, it is suited to regular use rather than tackling weeks of wear – add it to cleaning caddy so you'll be able to tackle cleaning at a moment's notice.

Mr Muscle Platinum Window & Glass Spray

Mr Muscle Platinum Window & Glass Cleaner

This well-known brand has a reputation for meaning business when it comes to its cleaning products and it certainly doesn’t disappoint with this window and glass cleaner. A powerful spray action means fast coverage, which absorbs quickly without running and leaves an impressive shine.

It contains vinegar and easily cuts through grease. It does smell a little ‘perfumed’ and sadly, it doesn’t boast great eco-credentials with no refill option. However, it's a great option for glass and mirrors that are in need of more heavy-duty cleaning.

Bondi Wash Sydney peppermint and rosemary glass spray

Bondi Wash glass spray

Made of over 99 per cent plant-based ingredients, this spray boasts serious eco credentials as it's also non toxic and the spray is made of biodegradable ingredients. A little elbow grease is needed for a smear-free shine, but it's worth the extra effort for the gleaming results.

The smell is fresh, but isn't 'perfumed' or chemical-like at all — so although it's the priciest spray of the bunch, it's a win for those who can't stand the fumes of regular cleaning products or are sensitive to common household chemicals.

Astonish window and glass cleaner - Eucalyptus & Lemon

Astonish Window & Glass Cleaner

This cruelty-free, vegan approved cleaner comes in an easy to use, powerful spray bottle, so less product was needed on the glass. The formula contains vinegar, which did a fantastic job of removing dirt and grease without too much effort.

It took a bit of extra effort and buffing to remove all the smears with a microfibre cloth, but this formula's added lemon oil resulted in a streak-free shine. The cleaner has a subtle fresh smell, without being too 'perfumed', making it a great option for frequent household cleaning.


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