We've all been there on a hot summery night: lying on top of the duvet, window open, pillow flipped over for the tenth time. So for a more comfortable and cooling home environment in the warmer months, why not invest in a tower fan for an instant burst of breezy air? An affordable and easy solution, and far more effective than wafting a magazine in front of your face, tower fans are more stylish than a traditional pedestal fan, and thanks to their tall and narrow design, they don't take up too much space.


We've rounded up the best tower fans on the market for all budgets, with the models below ranging from under £30 to over £300. You'll find varying sizes too, depending on whether you want to cool a whole family living room, or find a mini tower fan to use as a desk fan.

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Best tower fans for 2023

Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan

Honeywell tower fan

Ideal for cooling larger spaces, this Honeywell tower fan is easy to use, and comes with a nifty remote for when you're lounging on the sofa. The sleek black design is sure to slot into any room of the house, and with five different sound levels, you can keep the noise to a minimum - great for sleeping children!

This model is on the larger size at 80cm, but there's a convenient carry handle for when you need to move the fan into a different room. There's also an oscillating feature so you can try and keep everyone in the room cool, wherever they're sitting.

  • £83.99

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Electriq Tower Fan

White electriQ tower fan

Bladeless fans are proving popular as they're a lot safer than traditional fans, particularly if you've got little ones and pets running around. This bladeless tower fan from Electriq boasts a quiet design and has a fairly unique, egg-like shape so it stands out if you're looking for something a little different.

What's really cool is this tower fan doubles as a fun night light with four different gentle colours to select from, so it's likely to be a hit with kids. Place in a children's nursery or bedroom for a more pleasant playing environment.

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We also like this model's compact nature which allows for effortless transportation. Whether you want the tower fan propped up on the kitchen table, or placed next to you on the floor as you enjoy some yoga or Pilates, it's sure to do the job.

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Dyson Cool Tower Fan

Dyson Cooling Tower Fan

If you're happy to splash out on a reliable tower fan you can use summer after summer, the Dyson Cool Tower Fan could be the one for you. As usually the case with Dyson, the hefty price tag is justified by desirable tech and snazzy features you didn't even realise you needed. This is another bladeless tower fan and as well as being safe, it's easy to clean which is a refreshing change from traditional fans that do a grand job of collecting dust in awkward places.

There are a whopping 10 speed settings to choose from, and the Air Multiplier technology is designed to produce a continuous and smooth stream of cool air to avoid the choppy effect that blades tend to create. Make use of the timer setting and drift off in comfort. This tower fan is fairly easy on the eye too with a contemporary yet subtle design.

Prodex Oscillating Tower Fan

White tower fan

Looking for something more budget-friendly? This no-frills white tower fan could do the trick. Featuring three speed settings, and an oscillating feature, place in your office and enjoy a refreshing burst of cool air when you're stuck at your computer all day, staring longingly into the sunshine. Also available in black.

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Russell Hobbs Mini Tower Fan

Black Russell Hobbs mini tower fan

As tower fans go, this little number is pretty stylish. The fetching Scandi exterior makes this Russell Hobbs design a lovely choice for your bedroom or living room. Place on your coffee table and benefit from the gentle breeze as you enjoy a cuppa on the sofa.

This mini tower fan measures just over 30cm in height, and there are three speed settings.

Challenge Mini Tower Fan

White mini tower fan

Another mini tower fan to consider, and while this one may not be as stylish, it's a more affordable alternative. A handy size for a bedside table, and at such great value, you could get a few and dot them around the house. One in the kitchen for when you're cooking, and another in your office, sorted.

Princess Smart Hot and Cool Tower Fan

Black tower fan

You really get your money's worth with this tower fan as it functions as both a fan and a heater, so you can use this sleek option all year round. We love the narrow and subtle design, great for slotting into the corner of a room. The smart technology is particularly appealing - control the device from your smart phone, or if you can't even be bothered with that, you can use your Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant!

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Dimplex Tower Fan

Dimplex cooling tower fan

If you're looking to keep your tower fan in one place - in that one particularly stuffy room - this Dimplex model could be one to consider thanks to its decent size. At 122cm tall, it's well suited to large gatherings and social events. Pop this tower fan out of the way in a corner, and let the oscillation work its magic, keeping your visitors nice and chilled. Control the device with the remote, or through the LED control panel on top of the fan.

The two wind options are a nice touch - choose between a natural breeze feel, or a quieter, sleep-friendly choice.


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