Thermal blinds: how do they work and are they effective?

If you're looking to keep your house warm and reduce bills, then thermal blinds are a cheaper alternative to installing energy-efficient windows

Blinds 2go Duolight thermal blind
Published: January 6, 2022 at 11:50 am
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When the weather turns frosty, your windows are one of your home's most vulnerable points for letting in the cold. Many of us already use window dressings such as lined curtains to retain warmth, but have you considered a thermal blind?


We spoke to Leah Aspinall, head of creative at Blinds 2go, to get an expert understanding of thermal blinds work and whether they could be the right option for your home.

'Specific thermal blinds can really make a difference to your home and help to reduce your energy bills,' she says.

How do thermal blinds work?

Thermal blinds work by creating a heat reflective barrier at your window. These blinds have aluminium lined, honeycomb pockets that trap the air and work to create a thermal barrier between the window and your home, reducing heat loss by reflecting the heat back into the room.

During the colder months, when the heating is on, the barrier stops the cycle of warm air in the room hitting the cold glass, helping to reduce any heat loss. In the summer, it reflects the heat back at the glass and stops it from warming the air around the room, helping to keep it cooler.

They’re available in a beautiful array of colours too, making them just as pretty as they are practical.

How effective are thermal blinds?

Thermal blinds can be extremely effective depending on the type of window and how they are installed and used. The blind will need to be down to be the most effective, so there are no gaps around the edges that lets the warm air escape.

For maximum benefit, the best thing to do would be to mount the blind outside the recess with an overlap either the side of the window, so it will keep you home cosy.

Do thermal blinds stop condensation?

Thermal blinds do not stop condensation. Having a good airflow in the home and well-maintained seals on the windows is the only way to prevent condensation.


Which type of thermal blind is most energy efficient?

Our Duoshade Pleated Blinds are the most energy efficient. The pockets in the honeycomb design of the fabric are lined inside, so you have the dual benefit of a thermal lining plus pockets of air: the combination of the two creates the most effective barrier to stop the flow of air between the room and the window. They’re blackout and water-resistant too, making them a practical option that works hard to assist in keeping your home warm.


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