When you think about it, it's not surprising to hear that the number of UK renters have doubled over the last 20 years. Yet this fact of life does make decorating a much harder task – you need to make sure you take care, with security deposits and tenancy agreements all factors to remember.


However, there's some good news - these decorating tips from The Lighting Superstore are sure to help you create your own cosy, stylish home...


Wall design

Does the thought of magnolia walls leave you feeling cold? Well, there's some good news – stick-on wallpaper and command strips could provide you with a solution you need to try.

When you're renting a property, stick-on wallpaper presents you with a great option. Stick-on wallpaper is not only great for jazzing up the decor, but also easy to remove without damaging your walls. As it's also reusable, there's the added benefit of being able to transport it to your new home too.

If it's personality you're looking to achieve, command strips could be the order of the day - they don't damage the walls but are strong enough to hold up objects including mirror and picture frames.

If the opportunity arises, you should try to position your mirror in such a way that the light bounces around the room, in the process, making it feel larger.

One thing to remember - you should always check with your landlord before you do anything, just in case.


Style it up

The easiest and cheapest way to transform a space is by using soft furnishings.

When you rent a furnished home, a rug quickly becomes one of your best friends, thanks to its multiple functions. Advantages include covering up an unappealing floor, along with giving your deposit some protection from any accidental spillages that could occur. It can also be moved around to switch up your interior's look too.

If you have multiple rugs, you can take this a step further, and try swapping them around, to create a fresh appearance every few months.

Rented House 1

Furnished fun

Your furniture makes a big difference to your interiors, regardless of the type of home you have. If it comes ready-furnished, something as simple as repositioning can still make a big impact, giving your space a new lease of life. By grouping certain furniture with particular accessories, you create 'nooks', before coming up with the final finishing touches by using something like candles or a floor lantern.

More like this

On the flip side, if the rental comes unfurnished, it presents you with a great opportunity to get creative. Measure out the different spaces, looking at where your current pieces go, and then indulge in a shopping spree to get exactly what you need.

Rented House 2

If you find you're on a tight budget, there are still options – this includes flat-pack furniture, re-selling sites and thrift markets. These present you with a great chance to find things that suit a tight budget and time frame.


Outdoors in

Use Pinterest to inspire you and let the wonders of the great outdoors in. Incorporate some large plants in the corners, and then take them to the next level by adding smaller cacti and succulents on the shelves and mantelpieces. Your houseplants will not only bring a space to life, but the ones that have broad leaves, like, for instance, the peace lily and rubber plant, help to remove toxic compounds from the air, boosting the mood and positivity levels to create a more relaxed zone.

Rented House 3

Light show

Lighting has a huge impact when you're looking to transform your rental. Adding a bold ceiling fixture really does make a big difference as it presents you with the perfect finishing touch for achieving some extra style.


When you’re picking one, consider the natural light that you have in your home. Then, make sure you take all of the different options into account – there are so many to pick from!