If you’re looking to turn your bathroom into a relaxing, spa-like sanctuary, you won’t want to miss these blue bathroom ideas.

From turquoise tiles to aquamarine accessories, keep reading to discover the blue bathroom inspiration that’ll help you create a sophisticated, restful retreat. Happy decorating!

Is blue a good colour for a bathroom?

If your ideal bathroom is a serene, calming sanctuary, blue is the best colour you can pick for your décor – and don’t just take our word for it.

Image by Ca Pietra
Image by Ca'Pietra

Studies have actually shown that the ganglion cells in our retina – aka the cells in our eyes that process visual information and send it in the form of messages to the brain – are most sensitive to blue and, when the colour is relayed to the brain, it helps reduce blood pressure and heart rate, thus producing a calming feeling. Put simply, blue shades in your bathroom won’t just look great – they’ll help you feel great, too!

What colours go with blue in a bathroom?

One of the best things about choosing blue for your bathroom is the fact that it’s such a versatile colour. Not only are there hundreds of different shades of blue to choose from, but there’s also a plethora of complementary colours that you can team with it to achieve different looks.

Image by Ca Pietra
Image by Ca Pietra

If you’re a lover of summery coastal decor, for example, you may want to combine soft sky blue with seaside-inspired earth tones, while those who favour a cottagecore aesthetic might rather pair blue with other natural colours, like sage.

If your dream bathroom is moody and dramatic with a touch of luxe, styling peacock blue with Art Deco-inspired jewel tones will help you achieve a glamorous look, while adding a splash of teal to an otherwise monochrome bathroom will instantly give it sleek contemporary vibes – perfect for adding character to a new-build.

Image by Ca Pietra
Image by Ca Pietra

If you’re still finding it hard to narrow down your colour palette, it’s worth taking into account the type of bathroom you’re going to be decorating. While a pastel colour palette might look great in a Mid-Century Modern scheme, muted shades will potentially be more suitable if you’re renovating a listed home.

Blue bathroom
Image: Victoria Plum

If in doubt, the colour palettes from the era your home was built will be a great indicator as to which shades might best suit your space – Georgian and Edwardian properties look great with rustic, heritage tones, while Victorian properties might better suit dramatic dark decor.

Blue bathroom ideas

In need of some blue bathroom décor inspo? Take a look at these blue bathroom ideas!

Blue bathroom tiles

When it comes to transforming your bathroom into a beautiful blue haven, nothing beats new tiles – and metro tiles aren’t the only way to go.

Image by Ca Pietra
Image by Ca Pietra

Blue fan tiles – sometimes called scallop tiles – make a beautiful choice for all types of bathrooms thanks to their fishscale shape, but can also be laid upside down to create a stunning raindrop effect.

If your bathroom is particularly angular, you might prefer the look of Middle Eastern-inspired Arabesque tiles – they’re super sophisticated and, thanks to their flowing curved shape, can balance the harsh angles in a room.

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Blue bathroom
Image: Christy

If you prefer a more contemporary look, blue geometric tiles can look effective in period and modern bathrooms alike.

Picket tiles have an elongated shape similar to metro tiles but with sleek pointed ends, and these extra angles create a modern, geometric pattern when the tiles are laid. The possibilities are endless!

Image by Big Bathroom Shop
Image by Big Bathroom Shop

And, just as choosing type of blue tiles you want for your bathroom is a great opportunity to express your personal style, deciding on the placement of your tiles is also a chance to get creative. While classic blue metro tiles on the wall might be your thing, those who are after something a bit bolder might want to opt for statement tiles all over the floor.

Blue bathroom
Image: We Love

If you’re looking to take it even further, you can cover the walls, floor and ceiling in a mixture of patterned tiles to create a Mediterranean-inspired haven, or lay the tiles in geometric shapes to zone and highlight specific areas of your bathroom, such as behind the shower, bath or sink. If you’re still after some inspiration, check out our extensive tile style guide for an outline on each tile type, plus how to lay them!

Blue bathroom accessories

You don’t have to cover every surface in blue to make an impact in your bathroom, and blue accessories can create just as much drama as blue tiles or walls, especially when set against a fresh white background.

Image by John Lewis
Image by John Lewis

If a complete bathroom makeover isn’t within your budget, try updating your bathroom towels, bath mats, soap dispensers and wall art with some striking new blue pieces – it’s a great way to breathe new life into your space and give it an affordable refresh!

Blue bathroom furniture

If a total overhaul of your bathroom isn’t possible or practical, don’t fret - you can still tap into the blue bathroom trend by incorporating some key blue pieces. Opting for one blue piece of bathroom furniture – like a blue bathroom vanity – is a great way to make a statement.

Blue bathroom
Image: Roper Rhodes

If your budget is tight, you can try upcycling an existing cabinet with chalk paint (take a look at our Frenchic guide here!) Finish the look by adding accessories in the same shade, even if it’s just shower gel or soap – this will create a professional, cohesive look!

Image by Big Bathroom Shop
Image by Big Bathroom Shop

Blue bathroom wallpaper

Wallpaper was once considered a no-go in the bathroom, but nowadays most bathrooms have good enough ventilation for the wallpaper to remain perfectly intact around steamy showers.

This means that blue wallpaper is a perfect option for those who want to add a shot of colour, pattern and texture into their space without splashing out on expensive new tiles, and the best news is that you don’t even need to wallpaper every wall to create an impact!

Blue bathroom
Image: The Curious Department

When choosing your blue bathroom wallpaper, keep an eye out for the brands that have wallpapers specifically designed for the bathroom. They’re made from durable, breathable material which prevents mildew, and some brands even offer washable or anti-bacterial wallpapers.

Blue bathroom
Image: Burlington

In the same way as choosing your colour palette is an opportunity to express your personal style, don’t feel as though you’re limited to ‘bathroom appropriate designs’ when choosing your paper, as sometimes, the more of a contrast you make the better.

Nautical inspired prints look great, but why not be different and opt for bold florals or palm prints? Remember, the design you choose should be something you love, not just something that reflects the latest trends.

Bathroom wood panelling

If you’re looking to inject some much needed character into your bathroom, panelling is the way to go.

Blue bathroom
Image: Victorian Plumbing

Installing stylish wooden panelling will instantly add a chic, period look to your home, and whether you choose to panel half of the wall or cover the whole thing, there are so many different designs you can choose from that’ll give your space a sophisticated, luxe look.

Blue bathroom
Image: Bathroom Mountain

The best news? Panelling doesn’t have to be expensive, and it’s super easy to make and install it yourself at home. Finish it with a lick of blue paint, or even paint it in a contrasting colour to your blue wallpaper or tiles.

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