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10 of the best refillable cleaning products

Make the switch to reusable cleaning products and waste less plastic. Before you part with your pennies though, check out our guide to the top 10 refillable cleaning brands here, all with great eco-credentials.

Published: May 16, 2022 at 2:00 pm
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The market for eco-friendly cleaning products is booming. More and more of us are recognising the negative impacts of single-use plastics and harmful chemicals on our planet and until recently, cleaning products were part of the problem.


Luckily though, there are now plenty of brands to choose from when it comes to natural, plastic-free cleaning products. So, ditch the aerosol cans and toxic sprays in favour of these eco-conscious products...

Best eco-friendly cleaning products

For a greener cleaner, you'll want to look out for products made from natural ingredients (ideally plant-based) that are biodegradable. Steer away from products containing synthetic fragrances, phosphates, bleach, ammonia and any ingredient that has a toxic warning on the label!

When you browse for cleaners online or in the supermarket, check if the packaging is recyclable - if it's not, put it down and find one that is! All the brands below make their products from either entirely or partially recyclable materials.

Lastly, it's also worth checking where your cleaning products are made. Supporting locally-made products is a great way to reduce CO2 emissions that are generated from international transportation.

Amber glass refillable spray bottles

Investing in some stylish amber refillable bottles is an easy way to cut down on single-use plastics. Amber protects natural cleaning products from UV damage and glass is not only easier to recycle but also keeps your cleaning substances free from harmful toxins which can be found in traditional plastic containers.
amber glass spray bottles

Best eco cleaners with refillable bottles


Method is perhaps one of the most recognisable eco-friendly cleaning brands, and we are big fans here at YourHomeStyle! Their cleaning products are all made with plant-based, biodegradable ingredients, so you won't be releasing overpowering chemicals (or smells) when you use these.

In fact, the scents of Method's cleaning products are one of their stand-out factors. Their wild rhubarb anti-bac all purpose cleaner has become a cult classic thanks to its deliciously sweet, fresh scent that leaves your rooms smelling heavenly.

All their bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic (excluding the pumps) and you can buy refills for most of their products, including washing up liquid, cleaning sprays, hand wash and floor cleaner, so you don't have to buy plastic bottle after plastic bottle. The refills are packaged in plastic but they provide twice the amount you'd get with their standard bottles.


If you want to avoid plastic altogether in your cleaning products, Neat is a great place to start. Their eco cleaning range is made up of aluminium bottles that can be refilled with concentrated cleaners from small glass bottles. A little goes a long way too - a 30ml concentrated cleaner makes 500ml of cleaning product!

Like Method, Neat's cleaning range smells delightful. We love the Sage & Mint bathroom cleaner and Mango & Fig surface spray scents especially but there are others to choose from.

All their products are packaged in recyclable cardboard and apart from the plastic triggers on the bottles, they're one of the best choices for plastic-free cleaning thanks to the glass refill bottles. Once you have your refillable aluminium bottles, you won't need single-use plastic cleaning products again!


For an all-natural, ultra-botanical clean, look no further than nookary. Their cleaning range not only looks delightful, but it's good for the planet too. Palm oil-free, vegan, cruelty-free, biodegradable, and free of single-use plastic, this brand is a stand-out contender in the eco-cleaning game.

What makes them even more appealing is the fact their cleaners are probiotic. Whereas standard chemical cleaners use strong toxic substances to clean, probiotic cleaners use gentle, beneficial bacteria to work away at dirt and germs over time - even once you've finished cleaning!

They have three delicious scents to choose from as well as an unscented option. We love Sicilian lemon for an uplifting, natural and ultra-clean feel.

nookary is a great choice for cutting out single-use plastics as they use glass bottles (with plastic pumps) and recyclable refill packs (which you have to return to nookary to be properly recycled).

In line with her classic-meets-modern aesthetic, Kay has chosen traditional everyday kitchen essentials, including a cleaning brush and soap


Ecover is often found in the cleaning aisles of supermarkets, making it perhaps the most recognisable eco-friendly cleaning brand around. Founded in 1972, it's one of the oldest eco cleaning brands too!

Unlike some of the other brands here, their packaging is not yet recyclable, although they claim to be working towards that goal, but they are certainly easy to find in shops, saving on delivery costs and CO2 emissions.

They stock a range of essential cleaning items such as laundry detergent, washing up liquid, surface sprays and dishwasher tablets and sell large refillables, such as their washing-up liquid refill which equates to eleven bottles.

The brand uses naturally-derived ingredients for their cleaning substances and are vegan friendly too. So why not make an easy eco swap and pop a bottle of Ecover into your basket next time you do your big shop? Or better yet, opt for their refill size and decant into an existing refill bottle?

Bower Collective

Bower Collective was created to help people lead more sustainable lives, and what better place to start than at home? With a similar premise to Neat and nookary, Bower Collective sell glass bottles that can be filled with naturally-derived cleaning solutions sold in recyclable refill packs.

Like nookary, you will need to send back the refill packs to be properly recycled. The cleaning products aren't concentrated but they come in generous 1-litre pouches and there's a range of delightful scents to choose from.

They make hand-sanitiser, laundry detergent, cleaning sprays and more. They also stock shower gel, hair care and even dog shampoo!


Another fixture in the refillable cleaning product market is Spruce. Founder Mahira set out the create a cleaning range that steers away from the strong harsh chemicals that are still found in major brands. She also wanted to raise awareness of the alarming toxicity of microplastics.

Spruce sells stylish and minimal refillable bottles and refills contained in small compostable packages. You can pop the empty packet in your food waste or cut it up and scatter it onto your garden compost.

The vegan and cruelty-free refillable cleaning sprays are currently available as a multi-purpose spray and a bathroom spray.


Want to tap into the refillable lifestyle in every aspect of your home, even your personal cleanliness? Miniml might be the brand for you. They stock all cleaning essentials as well as shampoos, conditioners and shower gels - each with its own lovely scent (they offer unscented, too).

Choose from their range of bottled cleaners or if you have a set of refillable sprays already, have a browse of their refills, which are available in 5 or 20-litre bottles. Apart from a couple of products, their bottles are made from plastic, but we like the generous refill sizes which means saving on dozens of single-use plastic bottles.

The cleaning solutions are vegan and free of parabens and sulphates. We especially like their concentrated dishwasher powder, which provides up to fifty washes from one recyclable glass jar.

Faith In Nature

Like Ecover, Faith In Nature was founded in the seventies and is a well-known eco brand. If you like shopping in zero waste shops or buying your cleaning products in bulk on Amazon, you'll have no doubt seen and possibly tried this staple brand.

Affordable and reliable, Faith In Nature stock a wide range of soaps and cleaners. Their plastic packaging is 100% recyclable and thanks to their generously sized refill bottles there is less need for multiple plastic bottles.

Swap out individually wrapped plastic laundry pouches for this long-lasting laundry liquid which is made entirely from naturally-derived ingredients.


If you don't have the space to stock up on large refillable cleaning bottles, a cleaning subscription could be more up your street. With smol, you can buy a starter pack of three refillable glass bottles and dissolvable cleaning tablets and have extra tablets delivered to you every eight weeks or as often as you need.

The starter pack contains a multipurpose cleaner tablet, a bathroom cleaner tablet and a glass and mirror cleaner tablet. Fill your bottles with warm tap water then drop in the tablets, give them a shake and you're all set.

smol also offer subscriptions for laundry capsules, washing up liquid and more, and they're all made and packaged sustainably.


American brand Blueland has popped up our radar recently and we've been impressed by its approach to tackling waste in the cleaning industry. Like many eco-cleaning brands, they offer a starter pack with everything you need to get going - but if you already have bottles under the sink, you can opt for their range of refill packs instead which are all packaged in compostable paper.

Like smol, they offer their cleaning solutions in a dissolvable tablet form. There are some nice subtle scents to choose from, as well as unscented options, and their VOC-free, paraben-free, ammonia-free, and bleach-free concoctions make them ideal for sensitive skin and noses.



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