Victorian decor is a much sought after style, due to its attention to dramatic and decadent details. This includes entryways where something as small as a door knob can set the tone for the aesthetic on the other side.


So if you’re looking to restore your Victorian home to its original glory, or simply wish to include some period features in your décor, we’ve got you covered with our picks of the best Victorian door knobs that will take you fashionably back in time.

Best Victorian door knobs to buy in 2023

Polished chrome centre door knob

House of Brass doorknob on white background

Perfect for those looking to restore a Victorian era home, you can immediately set the tone by placing this central door knob on your main entryway. Made from heavy-cast chrome which has been polished for a clean and sleek appearance, it measures 76mm in diameter with a back plate that is slightly larger at 80mm.

This doorknob from House of Brass comes complete with a fixing bolt and a rear fix so you should be able to quickly attach it to your front entrance, ready to receive guests into your period home.

Victorian beehive door knob

Victorian beehive classic Victorian door knob

Based on an original Victorian design, these classic door knobs from YesterHomeUK have been handmade from rosewood, with brass collars and a rose backplate.

The wood has been ebonised which means it has been darkened to create an opulent feel that would work well alongside heavy colours and fabrics, typical of a Jacobethan décor.

Victorian period reproduction door knob

Victorian oval doorknobs on white background

Available in a range of metals including polished brass, polished nickel and antique brass, these Victorian-style reproductions should be easy to assemble to quickly add a dash of period luxury to your home.

Durable due to their high quality material, these classic, oval shaped door knobs come with the spindle and screws included.

Polished chrome Victorian rim knob

XFORT Polished Chrome Victorian Rim Knob on white background

Made from solid brass, these Victorian style door knobs are hard-wearing enough for both inside and outside use, so you can ensure the period feel is consistent throughout your home.

The chrome has been polished to create that clean and timeless appearance, which shouldn’t wear or damage easily, which means they’ll require very little maintenance, ideal if you have them on multiple doors.

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Designed to be used with a rim lock, this mortice door knob kit comes complete with everything you need to install, including the spindle and colour matched screws.

Prima Victorian centre door knob

Centre victorian doorknob on white background

Make a homely statement right away with this Victorian door knob that’s designed to take centre place and centre stage in your entryway. Likely to retain its elegance for many years due to its high quality lacquer, the appearance of this brass handle shouldn’t fade, which means it’ll remain a stand-out feature in your main entrance.

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Mushroom mortice knobs

Mushroom mortice doorknob on white background

These mushroom mortice knobs from the Door Handle Company have embraced a classic design that promises a strong, chunky feel that invokes a Victorian aesthetic. Finished in satin chrome, they're also fire door rated to ensure additional safety in your home. Sold in pairs, they come complete with all the fixings you need to attach them to your door.

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Poplar mortice door knob

Poplar mortice door knob

Corston Architectural Detail have created a contemporary take on the Victorian beehive door knob, with their rendition that combines the classic style with a modern twist.

Made from solid brass to create a hefty feel, it has been finished in dark bronze bronze to create that period appearance. It should turn easily thanks to its low friction and wear resistant bushing, for a movement that is as smooth as its surface.

Buy Poplar mortice door knob now from Corston Architectural Detail

Victorian style wood and brass door knobs

A pair of Victorian Style Wood And Brass Half Rimmed Door Knobs Door Handle Knob on white background

These Victorian-inspired door knobs from ABHardware feature a solid brass backplate and a uniquely shaped wooden handle that recalls the period style while creating a distinctive and unique feel in your home.


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