As we adapt to the challenge of soaring energy costs, we're all making changes around the home to keep bills down, but are we doing enough to reduce our household's water consumption? If you're looking for a solution to costly water bills, a water-saving shower head is a simple and affordable alteration we can make.


Water-saving shower heads are designed to help you reduce your water consumption, while still allowing you the luxury of a pleasant showering experience. They're of course a more eco-friendly way to shower too.

There are a number of features you can look out for when purchasing a water-saving shower head, such as a water flow regulator. Those with a limited flow rate can help restrict your water usage - try and opt for one with a flow rate of nine litres per minute and below.

You can also opt for aerated designs that give the illusion of bigger water droplets, or those featuring mineral beads that help to soften hard water.

An easy swap for a more enjoyable shower that's kinder to your wallet, and the planet - browse the waters saving shower heads below and find a design to suit your bathroom.

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Best water-saving shower heads for 2023

Methven Maku Satinjet shower head

Methven Maku Satinjet shower head

The Methven Satinjet shower head claims to shower you with 300,000 droplets per second, so you don't have to give up the luxury of a decent shower when going for an eco-friendly design. A greener alternative to a power shower, this shower head is supplied with a nine litres per minute flow regulator, which is lower than average. Not just a water-saving design, but an effortless option too as it should work on all showers, even electric.

Opt for silver or chrome, depending on your bathroom's interior.

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Grohe Tempesta Cosmopolitan shower head

Grohe water saving shower head

While nine litres per minute is considered an eco-friendly option, this design goes the extra mile with a 5.7 litres per minute flow regulator. Choose between a powerful jet spray or a more gentle rain spray, depending on whether you're looking to wake yourself up, or wind down after a long day.

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This water-saving shower head should fit onto all standard shower hoses thanks to its universal mounting system. With a scratch-resistant finish and SpeedClean anti-limescale system, you can keep your bathroom looking sparkly clean for longer.

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Shower head with pressure bead filter

Shower head with pressure bead filter

Many of the water-saving shower heads feature mineral balls and beads to filter your water. The beads in this design aim to remove toxins, chlorine, heavy metals and fluoride so you can enjoy purified water when showering, and they should also help balance your water's PH.

In terms of water-saving features, this design has thinner nozzles in order to provide a higher pressure rate, and greater power. Get the spa treatment with the massage function, or mix it up with the rainfall and jetting modes.

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Arvo shower head

Arvo shower head

Another water-saving shower head featuring water-filtering beads to consider. It's just got the one setting - 'rainfall' - and it's an affordable choice for under £10. This model is designed to aid with low water pressure areas, so if you're fed up of a trickling flow that wastes water and results in a dissatisfying shower, this shower head could give you an extra bit of power, allowing for a more efficient shower.

The straightforward screw-in mechanism should allow for a faff-free set-up, and you shouldn't need any extra tools so you can have it up and running in no time.

Hansgrohe Crometta Vario Unica shower set

Hansgrohe shower set

You may be after a full shower set, rather than just a shower head, and this Hansrohe design has plenty going for it. As well as a low flow rate of nine litres per minute, there's eco technology which mixes air into the water flow, allowing you to reduce water consumption by up to 60% all while enjoying the same level of water pressure.

This is a solid option if you're doing up your bathroom, as it comes with a shower slider and hose so you can create a smart, uniform look with everything matching.

This water-saving shower head should save on cleaning time too, as it's been designed with the brand's QuickClean technology so you can remove limescale and dirt with ease.

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Croydex Aqua Air Varone shower handset

Croydex Aqua Air Varone shower head

With so many shower modes to choose from these days - with everything from mist to massage - it can be hard finding a shower head to suit the whole household. This shower handset from Croydex could be your answer as it offers five different modes. Bubbling, massaging, saturating, saturating bubbling and saturating massaging are all up for grabs, take your pick!

This design can half your water usage with its water-saving technology, and what's more, this particular Aqua Air model has been designed to produce bigger and softer water droplets for a pleasant showering experience.

We also like the simple yet stylish look - the chrome stands out from the more traditional silver models.


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