Shower screens are notoriously hard to clean, and unfortunately, a grimy shower screen can make an otherwise clean bathroom look grubby and unkempt.


Whereas a lot of shop-bought cleaners will work effectively on most parts of your bathroom, the combination of limescale and soap scum on glass means that most of your typical products won't be strong enough to cut through the build up on a shower screen, and they can quickly get worse over time.

Lynsey Crombie queen of clean: how to remove limescale for good

The good news is that with the right know-how, there are certain solutions you can make at home to keep your shower screen looking as good as new all year round - all you need is some natural ingredients and a little bit of elbow grease.

We caught up with This Morning's resident cleaning expert, Lynsey Crombie, to find out how she deep cleans her shower screens, plus her favourite tips for keeping them clean and prevent them from fogging.

Below, Lynsey shares her knowledge and top tips - keep reading to discover everything you need to know!

How to clean a shower screen

Why are shower screens so hard to clean?

Shower screens get dirty really quickly, because soap scum from shampoos and shower gels often gets flicked onto the screen while people are in the shower. If these products aren't cleaned off pretty quickly, the residue can quickly build up and go hard, making them appear grimy.

Another factor that can impact your shower screen is ventilation. If a bathroom isn’t well ventilated with a window or fan, the water left on your shower screen will form limescale deposits, especially round edges. These will also go hard, or even turn a pinkish colour.

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What's the best way to clean shower screen?

  • Start by filling a spray bottle ¾ with water. Add 20ml of white vinegar, a drop of washing up liquid, and a few drops of eucalyptus oil.
  • Shake the bottle well, and apply the solution to the shower screen. Leave for 15 mins, and then wipe off with a good quality microfibre cloth.
  • Alternatively, you could cut a lemon in half, sprinkle it with bicarbonate of soda, and then use it to scrub the shower screen all over, remembering to squeeze the lemon as you go.
  • Leave the lemon mixture on the screen for 15 minutes, or longer if it's really dirty. Rinse away, and repeat if needed.

How to keep a shower screen clean

When you've given your shower screen a deep clean, the best way to keep it looking new is to prevent limescale and soap scum from building up again. To do this, keep a squeegee in the shower and get into the habit of removing the water as soon you get out. You can keep it on a little hook so it's out of the way.

To prevent fogging on your shower screen, use white shaving foam. Apply a small amount to a cloth and cover the screen completely, before buffing it in with a dry microfibre cloth. This will prevent fogging and limit the water hold.

How do you clean limescale or hard water spots off a glass shower screen?

Spray neat white vinegar onto some kitchen roll and then stick this over the area. Leave it for approximately 20 minutes and then rinse off.

How do you clean a shower screen seal?

Some shower screen seals can actually be detached from the shower screen itself, which makes cleaning them so much easier. If this is the case, you can use a cocktail stick to pick out any nasty bits and then scrub using a recycled toothbrush.


If your shower screen seal isn't detachable, you can still scrub it with a recycled toothbrush. I recommend using my magic spray.

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Lynsey Crombie, TV's Queen of Clean, is a bestselling author, influencer, businesswoman and TV personality.