A shower curtain is an absolute necessity if you want to stop your splashing from soaking the floor, but just because it's a practical item doesn't mean it can't become a stylish addition to your bathroom.


Whether you have a bold focal point in mind, or you'd like a subtle design that will complement the rest of the space, we've put together our picks of the best shower curtains that can work for you and your décor.

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Best shower curtains to buy in 2023

EINSKEY green leaves shower curtain

EINSKEY Green Leave Shower Curtain

This high-quality shower curtain from EINSKEY would suit a light and airy bathroom that has embraced a botanical theme. Made from polyester fabric it should be quick to dry, both after your shower and after a wash, as this curtain is also machine washable.

Made with moisture-proof materials to prevent the build-up of mould, mildew and bacteria, it also claims to prevent the release of any of those unpleasant plastic-y odours from the shower curtain itself.

The metal holes at the top of the curtain are rustproof, while the bottom of the curtain has a weighted hem to reduce any billowing.

Waterproof velvet shower curtain

velvet shower curtain

Although it's lush elsewhere, velvet isn’t a material you would usually want to get wet, but thanks to the waterproof coating of this shower curtain you can now stay clean in luxurious style.

Able to withstand wet and humid conditions, this curtain also features anti-rust metal holes at the top to attach it to your shower rail, and has a moisture-proof make-up to prevent the release of plastic odours.

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Recycled polyester fish shower curtain

John Lewis and Partners Fish Recycled Polyester Shower Curtain on white background

Bring the sea-life to your home, with this lively shower curtain from John Lewis. Another eco-friendly option, this curtain is been sustainably produced from 100% recycled polyester.

The eyelets are rust-resistant to keep them looking neat and in working condition, and the bottom of the curtain features a weighted hem so it should maintain its shape. To keep this curtain in top condition it’s advised you clean it regularly, which should be easy enough as it’s machine washable.

IKEA TOLFSEN dark shower curtain

TOLFSEN shower curtain on white background

This two-tone shower curtain from IKEA has a simple aesthetic which means it will match easily to whichever décor you have chosen for your bathroom.

Made from densely-woven 100% recycled polyester, this hardy curtain is coated to ensure it’s fully water repellent.

Dunelm Elements geo ochre shower curtain

Elements Geo Ochre Shower Curtain

Part of Dunelm’s Elements range, this geometric shower curtain features grey shapes with pops of ochre, to create an item that is both understated and colourful.

Made with a water repellent polyester fabric, it can safely be cleaned in the washing machine.

Abstract shower curtain

Abstract Shower Curtain Boho

Bring a hint of vintage to your bathroom with this abstract shower curtain, handmade from 100% polyester. Mould, mildew and soap resistant, this chic curtain will add a bit of mid-century flair to your home.

Available with hooks included, this should be very easy to install, and easy to clean whenever it’s needed as it’s machine washable and extra durable so it shouldn't lose its colour in the process.

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Marble design shower curtain

Marble design shower curtain

Create a sense of opulence in your shower with this marble-look shower curtain. Printed with a 3D format to create a deep and realistic effect, this would suit a bathroom that has embraced white, black and grey tones.


Made from a premium vinyl polyester with neat stitching to increase the life-span of the shower curtain, this thick shower curtain is mould resistant and mildew proof, stopping the water from covering your bathroom floor while ensuring it doesn’t retain any moisture itself. Its 12 metal grommets are made from rust-resistant stainless steel, so it should stay looking its best for years to come!


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