Choosing a new tumble dryer can seem like a bit of a headache. There are countless brands and models, all with their own design features, price tags and energy ratings - more important than ever when we're all trying to slim down our energy bills. So, we’ve done all the hard work and found the best eco-friendly options for a range of different budgets.


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While we’ve included tumble dryers across lots of different price points, we’ve only selected options with efficient heat pump technology and an A+++ energy rating.

How to choose an energy-efficient tumble dryer

There are three main types of tumble dryer:

  • Vented machines take steam away through open windows with a flexible tube
  • Condenser dryers collect water in a tank
  • Heat pump models recycle warm air within the drum

Heat pump tumble dryers are often more expensive up front than other models, but they’re significantly energy-efficient so they should save you money on your energy bills. According to Which?, they cost around half as much to run as other models.

Best energy-efficient tumble dryers

Miele TSF763 WP Tumble Dryer

Miele TSF763 WP Tumble Dryer on a pink and blue background

Max. load: 8kg | Noise level: ‎66 dB | Energy rating: A+++

With a selection of clever cleaning modes, this tumble dryer from Miele can prepare your clothes quickly when you’re in a rush. Its EcoSpeed cycles finish 20 minutes earlier than programmes on the brand’s standard heat pump models, and the DryCare mode quickly spins anything you can wash at 40°C.

For maximum efficiency, the PerfectDry mode calculates the water’s calcium content to adjust the settings and avoid under- or over-drying your clothes.

You’ll also get a honeycomb-textured drum for cushioning, a companion app to control the dryer remotely, and the chance to switch between two fragrances during the cycle.

Beko DRY833CI Tumble Dryer

Beko DRY833CI Tumble Dryer on a pink and blue background

Max. load: 8kg | Noise level: ‎64 dB | Energy rating: A+++

Beko’s reasonably-priced appliances are popular with consumers, and this one is no different. It’s already earned more than 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon from happy customers.

The best energy-efficient tumble dryers can be pricey, but this model is on the cheaper end of the spectrum. It comes with a range of useful drying modes, and you can postpone cycles by up to 24 hours if you want them to finish at a specific time.

Bosch Serie 6 WTR88T81GB Tumble Dryer

Bosch Serie 6 WTR88T81GB Tumble Dryer on a pink and blue background

Max. load: 8kg | Noise level: ‎64 dB | Energy rating: A+++

Another reasonably-priced tumble dryer is this option from Bosch. The built-in AutoDry technology, which uses sensors to check moisture levels and adjust the cycle length accordingly, prevents overheating and energy wastage.

Like all the best tumble dryers, the Bosch Serie 6 offers a variety of different modes, including a quick 40°C cycle and a wool-friendly programme with gentle drum movements.

Side panels, extra insulation and AntiVibration technology also stops the dryer from shaking too much during use, so it shouldn’t be disruptive in your home.

Samsung Series 5+ DV90T5240 Tumble Dryer

Samsung Series 5+ DV90T5240AN Heat Pump Tumble Dryers on a pink and blue background

Max. load: 9kg | Noise level: ‎63 dB | Energy rating: A+++

You can always rely on Samsung when it comes to innovative technology, and its Series 5+ tumble dryers are a solid choice if you’re looking for an energy-efficient model. They have a few clever features to set them apart from others on the market, like a companion app for remote control and an ‘air wash’ programme for freshening up dry clothes with hot air.

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Plus, the tumble dryers remember your favourite cycles and suggest them when you turn on the control panel. As you’d expect, there’s also OptimalDry technology to adjust the drying time based on the moisture in your clothes.

Certain models, including the DV90T5240AN, come with a handy drying rack inside the drum - perfect for delicate clothes or shoes. But the different Samsung Series 5 models may vary slightly, so be sure to check the individual specifications before you choose your favourite.

LG Eco Hybrid FDV909 Tumble Dryer

LG Eco Hybrid FDV909S on a pink and blue background

Max. load: 9kg | Noise level: ‎62 dB | Energy rating: A+++

LG’s Eco Hybrid is one of the best energy-efficient tumble dryers you can get, thanks to its smart technology. It synchronises with the brand’s SmartThinQ app, which automatically downloads innovative new cycles and lets you control the dryer remotely.

Plus, if you have a compatible LG washing machine, you can pair it with your dryer. The washer will alert it near the end of a cleaning cycle so it can prepare the right drying settings.

There are also not one, but two eco settings, helping you use 50% less energy and save six minutes compared to standard cycles. Meanwhile, the anti-allergy programme removes 99.9% of bacteria and dust mites for ultra-clean bedding.

But our favourite feature has to be the auto-clean filter, which blasts away lint, saving you the hassle of removing it yourself.

AEG T9DEC866R Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

AEG T9DEC866R Heat Pump Tumble Dryer on a pink and blue background

Max. load: 8kg | Noise level: ‎63 dB | Energy rating: A+++

This AEG tumble dryer is on the higher end of the price spectrum, offering 3D scanning technology to monitor your clothes’ moisture levels and dry them to the highest standard.

It also comes with AbsoluteCare, which carefully controls the drum’s temperature and movement to protect your clothes. It’ll preserve the waterproofing properties of outerwear and keep woollen items against the drum as it spins, so they dry flat.

According to AEG, your clothes will be 30% less creased after a cycle than if you had air dried them.

Hotpoint NTM118X3XBUK Tumble Dryer

Hotpoint NTM118X3XBUK Tumble Dryer on a pink and blue background

Max. load: 8kg | Noise level: ‎64 dB | Energy rating: A+++

This tumble dryer from Hotpoint comes with all the key features you’d expect from an energy-efficient tumble dryer, as well as a few added extras like a quiet inverter motor and a dedicated cuddly toys cycle.

Other additions include the 20-minute refresh programme to sanitise dry clothes, as well as an anti-allergy setting, which removes 99.9% of dust mites - perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.


We also love the compact condenser filter, which offers stress-free cleaning.


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