During a time of soaring energy costs, as we enter into the colder months we're all looking for the cheapest, most energy efficient way to heat our homes. So to help you keep cosy this winter, we've gathered a list of the most energy efficient heaters on the market.


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Are room heaters energy efficient?

The majority of our finds are portable room heaters, or space heaters as they're often called, which are ideal if you're looking for a quick blast of heat for a short period of time. According to the Centre of Sustainable Energy, electric room heaters are 100% efficient as all of the electricity used is turned into heat. However, they're not the most cost-effective way to heat your whole home as they tend to use a lot of electricity.

So it's all about finding the right balance when heating your home, and it's best to use an electric room heater alongside your central heating system, taking room size and duration of heating time into consideration.

The energy efficient heaters in our round-up include features such as thermostats, timers and temperature regulating tech to help you control the device's energy consumption. We've also included personal heaters you can place on your desk, as well as a wall-mounted device. So take a browse, and find a suitable match for your home set-up.

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Best energy efficient heaters for 2023

VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator

Oil filled radiator

Oil filled radiators tend to be fairly cheap to run, and unlike halogen and fan heaters, they're designed to evenly heat a room.

This oil filled radiator features three power settings - 800W, 1200W and 2000W - and an adjustable thermostat, so you've got plenty of control when it comes to choosing the right temperature. The handy wheels allow for easy manoeuvrability, and it's suitable for areas of up to 25 squared metres. Pop on for an hour as you're getting ready for work and make a dark, frosty morning more bearable.

At just 60cm tall, this energy efficient heater is fairly dinky so it should work well for a range of rooms, including small offices and bedrooms.

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Wärme WiFi Electric Wall Heater

Black wifi wall heater

For a sleek energy efficient heater that'll slot into a contemporary home, this wall heater could do the trick nicely. You can control this device through your phone - set weekly heating schedules, adjust temperatures, and turn the heating on/off on the app. This device also hooks up to your Alexa, so you won't even have to remove your snuggly blanket to put the heating on. The heater displays the room's temperature, and there's a digital thermostat for effortless control.

This energy efficient heater attaches to your wall as a permanent feature, and it's suitable for rooms up to 22 squared metres. A nice option for a bathroom wall, or a home office - quickly heat up the room in the morning for a more comfortable work space.

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Olsen & Smith Energy Efficient Ceramic Heater

Ceramic fan heater

This energy efficient ceramic heater offers a unique oscillating design, so you can spread the heat around the room. This model should take just minutes to heat up, and there's also a fan function for the summer months.

Make use of the various timer settings to suit your day, and there's a handy remote control so you can effortlessly zap the heating on and off from the sofa.

We like the compact size too as it's small enough to sit next to you on the floor while you're wrapping gifts, or enjoying some morning yoga.

Honeywell Deluxe EnergySmart Heater

Honeywell heater

Another neat, oscillating energy efficient heater to consider. This model features energy saving technology that regulates power consumption, so it's sure to help you cut back on energy bills.

Just select your preferred temperature on the device's thermostat, and the heater will select the best power level to suit your preference. Once the room reaches the desired temperature, and the room is nice and toasty, the device automatically adjusts the power consumption for steady heat without wasting too much energy.

More like this

Use as a personal heater when you're working from home, or as a handy living room accessory when you're curled up on the sofa with a book.

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John Lewis Digital Oil Radiator

Digital Oil Filled Radiator

A good option for wheeling around your home and heating various rooms, this John Lewis energy efficient heater offers three different heat levels, as well as a 5 to 35 degree heat setting. This design is more contemporary than it may appear with convenient touch controls, and a clear digital temperature display. With its classic look, it'll work in any home, whatever your décor.

Gaiatop Electric Heater

White electric heater

For an energy efficient heater that doesn't compromise on style, give this quirky electric heater a try. We love the wooden legs - perfect for a more natural, Scandi vibe - and it's small enough to place on a desk, or bedside table, so you can quickly warm the room up before getting into bed on a chilly evening.

Choose between a 600W medium setting and a 1000W setting, and there's also a cool fan option for the warmer months.


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