As we sink into the sofa and pop the TV on, we're usually thinking about what to watch, rather than how much our viewing habits add to our energy bill. Opting for an energy efficient TV is a small change we can make to help reduce our electricity bills, so it's worth doing your research and checking the specs before making the investment.


Luckily there are plenty of energy efficient TVs around so we've gathered a list of options to help you save energy, and money.

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Does a TV use a lot of electricity?

According to the Energy Saving Trust, consumer electronics - so that's our laptops and consoles as well as our TVs - account for roughly 6% of our energy bills. To put that into perspective, that's less than our fridges and freezers (13%), but more than lighting (5%) and cooking (4%).

When buying a TV, you can check the energy and annual power consumption. You'll see in our roundup, models vary massively. In our list you'll find the more advanced and large screened models have an annual power consumption of around 120kWh, whereas some of the more affordable and less flashy buys are much lower at 60kWh.

How to choose an energy efficient TV

It can be a bit of a balancing act when choosing an energy efficient TV, as there are a number of factors to think about:

  • Consider the new energy rating system. Since the energy rating labels changed in March 2021, electrical appliances now work with a more simplified A to G rating. So when looking for an energy efficient TV, you'll likely find those with a rating of E or F to be your best bet
  • Price is of course a big factor when we're choosing a new TV, and there are energy efficient TVs for all budgets ranging from hundreds to thousands.
  • Screen size impacts the energy efficiency of a TV as naturally the bigger the screen, the more energy your TV consumes, no matter the energy rating
  • Look out for power saving modes and other power reduction features such as sleep timers which ensure you don't waste electricity
  • As already mentioned above, check the average energy consumption. Dig into the specs when buying, and look out for a low kWh per 1000h

Best energy efficient TVs for 2023

TCL 55P615K 55 Inch TV

TCL smart TV

This energy efficient TV from TCL has a desirable E energy rating while still boasting plenty of advanced features.

This is a 4K ultra HD TV, so expect a satisfyingly crisp image, ideal for movie fanatics looking for a top of the range viewing experience. An ideal choice if you're all about the apps too with Netflix, YouTube, Freeview play and Prime Video all available. You can also easily mirror content as there's built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Fed up of looking for your remote? Just ask your Amazon Echo device to play your favourite TV series.

Sony XR77A80KU 77 inch 4K OLED TV


If you want to go for a large screen size, whilst still saving energy, this flashy Sony model ticks both boxes. A new release for 2022, you can enjoy the latest tech including an OLED screen and voice-command control. The screen also adjusts to the brightness and darkness of your surroundings - a useful energy saving feature as the screen dims automatically, and the brighter your screen, the more energy your TV consumes. There's also a unique backlight control system which reduces power consumption.

The sleep timer lets you automatically switch the TV off after a certain time - ideal if you're prone to dozing in front of the telly.

Of course such contemporary and snazzy features come at a hefty price, so it's certainly an investment. And it's worth noting this TV has a power consumption rating of 121kWh per 1000h, which is a lot more than the smaller screened devices in our roundup. It does however have an E energy rating.

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Bush 39 Inch Smart HD Ready TV

Bush Smart TV

One of the more affordable energy efficient TVs in our list, this neat 39 inch Samsung model has an abundance of five star ratings. It offers a low energy consumption of 36kWh per 1000h and an E energy rating.

As a smart TV you can binge series all evening long on your go-to apps. A great size for the end of the bed too if you're looking to create the ultimate lazy weekend setup.

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Sharp LC-24DHF4011K 24 Inch TV

Sharp TV

Pop this compact Sharp energy efficient TV on your kitchen counter, and watch along as you're cooking dinner. If you're not fixated on creating the cinematic experience, this small 24 inch TV could do the job. A real space saver too if you're tight on room. With two HDMI ports, you can hook up to a number of additional devices.

This model has an energy rating of F which is still considered energy efficient as TVs go.

We love the built-in DVD player. Dust off an old boxset for a rainy afternoon of nostalgia.

Toshiba WK3C63DB Smart TV

Toshiba WK3C63DB Smart TV

At under £200, and with lots of five star reviews to its name, this energy efficient TV has plenty of perks. As well as built-in Wi-Fi, you'll find useful parental lock and sleep timer functions. Make use of the voice control functions too for effortless watching.

This device has an F energy rating and an energy consumption of 32kWh per 1000h.

If you're willing to ditch the gigantic flat screen for a more eco-friendly pick, we reckon this budget-friendly Toshiba model is a solid choice. Or it would work well if you're looking for a smaller second TV, for a bedroom or kitchen perhaps.

Panasonic TX32JS360B Smart TV

Panasonic TX32JS360B 32" HD Smart LED TV

With a power consumption of 32 kWh per 1000h, and a neat screen, this Panasonic model is a great energy efficient TV for your home. Fairly similar to the above Toshiba model, it's another affordable, 32 inch screen TV. Perfect for a compact kitchen and living space if you're after a small design for the corner of the room.

Samsung QE75QN85BATXXU Neo QLED Smart TV

Samsung smart TV

This contemporary Samsung energy efficient TV boasts a massive 75 inch screen and QLED technology for enhanced colour and brightness. Just released this year, expect some pretty desirable features. Enjoy surround sound, voice-assistant technology and 4K Ultra HD display resolution. The perfect addition to a movie buff's home.

This device has an E energy rating, and an annual power consumption of 143kWh. Remember to make use of the sleep timer when you start to feel yourself drifting off during a long film!


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