How to host the perfect Christmas party

Get ready for the 12 days of Christmas with our guide on how to host a Christmas party…

Christmas Party

There’s not long to go until the festive season starts, which means it’s time to sit back and enjoy the festivities – right? Wrong.


For many, Christmas can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Whether it’s stretched finances, a seemingly-endless social calendar, or just putting up with in-laws, it’s easy to get caught up and feel like the season is getting the better of you.

One of the biggest Christmas stresses can be hosting family and friends at Christmas parties, or even on the big day itself. Trying to make sure the house is ready, that the food is great, your Christmas tree is stylishly decorated and everyone is having a great time can be exhausting, so we’re here to de-stress your Christmas and get you prepared to face the crowds.

We’ve spoken to Jigna Varu of Micro-Fresh to come up with six ways on how to reduce stress on the approach to Christmas and take the stress out of hosting. From quick cleaning tips to making your guests feel at home, here’s everything you need to make this Christmas a special one.


 First impressions

Christmas Party 1

It’s the first part of the house we’ll walk into, but the hallway is normally overlooked, instead becoming a forgotten dumping ground. One of the main culprits will be shoes – can you think of a worse greeting for guests than a pile of sweaty trainers? Get around this by investing in some functional storage, where you can tuck your footwear away – or, as an even better option, when you’re looking for new shoes, go for some that have an added freshness agent that will proactively tackle the smells all year.


Pet-proof your home

Christmas Party 2

Our four-legged friends are a very welcome addition to our homes, but that distinctive dog aroma isn’t always appreciated by visitors. Therefore, be sure to clean your bedding and give them a bath before they arrive. You can also make your life easier by purchasing a pet bed, which has an added freshness agent – this makes it simple and easy to clean, even when it’s at a lower temperature, while it also automatically banishes odours. Another good move could be to invest in a brand new bed – it can deter them from treating your guest room as a personal space of their own.


Add a touch of luxury

Christmas Party 3

One of the most luxurious parts of staying in a hotel will be fresh, fluffy towels, so why not give your guests the same luxury? Opting for a bold and festive colour will make a statement and can also act as a nice reflection of your personality. Something as simple as a clean and soft bath mat can make the perfect finishing touch.


Create a cosy haven

Christmas Party 4

Having a fresh, clean and comfortable bed will be among the ultimate ways to achieve comfort and cosiness. If nothing else, you can prepare your home by making sure you spend time making the ultimate guest bedroom, where guests will be able to sleep soundly. Duvets and pillows can be a deal-breaker in luxury here too.


Add a festive scent

Christmas Party 5

Christmas will instantly conjure up thoughts of your favourite memories of your home with a pine scent, or mince pies baking in the oven. A fantastic way to compliment the freshness of the new fabrics and textiles will be with the scent – anything from essential oils to incense can have a great impact, from the second guests step through your door.


The finishing touch

Christmas Party 6

As a final touch, treat your visitors to a small gift to spread the festive spirit. A nice pair of cosy slippers could be just the ticket – they will prevent anyone from treading on cold floors which will never be pleasant. Simply pop a pair at the end of your guest’s bed to act as an added treat!