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Nine of the best umbrella stands for every style and budget

If you're after some savvy hallway storage, take a look at our pick of the best umbrella stands available in the UK

Whether it’s a passing shower or a full-on downpour, rain is a feature of British life all year round – and so is the trusty umbrella! When you or your guests walk through your front door after a deluge, the last thing you want is umbrellas dripping through your hallway or beyond, soaking the floor and spattering the walls with rainwater.


Enter the umbrella stand! This piece of vital doorway storage is a lifesaver on a rainy day, helping you keep your home clean and dry even on foul-weather days. Luckily, there are heaps of stylish options on the market these day, so there’s one to suit every taste and decor scheme.

Here’s our pick of the best umbrella stands in the UK, so you can ensure your hallway, utility room or boot room stays tidy and drip-free!

Best umbrella stands

Huldra Umbrella Stand with Shoe Rack

Umbrella stand
Huldra Umbrella Stand with Shoe Rack, £59,

If your hallway is compact, opting for furniture that combines functions is a great way to make a small space feel bigger. With a handy shoe rack attached, this Huldra Umbrella Stand from allows you to keep all of your hallway essentials stored neatly in one place, plus, its combination of powder-coated metal and natural wood will give any room a sleek, minimalist feel.

If you want to coordinate you can buy a matching coat stand, and there’s even a matching hallway mirror with a handy little shelf attached. Try styling it with neutral, earth toned décor for a calm Nordic feel.

  • £139

Buy the Huldra Umbrella Stand with Shoe Rack now from

Boho Blue Ceramic Umbrella Stand

Umbrella stand
Boho Blue Ceramic Umbrella Stand, £72, Not on the High Street

Blue décor is proven to have a calming influence on us, with studies even showing that just looking at the colour can help reduce blood pressure and heart rate. So, if you’re looking to make your hallway feel tranquil and serene, adding some blue decor accents is a budget-friendly and easy way to give your space a more restful vibe.

Crafted in a little workshop in the heart of West Yorkshire, this Dibor umbrella stand is made out of durable ceramic and boasts a beautiful blue and white china pattern, so it’ll instantly make your space feel more relaxing. It would also tie in perfectly in a period house or Edwardian style house.

Aside from the fact that this stand is beautiful and highly decorative, we also love the fact that it’s super practical. Not only does it come complete with three grips underneath the base to protect your floors from scratches, but it’s large enough to house umbrellas for the whole family.

  • £72

Buy the Boho Blue Ceramic Umbrella Stand now from Not on the High Street

Tosca Umbrella Stand

Umbrella stand
Tosca Umbrella Stand, £62, Amara

While knocking down walls or installing extra windows will let more light into your home, they’re thankfully not the only ways to make your home feel lighter and brighter.

Opting for bright white décor accessories is a tried and tested way of breathing life into your space, and your hallway, utility room, porch or boot room is no exception. Designed in Japan by Yamazaki, this slimline steel umbrella stand will fit seamlessly into even the narrowest of spaces, whilst its brilliant white coating will help to reflect light around the room. For a truly airy feel, style it in front of a full length leaning mirror – your space will feel bigger in no time.

  • £62

Buy the Tosca Umbrella Stand now from Amara

Hambledon Umbrella Stand

Hambledon Umbrella Stand, £70, Garden Trading
Hambledon Umbrella Stand, £70, Garden Trading

Many of us are seeking a sense of stability and comfort this year, and there’s no better way to make your home feel snug than to echo elements of the natural world in the textures and colours you surround yourself with.

If you’re looking to introduce the grounding feel of the countryside into your interior scheme, adding some earth tone décor accessories, like this handmade oak umbrella stand, will immediately make your space feel soothing. It features a metal tray at the base to catch excess water, and will look amazing in pared-back schemes.

  • £70

Buy Hambledon Umbrella Stand now from Garden Trading

Matte Gold Carved Metal Umbrella Holder

Umbrella stand
Matte Gold Carved Metal Umbrella Holder, £33, Maisons du Monde

Global décor is one of the biggest trends of 2021, and it’s all about surrounding yourself with the sights and smells of far-flung destinations to bring the excitement and exoticism of travel into your home.

This gold carved umbrella stand from Maisons du Monde reminds us of luxurious Moroccan design and will instantly give your space a lavish, expensive feel. Try styling it against dark décor for a sumptuous display, or contrast it against white painted walls to add character to a contemporary home.

  • £33

Buy Matte Gold Carved Metal Umbrella Holder now from Maisons du Monde

House Additions Umbrella Stand

Umbrella stand
House Additions Umbrella Stand, £39.99, Wayfair

Adding character to a new-build home isn’t always the easiest of tasks, but there are certain décor tricks that can introduce the charm and personality of a period property into your any home, no matter its age.

Investing in some vintage style accessories can help to give your home a more lived-in, welcoming feel, and if this is what you’re looking to do, you’ll love this umbrella storage from Wayfair!

The crackle glazed ceramic stand has been deliberately distressed to create slight imperfections, giving it an old world, antique look. It’ll look amazing styled alongside some quirky brass decorative hooks, and it could easily double up as a large vase during the summer months. We love it!

  • £39.99

Buy House Additions Umbrella Stand now from Wayfair

Black Openwork Metal Umbrella Stand with Foliage Motifs

Umbrella stand
Black Openwork Metal Umbrella Stand with Foliage Motifs, £44, Maisons du Monde

Any interior enthusiast will tell you that bringing the outside in can have an amazing impact on your interior, but turning to stunning houseplant displays isn’t the only way to go.

In fact, the Japanese concept of shinrin-yoku, or ‘forest bathing’, suggests that opting for décor accessories which echo the colours and patterns found in nature – whether it’s soft furnishings with floral prints or the beautiful foliage motifs on this umbrella stand – will add a level of interest to your home while keeping it feeling cosy, comforting and calming.

If you want to bring the Japanese nature craze into your home, this openwork metal umbrella stand is perfect for the job. Style it with lots of rich, warm colours – like the ones in Farrow and Ball’s 2021 colour palette – to make your home feel like a cocooning, cosy sanctuary.

  • £44

Buy Black Openwork Metal Umbrella Stand now from Maisons du Monde

Gold & Marble Umbrella Stand

Umbrella stand
Gold & Marble Umbrella Stand, £68, Oliver Bonas

At the beginning of the year experts earmarked OTT glamour as a trend to watch in 2021, and anything luxurious, lavish and Art Deco-inspired has been tipped to be sweeping Pinterest and Instagram feeds alike over the coming months.

If you’re looking to achieve a glamorous look in your own home, choose furnishings inspired by the flowing curves of 1930s décor and be confident enough to pair them with lashings of bold block colours.

This gold and marble umbrella stand from Oliver Bonas will slot perfectly in glamour-inspired schemes – its angular base is dramatic while the golden brass feels expensive. Style it with tones of midnight blue, deep teal and russet for a glamorous vintage feel.

  • £68

Buy Gold & Marble Umbrella Stand now from Oliver Bonas

Airi Umbrella Stand

Umbrella stand
Airi Umbrella Stand, £38.99, Wayfair

Born out of a desire to disconnect from our digital world and return to the simpler days of the past, cottagecore is an aesthetic trend that encourages you to embrace vintage character and even clutter to create a homely, authentic space.

Wayfair’s Airi umbrella stand will make a perfect addition to a cosy country cottage – its iron detailing and drip tray is perfect for contrasting against exposed brick walls and layers of floral soft furnishings. This particular model is designed to hold five umbrellas at a time, but if you don’t have that many, you can always embrace the cottagecore ethos and fill the empty spaces with a couple of rustic walking sticks.

  • £39.99

Buy Airi Umbrella Stand now from Wayfair

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