The first thing anyone sees when they approach your home is your front door and a smart, inviting entrance will help make a good first impression. A simple paint job and a few new hardware pieces is often all it takes to freshen up a tired doorway, so it's totally doable even if you're working on a budget.


To help you make your front door dazzle, we’ve put together six of the best ways to embellish your entrance. And for wallet-friendly ideas for the rest of your home, check out our tips for decorating on a budget.

1. Lick of paint

This is an obvious one! A fresh coat of chalk paint is the number one way to renew the entrance to your home. This forest green shade from Annie Sloan is a bold colour that will add drama to your front door. If you’re not into dark and moody shades however, then a pastel or classic tone, such as lavender or dove grey, will look just as smart. If you're struggling to think of what shade is best for you and your home, be sure to check out our guide to the best front door colours - it details the meaning of each front door colour and has plenty of decorating ideas to inspire you!

Remember to make sure the paint you choose is weatherproof. We love Frenchic's Al Fresco range for this - click here for our ultimate guide to using Frenchic paints in your home.

Choosing a door colour - expert advice

If a matt black front door isn’t for you, narrow down your colour choice with the help of Sadolin and Sandtex’s Technical Consultant, Matthew Brown...

‘When it comes to front doors, homeowners often pick shades they wouldn’t choose for their internal scheme, as front doors offer a great opportunity to express a craving for colour without affecting the mood of a scheme.

‘Statement doors have become very popular recently, with people opting for a bright blue, vibrant yellow or soft pastel shades. These colours can really make your property stand out and give it a more modern feel.

‘But classic colours, such as deep grey and off-white remain a popular choice for front doors. Neutral shades are timeless, elegant and, most importantly, suit every exterior.

‘Before you begin repainting your front door, the most important thing to do is to prime it. Begin by sanding it down and wiping away the dust and dirt. Always apply primer before painting as this will provide a good foundation for the paint to sit on while giving it more opacity and longevity. Apply two to three coasts of paint for maximum protection.’

2. Find a fun door knocker

Choosing a decorative door knocker can really amp up the glam factor. We think this quirky brass owl design from Cox & Cox is bound to bring a smile to you and your guests’ faces.

3. Jazz up your doormat

Triangles Doormat

Make your doorway inviting with a stylish outdoor mat that has a colourful pattern or a friendly phrase printed onto it. Not only will it provide a warm welcome, but it’ll also make sure you keep your hallway clean.

4. Make your house number stand out

brass door numbers

Is your house number looking a little worse for wear? Refresh it with new numbers, perhaps in trendy rose gold or brushed brass.

If you want to go even bigger, a colourful Art Deco stained-glass- effect window displaying your number looks fantastic and it can cost less than you might think. Check Amazon for a wide range of stained-glass-effect film that can simply be applied to your window pane.

5. Wreaths for all seasons

Flower Spring Wreath, £27.99, Lights 4 Fun
Flower Spring Wreath, £27.99, Lights 4 Fun

A cheerful wreath is the best way to add a finishing touch to your front door. A jolly Christmas garland on the door has long been a classic festive welcome, but you might not know that there are a growing number of wreaths for other seasons, too - autumn wreaths are especially popular, but you'll also find some gorgeous spring wreaths and summer garlands, too.

6. Brighten up with lights

Install lights either side of your door to brighten up the entrance and bathe your guests in a welcoming glow when they arrive. Or for a more flexible solution, use fairy lights to bathe your doorway in soft light.

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