How to prepare a guest bedroom

Treat your guests to a hotel experience at home with these easy bedroom tips...

Ruth and David turned what was originally a closet into an upstairs loo and painted the walls of the main bedroom in Farrow & Ball’s Dimpse, a blue-toned grey. ‘I chose to keep it light and airy with crisp white bedding and pink cushions and accessories,’ Ruth says. ‘I painted the artwork above the bed using tester pots of paint used around the house to ensure it would be a perfect match’

A clean and welcoming bedroom with all the necessities provided can make the world of difference to a guest’s stay.


Follow these easy steps to get your guest bedrooms ready for when family and friends are able to visit, and treat them to a hotel experience at home!

How to prepare a guest bedroom

Let’s start with the basics. Keep your guest rooms simple and clean with no clutter and leave some empty wardrobe space for your guests’ clothes and belongings. Fresh bed sheets and towels go without saying – try to provide an extra throw for warmth and multiple pillows, as people’s preferences vary.

Leave a note with your WiFi details and password in an obvious space. It saves you having to reel off the password to every guest and saves them having to ask. If there’s any tech in the room, double check that it has relatively new batteries or is fully charged. And keep a spare phone charger on standby – we’ve all been there!

If possible, provide a basket of toiletries and everyday essentials. Your guests will appreciate the extra space in their luggage, and they won’t have to worry about forgetting anything. Toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and bodywash are the basics, but it might also be nice to include a body lotion and a mouth wash or anything that you anticipate your guest will need.

Make sure there’s a mirror and a hairdryer in the room as well. For a special finishing touch, add a statement vase of flowers or a cute snack tray to make your guests feel at home.

If you have the surface space, you could also set up a coffee-and tea-making station so there’s no need for guests to leave their room to make a brew. Leave out some good books if they’re avid readers too!


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