How to decorate on a budget

Decorating your home can be expensive – but using our tips, it doesn't have to be.

Crate decoration

Whether you are looking to sell your house in the near future and want it to look appealing to potential buyers, or you simply want to give your home a fresh makeover, there is always an excuse to get your decorating cap on and make some home improvements.


Upcycling is a great way to give your home a lift whilst maintaining a healthy budget, particularly if you are trying to save your pennies for a birthday, holiday or Christmas. The rustic and original feel of unique pieces you create yourself can bring a brand new element to your spaces, without costing an arm and a leg.

Nick Swan, CEO of money-saving website, has put together some handy top tips if you fancy giving upcycling a go:



Pick up some interesting or unusual lamp bases from bargain stores or charity shops and spray paint to coordinate with your décor or colour scheme. Also, invest in or make some stylish new shades that look like they’ve been purchased from an antique store.


Get creative

Try and find interesting and alternative uses for things to give them a double purpose. For example, a pile of magazines can been strapped together with leather belts to keep them neat and create a useful foot stool, side table or seat. You can also cleverly use old wooden head boards attached to living room or corridor walls. This gives spaces a rustic, cabin-like feel.


Crate idea!

Crate decoration
© Tom Chambers / EyeEm

Crates are cheap to pick up and a great piece to upcycle. The possibilities of using crates to create furniture are endless, as they are very versatile. You can turn them into some modern-looking shelves or even stick a load together to make a guest bed, garden bench or an outdoor bar for entertaining. Our favourite thing to do is to cut them up to create cute post box and note holders, or even put a different spin on a spice rack!


Suitcase to side table

Suitcases are great to upcycle and are another versatile piece to work with. They can be turned into edgy coffee tables, foot rests or just stacked together as a decorative piece. They’re also great for storage if you tend to have a lot of beauty or hair products lying around that just won’t fit in the bathroom! If you want to do something a bit different when upcycling your suitcases, then why not turn them into plant pots or flower beds for your garden?


Be artistic

Upcycle LP records
© Ian Laker Photography

Technological advancements may mean you rarely play your old records, but those LPs aren’t totally useless! They can be upcycled to introduce stylish pieces of art into your home. Either glue them to your walls, place them on some shelves for great decorative pieces, or mould them into anything from a coaster to a fruit bowl.


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