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Where to buy sunset lamps: the latest TikTok interior trend

Sunset projectors are taking social media by storm, but what exactly are sunset lamps, and where is the best place to buy them? We pick our favourites to help you decide!

sunset lamps

Sunset lamps have been everywhere on TikTok recently, and it’s easy to see why! These mesmeric lights create a calming sunset effect on your wall, perfect for a striking video backdrop or just relaxing sundown vibes even when skies are grey. Sunset lamps offer range of colours; deep red, cheerful yellow, luxurious gold, and even futuristic rainbow shades.


As sunset lamps (or sunset projectors as they’re also called) are easily transportable, you can use them in any room in your home. Why not create a spa-like bathroom with one? Or tie one into the neon decor trend? You can use them outside too, they’d make a great backdrop for evening drinks or a patio BBQ!

Even better, plenty of fab sunset lamps are affordable, making them a great housewarming gift or simply as a treat for yourself.

Which sunset lamp is best?

Wondering where’s the best place to buy sunset lamps? We’ve done some digging to find out the best online stores for buying affordable sunset lamps. Read on for our pick of the best places to buy sunset lamps, and join the growing trend!

Best places to buy sunset lamps

Amazon sunset lamps

Eslas Sunset Lamp

Aunus Sunset Lamp, £25.99, Amazon
Eslas Sunset Lamp, £22.99, Amazon

The Eslas Sunset Lamp features a high-power luminous core that projects a strong, bright light that you can set to twenty different modes. Choose the lighting to match your mood! We love the pink shade

The light is powered via a USB cable and is fixed upon a strong non-slip base that can be rotated 360 degrees so you can shine a light quite literally anywhere in your room. A handy remote is also included.

LONGKIN Sunset Projection Lamp

Sunset Red Projection Lamp, £13.59, Amazon
LONGKIN Sunset Projection Lamp, £13.59, Amazon

For a cheaper option, try the LONGKIN Sunset Projection Lamp. It can be rotated 180 degrees and is also made of sturdy aluminium.

It emits a deep red glow at the centre, which shows up amazingly on camera – ideal as a background for Insta pics or TikTok videos. It’s also calming, so would work well in a bedroom or living room.

  • Buy now from Amazon (£13.59)
Neon Tube LED Light, £45, Nest

Etsy sunset lamps

For a mix of styles, colours and prices, check out these top picks from Etsy…

Sunset Projection Lamp

Sunset Lamp Rainbow Projection Lamp, £36.23, Etsy
Sunset Projection Lamp, £25.27, Etsy

Illuminate your surroundings with this Sunset Projection lamp from Etsy, guaranteed to make your photos pop and your skin look flawless!

Made from high-quality iron, this sunset projector uses an energy-efficient, glare-free LED light which can be rotated 180 degrees. It’s a bit pricier but has received rave reviews online.

  • Buy now from Etsy (£25.27)

Sunset LED Projector Lamp

Sunset LED Projector Lamp, from £21.24, Etsy
Sunset LED Projector Lamp, from £21.24, Etsy

This highly-rated sunset lamp offers four styles of light projection and you can also use two filters together to create new shades.

The adaptable frame can be set in a range of directions and its compact size can be easily tucked onto a shelf, or placed on a bedside table or dresser for a more intimate glow.

  • Buy now from Etsy (from £21.24)

SHEIN sunset projector

For some of the cheapest sunset lamps on the market right now, SHEIN is the place to go! Here’s our favourite out of the bunch…

Sunset Projector Atmosphere Light

Sunset Projector Atmosphere Light, £14.99, SHEIN
Sunset Projector Atmosphere Light, £14.99, SHEIN

This super dinky sunset lamp is getting top reviews online, and it’s no wonder, its powerful projection and easily transportable size make it a great find, and at just £14.99, it’s is a steal!

Pick from four colours, including a popular purple shade, and turn your room into a photo studio, spa-retreat or dancefloor – whatever takes your fancy.

  • Buy now from SHEIN (£14.99)

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