SAD lamps, or light therapy lamps, aim to help those who find the reduced daylight in the darker months of the year particularly difficult.


While winter may conjure thoughts of cosy nights drinking hot chocolate and watching Love Actually, the colder months can be a hard time for those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. For those people, the lack of sunlight results in decreased energy levels and low mood, which might explain why many of us feel more depressed during the autumn and winter. SAD lamps aim to replace the missing sunshine, and as a result, provide an uplifting boost.

Seasonal Affective Disorder makes the approach of the colder seasons a daunting prospect for many - so we have put together a list of the best SAD lamps to help brighten your living space.

Our list of the top light therapy lamps include a range of styles and shapes, from the portable and the practical to the more decorative and unique.

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Best SAD lamps 2023

12000 Lux Portable Natural Sunlight Lamp

12000 lux portable SAD lamp

An affordable option, this SAD lamp delivers up to 12,000 lux, making it one of the brightest on our list. With three different colours to choose from - daylight, natural and warm - and five adjustable brightness settings, this lamp caters to a variety of needs and preferences. You don't even have to leave your warm bed to change the settings thanks to the handy remote control that works within a 15m range. The simple yet pleasing design makes it suitable for a variety of rooms and colour schemes.

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Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB

Yellow Bodyclock lamp

For a good-looking bedroom accessory that's packed with loads of desirable features, give the Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB a try. You can choose to wake with the gradual sunrise option, along with the appropriate colours for a realistic effect and when you're ready to sleep at night, the sunset option is there to help you drift off. There are more than 20 alarm sounds to choose from or if you'd prefer to wake up to your favourite breakfast host, that's fine too as the light doubles as a radio.

There's the option of selecting a low-blue light in the evening which is supposed to help with the negative impact using phones before bed can have on your sleep. Other convenient features include a USB port to charge devices and the ability to connect via Bluetooth. While the majority of SAD lamps are pretty modest and subtle in terms of design, the turmeric Lumie Bodyclock is ideal if you're looking for a splash of colour.

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Lumie Desk Lamp

Lumie desk lamp

Lumie offers an array of SAD lamp designs at varying price points, and if portability is not a factor you're concerned about, this desk lamp model would be a great addition to a home office or bedside table. The adjustable neck lets you focus on a particular task at hand - whether that's your work in the day, or a leisurely evening read - or you can even angle the light so it shines onto your face.

Lumie recommends starting with a 60 minute session, without the diffuser, or if you fancy a more intense session, opt for 30 minutes with the removable diffuser.

With four light settings to choose from, and easy touch control, you're sure to find a routine to suit your needs and day.

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Beurer TL30UK SAD Lamp

Portable SAD lamp

If you're keen to invest in a portable SAD lamp, this is a great option due to its lightweight design and convenient storage bag. You can easily pop it in your bag and take it into the office if you want to brighten up your desk. Thanks to a handy clip, you can stand the lamp both portrait and landscape to suit your needs. SAD lamps can vary dramatically in price so if you're looking to try out a light therapy lamp but don't want to spend a fortune the Beurer TL30UK could do just the trick.

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Lumie Vitamin L SAD and energy light

Vitamin L SAD light

Another portable and slim option, this SAD light from Lumie can be used in both portrait and landscape mode. The light promises to improve symptoms associated with SAD including tiredness and lack of motivation. It also claims to help you focus, so this could be a good pick if you want to take it into the office with you or equally, it would look lovely in a living room if you're working from home. The rippled diffuser gives off a comfortable light so you shouldn't be faced with a glaring shine.

TheraLite Light Therapy Lamp - 10,000 LUX

Theralite Light Therapy Lamp

TheraLite's 10,000 lux light has a practical design which allows you to adjust both the height and angle so you can find the perfect position. This is particularly helpful if you're using it as a reading light. You can also choose to have it horizontally or vertically. The lamp uses energy-saving LED technology and aims to help those who struggle with the lack of sunlight. This wellness lamp is clinically tested and aims to help increase your energy levels.


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