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OTTY Firm Hybrid Mattress Review

Fed up of spongy mattresses that lack support? We put the Otty Firm Hybrid Mattress to the test

Our rating 
4.1 out of 5 star rating 4.1
Otty firm mattress

Our review

As a 'flippable' hybrid mattress, the Otty Firm is made up of both memory foam and pocket springs and offers two comfort levels: firm or extra firm. The orthopaedic mattress was created for firm fanatics, and Otty has certainly hit the brief. Read on for our in-depth review.
Pros: Soft, washable cover
High quality feel
Quick expansion time
Cons: Not suitable for side sleepers

Information and customer service

Otty’s website clearly describes the purpose and benefits of the Otty Firm, as well as who it’s designed for (‘anyone looking for something on the firm side of the spectrum’). There’s a clear breakdown of the mattress’ makeup highlighting the different layers and materials, and we found the FAQs to be particularly helpful.

The mattress took over three months to arrive from request to delivery, however it appears retailers currently have the mattress in stock for efficient delivery.

Once the order was in place, communication was clear with a text being sent the day prior to delivery as a handy reminder. Delivery was free, and for an additional cost you can have your old mattress collected (this needs to be prearranged). Room delivery and unpacking services are also available.

We were pleased with the 100 day free trial period, and while other companies may offer 200, we’d say three months is more than enough time to get a feel for a mattress. (6 out of 7 points)


The mattress arrived in a tall, fully recyclable cardboard box, rolled up and vacuum packed. This meant it was light enough to carry upstairs between two, but there were no handles on either the box or the mattress which would’ve made transportation a little easier.

We were very impressed with the unpacking instructions. There’s a straightforward five step guide and a QR code on the box itself – no unnecessary sheets of paper.

Memory foam mattresses can often take days to fully expand, but Otty’s firm mattress can be used in just two to four hours of opening which is a huge plus. The mattress (rather satisfyingly) instantly puffed out once the packaging was removed, ready to be slept on that evening.

The washable cover is lovely and soft to the touch and can be effortlessly zipped off and machine washed. It feels like a mattress protector as it fully encases the mattress, adding to the product’s durability.

The mattress is a hybrid design made up of bamboo and charcoal memory foam (renowned for moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial benefits) and pocket springs. You can’t physically feel the springs at all as there’s a solidness to the design, yet you’re aware it’s not 100% memory foam as it doesn’t mould to your body. This creates a nice balance of feeling supported but not restricted.


You can flip the mattress depending on whether you want firm (level 8) or extra firm (level 9). We couldn’t feel a huge difference between the two, but the colour-coded cover and labels were a welcomed addition.

The generous 25cm depth adds to the mattress’ high quality feel. Single, double, king and super king sizes are all available. (4.5 out of 5)

The Results

The Otty Firm mattress certainly delivers on its goal of providing a firm, supportive mattress as you can really feel the straightness of your back as you lie down. If sufficient spine alignment is your biggest concern, this mattress could be a super fit. But many may find this level of firmness lacks comfort, so a thick mattress topper may be something to consider if you’re looking for a softer supportive feel.

We’ve got high hopes for durability. The top quality protective cover paired with the fact you can use both sides of the mattress suggest an impressive lifespan.

In terms of sustainability, there’s no specific mention of eco-friendly materials for the Otty Firm so we had to do some digging. Despite its appealing honeycomb aesthetic and lovely feel, the cover is made of polyester and spandex, and while the cardboard is recyclable, we were left with lots of plastic wrapping.

(5 out of 6)

Value for Money

We’re not convinced the Otty Firm is worth its hefty RRP of £1,049.99 (double), so look out for a discounted price. It’s currently available with a £500 saving from Otty and Amazon.

(1 out of 2)

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How we tested the mattress

We put over 15 mattresses to the test, judging them on everything from customer service and packaging through to sustainability and value for money. Each mattress could achieve up to 20 points for the following criteria:

Information and customer service: How clear and helpful are mattress descriptions? (2 points) | What’s customer service like? (1 point) | Free delivery? (1 point) | How long is the trial period? (2 point) | Do they pick up your old mattress? (1 point)

Features: (0.5 points each) Manoeuvrability: how does it arrive? Will delivery men take it upstairs? Handles? | If memory foam – how long to inflate? | Sustainable packaging? | Materials – memory foam, springs, hypoallergenic, etc? | Temperature regulation materials? | Care instructions – do you need to turn it? | Caters for different sleep needs? | Removable cover for washing? | Comes in all sizes? | Specifications – depth?

Results: Does it live up to the description – firm/supportive etc? (2 points) | An odour when out of packaging? (1 point) | Durability? (2 points) | Sustainable material? (1 point)

Value for money: (2 points) Is it good quality? | What is the warranty? | Is it worth the money?


What to look for in a budget mattress?

Memory foam and all-foam mattresses tend to be among the cheaper, more affordable on the market, so if budget is tight then check these out against your sleeping requirements before you take the plunge. For budgets under £500, check out Emma’s award winning Original mattress, which combines 3 layers of foam as well as memory foam, Mattressman’s Healthopaedic mattress, which combines memory foam and pocket springs, and also Dusk’s hybrid mattress. Even on a budget you should be able to find a top solution for your best night’s sleep.

What to look for in a mattress for back pain?

If you suffer with back pain then a memory foam mattress could be the best solution for you. Its super reactive and will mould to your body’s shape and sleeping position, giving you the support exactly where you need it. Hybrid mattress that combine memory foam and pocket springs is another solution that can help to relieve any spinal discomfort. Look for a mattress that’s more firm to prevent your spine from dipping and maintaining its alignment.


If you’re a side, front, back sleeper – what type of mattress should you be looking for?

If you’re a side sleeper choose a mattress with a soft to medium comfort level, memory foam and gel foam can provide the responsive support you need for the more vulnerable pressure points around your shoulders, hips and thigh. Front sleepers are more prone to back pain, so a medium firm mattress can help support your spine. Avoid being able to sink in too far into your mattress, so opt for a hybrid of memory foam and pocket springs to ensure your weight is evenly distributed. Back sleepers need a medium to very firm mattress to ensure lower back pain is kept at bay! You should also consider your weight when choosing a mattress as a back sleeper – as a rule, the heavier you are the firmer your mattress should be. Don’t allow your spine to sink too far into the mattress as this can cause misalignment and further back pain.