There's no more inspiring decor scheme for a kids' bedroom than a safari theme, combining lush jungle greens and the yellows of the Serengeti, as well as all the exotic animals that call these places home.


The good news is that there's no need to spend a fortune to achieve the look. Whether you want to go the whole hog (pun fully intended) or just include a few safari-themed accessories, a jungle safari theme is a sure-fire way of igniting their love of the animal kingdom.

Best safari and jungle bedroom ideas for children

Safari bedroom ideas on a budget

Jane Roberts from Cardiff created this amazing safari-themed bedroom for her grandchildren for under £40
'I’ve had a basic plan in my head since the start, which is a large scale wall scene of animals around the room, but I have needed ideas of how to actually make it happen as I can’t paint or draw!' she says.

'I suddenly had inspiration when I saw a duvet for sale with exactly the type of animals I was looking. I painstakingly traced every line and every marking, and then after all that, realised it still wasn’t going to be right, so sat on the idea for a while longer. The final lightbulb moment came, when I realised I wanted those animals on my wall, so I was going to have to cut them out and stick them on.'

'I looked up adhesion options and decided (after experimenting with a small piece of random material in a dark corner) on watered down PVA, as when required, the material just peels off the wall - this does need testing/checking as other wall finishes/materials may react in a different way.'

'I really love the effect, and the boys are impressed too!'

Love it and want to give it ago? Email Jane for some tips

Approximate cost
Duvet £15
Pinking shears £10
Green paint £3 
Blue paint £10 
PVA gifted by friend 

Jungle and safari wall ideas

Kids Safari Jungle Animals Wallpaper

We love this jungle safari wallpaper from Etsy. Featuring jungle and safari animals, including chimpanzees, parrots, elephants, elegant giraffes and the king of the jungle himself, the lion.

Buy from Etsy

Star Safari Children's Nursery Wallpaper

Want something more understated? Then this Safari Children's Nursery Wallpaper could be the answer. Simply complement with some themed soft toys, wall art and bedding and your little one will nod off to a world filled with exotic animals and adventures.

More like this

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Safari Animals Wall Decal Set

Don't want to wallpaper a whole room when your kids grow older and fancy a theme change? Then these large stickers will be perfect as they are designed to be repositioned or removed without damaging walls or furniture - so get sticker happy and let your imagination run wild

Jungle Mural

What about a mural as an eye-catching themed feature wall? If you're not up to painting your own wall mural there are plenty of different options out there. We love this lush jungle mural from Dunelm

Buy from Dunelm

Safari and jungle bedding

Jungle Bedding Set

The lush greens, oranges and reds of this colourful pure cotton bedding set from M&S really bring the jungle alive. Plus, the duvet covet has a reversible design, with a choice between the vibrant jungle scene pictures, or a more understated tropical palm design.

Safari Bedding Set

Spark their imagination and inquisitiveness with this safari bedding set from Bloomsbury Mill on Amazon. From lions to flamingos, elephants to zebras all their favourite exotic animals are there, ready for them to snuggle underneath and hear bedroom stories. They will be flying off to an adventure-filled slumberland in no time.

Jungle and safari bedroom accessories

Sometimes just a few simple touches are needed to create a look. Here are our favourite pieces of safari art for playrooms and children's rooms.

Safari Nursery And Kids Inspirational Art Print

These beautiful and fun images will not only complement your jungle or safari theme but also pass on some inspirational words of wisdom to your growing child.

Buy from Not on the Hugh Street

Syma Lion Child's Rug

Add a bit of texture to the room with this fun lion rug from La Redoute, perfect for stretching out on after a busy day. Why not get your kids to give him a name! There is also a round rug version, as well as a tiger version.

Safari Animal Mobile


Start their love of the animal kingdom young with this cute knitted safari mobile from John Lewis. Perfect for hanging over your baby's cot in a nursery or simply as a decor accessory for animal-loving kids.


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