While the term Barbiecore appears to have been coined back in 2020 to describe fashion inspired by the iconic doll, it's Greta Gerwig's upcoming Barbie movie which has sparked a rush of enthusiasm for the aesthetic.


The first stills from the much-anticipated film were released earlier this month, showing Margot Robbie in the title role alongside Ryan Gosling's Ken. The images provoked a wave of excitement on social media, where admirers gushed over the vibrant, ultra-stylised sets and costumes, an intoxicating blend of 1980s aerobics class and 1950s diner, and within days of the images going live, style experts were predicting that Barbiecore was the aesthetic trend of summer 2022.

Although Barbiecore is definitely the hot look of the moment, used correctly it's far more than a passing phase. Read on to find out what Barbiecore is all about, and how to use it in your home decor in ways that ensure it will stand the test of time.

What is Barbiecore?

Rejecting 'grown-up' beiges and greys in favour of lurid neon colours - particularly Barbie's signature hot pink - Barbiecore is all about embracing all things kitsch. That includes a big dose of 1980s retro vibes, drawing on those era-defining neon tones and bold patterns, as well as whimsical touches inspired by childhood princess fantasies. It's fun, it's fearless, and in an era dominated by sober neutrals, it's unashamedly 'girly'.

'It’s fair to say this trend is not for the faint hearted,' says Tash Bradley, head of interior design and colour psychologist at Lick. 'It’s a bold and nostalgic trend where you’ve got to be ready to stand out, especially if you’re looking to add the hot magenta pink to your wardrobe.'

Pink is obviously the dominant colour in a Barbiecore scheme, but you don't have to stick to 'Barbie pink', the vivid fuchsia shade associated with the world-famous doll. Prevent the look from becoming overwhelming by mixing up your pinks, layering in shades from pastel to bubblegum to hot pink.

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'A room or home filled with too much bright pink will quickly become overwhelming and far too intense, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have bursts of it throughout to add the lively effect of this fun new trend,' says Tash. 'Whether that’s through upcycling old furniture, adding bright fabrics through cushions or bed throws injecting the powerful colour this way will provide a lot of joy.'

When it comes to complementary colours, more is more in Barbiecore, so explore similarly bright and popping shades like turquoise, electric blue, purple and sunny yellow.


In terms of style, think '1950s dollhouse'. That means plenty of curves and waves, glossy pink lacquer and funky retro kitchen appliances.

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