A fridge-freezer is a staple of any kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your choice and make a statement out of your food storage.

Nostalgic decor is big right now, so we’ve put together our pick of the best retro fridge-freezers that will bring a sense of cool vintage to your kitchen - and you can find more retro kitchen ideas here.

Of course, function matters too, so we've taken a closer look at the specs to find a unit that has an old-school feel with modern storage standards. So look no further than our picks below for the best retro fridge-freezer designs.

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Note: all energy efficiency ratings are taken from the new energy rating scale for appliances.

Best retro fridge freezers 2023

Amica FDR2213C Fridge Freezer

Amica FDR2213C Fridge Freezer on white background
  • Capacity: 208 litres
  • Energy Rating: D

This retro fridge freezer from Amica is definitely an attention-grabber with its bold red colour and lacquered finish.

The freezer sits at the top of this one, with the fridge taking priority when it comes to space with a 70/30 split. In keeping with the classic style, each door is accessible via chrome handles.

The inside shelves are adjustable helping you to organise the contents in a way that work for you and there's also plenty of space on the inside of the door, home to three balcony shelves. There's also a salad shelf at the bottom to keep those vital greens cool and crisp.

Galanz 86L Freestanding Undercounter Mini Retro Fridge Freezer

Galanz 86L Freestanding Undercounter Mini Retro Fridge Freezer on white background
  • Capacity: 86 litres
  • Energy Rating: F

Available in a bold red, a subtle black, or a fresh cream colour, this freestanding mini fridge and freezer combo from Galanz is designed with the smaller kitchen in mind, or as an extra storage unit for a bigger place.

Keeping the retro aesthetic front and centre, it has plenty of vintage features including the silver trim and glossy finish.

Promising to be on the quieter side, you shouldn’t have to worry about an annoying humming noise if you decide to purchase this for a smaller residence or a studio space.

SMEG FAB30LPB5UK 70/30 Fridge Freezer

SMEG FAB30LPB5UK Fridge Freezer on white background
  • Capacity: 294 litres
  • Energy Rating: D

SMEG fridge freezers are renowned for their retro style, and also deliver on space with 222 litres of fridge capacity alone.

Don’t be deceived by its classic appearance, with its curved edge, chrome detail and pastel blue finish - this fridge freezer should keep your food storage to a top-notch 21st century standard. This is due to its fan cooling system which promises to prevent ice build-up, while keeping your food chilled and fresher for longer.

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Montpellier Retro MAB386K 60/40 Fridge Freezer

MONTPELLIER Retro MAB386C Fridge Freezer on white background
  • Capacity: 295 litres
  • Energy Rating: F

If you're looking for a sleek unit with a fast freeze, this spacious model by Montpellier may be the right fit for you. With a 60/40 split in favour of the fridge, this unit has four tempered glasses shelves which can hold all your essentials, carrying weight up to 40kg.

They've kept those important non-essentials in mind as well, with a built-in wine rack so you can keep a bottle of your favourite prosecco chilled and ready to pop!

Amica FKR29653DEB 60/40 Fridge Freezer

Amica FKR29653DEB Fridge Freezer on white background
  • Capacity: 244 litres
  • Energy Rating: F

Available in a stand-out duck egg blue, this fridge freezer from Amica delivers on both the outside and the inside. They say its handy 244 litres of capacity is equal to 13 bags of shopping, which means you’ll have plenty of space after a big trip to the supermarket. All neatly stored away in its smooth, curved design.

It even has a salad drawer to prioritise your fresh greens, keeping them (and you) healthy, with four adjustable shelves so you can organise the rest of your food however you see fit.

Swan SR11020FCN Retro Frost Free 315L Fridge Freezer

Swan SR11020FCN Retro Frost Free 315L Fridge Freezer on white background
  • Capacity: 315 litres
  • Energy Rating: E

Ideal for larger families, this frost-free freezer and fridge combo from Swan boasts a massive 315 litres of total space, 226 of which is prioritised in the fridge area. The shelves are designed to be easy to clean, helping to keep the inside in order when there's an accidental spillage.

The inside of the fridge door has three adjustable shelves, with the larger at the bottom dedicated to drinks so there's plenty of standing room for bottles, as well as the chrome wine rack on the inside which will make sure you never go thirsty.

Buy Swan SR11020FCN Retro Frost Free 315L Fridge Freezer now from Robert Dyas

Russell Hobbs RH54RETFF186B Retro Fridge Freezer

Russell Hobbs RH54RETFF186B Retro on white background
  • Capacity: 250 litres
  • Energy Rating: F

Aiming for a more sophisticated feel while still holding on to the retro aesthetic, this classic, black unit from Russell Hobbs is not only easy on the eyes, it should be easy on the wallet and the environment too, with an F energy efficiency rating.

It has 70 litres of space set aside for the freezer which they say equates to around four bags of shopping, with the bulk of the storage set aside for the fridge which boasts AirFresh technology to circulate the air and keep everything evenly chilled.

There's also some wiggle room on the height thanks to the adjustable feet.

Zanussi ZNME32ED1 60/40 Frost Free Fridge Freezer

Zanussi ZNME32ED1 on white background
  • Capacity: 331 litres
  • Energy Rating: E

This clever unit may look like it belongs to the past but it has lots of modern features that will give you a more informed freezing experience. This includes the TwinTech® No Frost tech which essentially provides a separate cooling system for the fridge and the freezer so you can keep each of them exactly how you like.

There’s also the digital display which tells you the current temperature to help you find a setting that works for you, so you can make sure all the goodies in the trolley area and all the healthy bits in the salad drawer are exactly to your liking.


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