While many people consider splashbacks to be a purely practical element of a kitchen, they can also add a sense of wow factor to your walls as well as protecting them from cooking splashes and stains… you just need to find the right design!


‘Kitchen splashbacks were once overlooked as a primarily functional feature, but now, they’re being recognised as a crucial design feature that can add fantastic aesthetic value to a space’ explains Lizzie Beesley, Head of Design at Magnet.

How to tile a kitchen splashback

It’s easier than you might think to tile a kitchen splashback... the key is taking time to plan in advance!

Here's how to cut tiles with a manual or wet tile cutter, then lay a kitchen splashback with sleek metro tiles...

‘A new splashback is a great way to add personality to your kitchen. They can be used to complement an existing design, or even serve as a focal design point by adding colour and textural interest. Equally, they’re an effective way to refresh your space without committing to a whole new decor renovation,’ adds Lizzie.

The great news? With so many different splashback options on the market, there’s guaranteed to be a style to perfectly suit your home. But, if you’re struggling to choose one, you’re not alone.

To make things that little bit easier, we’ve compiled a roundup of the best kitchen splashback ideas to give you some inspiration. From antique mirrors to tiles, keep reading to explore some of our favourite kitchen splashbacks!

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Kitchen splashback ideas

Pink tile splashback

kitchen splashback ideas - pink tiles
Image by Original Style

Although pink tiles might not be the obvious first choice for a kitchen, they actually make a great addition to the heart of your home. As the colour pink can bring about feelings of calm, comfort and nurturing, opting for a pink splashback is an easy way to bring a sense of tranquility into your space without having to make a commitment to pink walls or cabinets (although these can look great too!) To keep your kitchen looking balanced, choose warm-toned cabinets in a neutral shade, and put a similar neutral shade on the walls.

If you like to keep your designs looking cohesive, finish the look with a scattering of pink kitchen accessories. For a more relaxed look, team your pink splashback with eclectic vintage accessories of different colours and textures. We love the look of Mid Century modern elements against millennial pink tiles!

Grey tile splashback

kitchen splashback ideas - grey tiles
Image by Original Tiles

Who said grey decor has to be boring? If you want to add a bit of impact into a neutral kitchen but you usually steer clear of bold colours, a grey splashback might just be the thing for you. Take cues from the design above and team a medium grey splashback with marble countertops and white kitchen cabinets - it'll look sleek and expensive, plus, you can swap colourful accessories in and out as trends change!

Motif tile splashback

kitchen splashback ideas - lemon tiles
Image by Original Style

Break up block colours with motif tiles to create a traditional, farmhouse-inspired look. This type of splashback works particularly well in a period home, but it'll also add a sense of character into a newbuild too. To keep the look up-to-date, make sure the motif tiles are placed amongst the coloured tiles irregularly - too much uniformity can look dated!

White tile splashback

kitchen splashback ideas - white square tiles
Image by Original Style

Even if you're a staunch minimalist, this doesn't mean you need to shy away from adding a substantial splashback into your kitchen. The design above is perfect proof that a splashback can add texture and depth to your space without drawing attention away from other design elements. A white glossy splashback on white painted walls, for example, will add another element of visual interest without looking overwhelming or dramatic. If you're using white, try opting for imperfect textured tiles to keep your kitchen looking organic rather than clinical.

Neutral tile splashback

kitchen splashback ideas - neutral tiles
Image by Original Style

Whether your kitchen is vintage, boho or Scandi, you can't go wrong with an earth-toned splashback. This sort of splashback looks great with all different types of accessories, but we think it looks especially impactful when teamed with natural textures like wood, terracotta and rattan. Be careful of the undertone you choose for your splashback, as this can really impact the overall feel in your kitchen. If your space is naturally dark and cold, you'll benefit from choosing a splashback with a warm undertone (aka a splash of red, pink, orange or yellow) while a larger, sun-filled space can get away with colder shades.

Hexagon tiles splashback

kitchen splashback ideas - mint green tiles
Image by Lime Lace

‘Trading in square tiles for hexagonal tiles is an easy way to add personality and pattern to your home’ says Lizzie. ‘Their honeycomb shape offers the chance to create interesting formations, and you can use these to break up the space in your kitchen by creating distinction from the surrounding fixtures and furnishings’ she adds.

If you want to give your space an even more unique look, why not take cues from the design above and opt for hexagonal tiles with two-tone detailing? This will add even more interest to your space without overcomplicating the installation process.

Green tiles

kitchen splashback ideas - green tiles
Image by Porcelain Superstore

Green kitchens are all the rage right now, but if you're not keen on the idea of investing in a whole new kitchen, the great news is that a splashback can help you to embrace the trend in a quick, affordable way. Any type of green can work as part of a splashback - deep emerald tones will look luxurious and opulent, while light minty green will make your kitchen feel springlike and positive. Sage and olive tones also look great in a kitchen - they'll add a warm, rustic feel. Don't forget to complete the look with some copper kitchen accessories!

Fish scale tiles

kitchen splashback ideas - white scalloped tiles
Image by Porcelain Superstore

Fish scale tiles - sometimes called scalloped tiles - can make a beautiful addition to a kitchen, especially if your space is particularly angular. If you get creative, the rounded shape of these sorts of tiles can help you to create an eye-catching splashback, while also visually balancing the harsh edges of your space. If you want to find out more about the right tile shape for your kitchen, check out our ultimate guide to tile styles and our list of the best kitchen tile ideas for every style and budget.

Printed splashback

kitchen splashback ideas - wallpaper
Image by Lime Lace

Patterned tile splashbacks aren't the only way to add interest to your kitchen! If you're after a dramatic contemporary look, opt for a printed splashback, like the design above, in a bold colour and design. Oversized designs look particularly good on a splashback, even in small spaces - in fact, opting for a large scale design in a small space can trick the eye into thinking your kitchen is bigger than it is.

Victorian tile splashback

kitchen splashback ideas - indigo tiles
Image by Splashback

Victorian tiles aren't just reserved for period homes - they look fantastically impactful in modern spaces too. If you don't want to cover the entirety of your lower kitchen walls in these detailed vintage tiles, why not be inspired by the design above and create a focal point above your hob? It's a brilliant way of introducing pattern into your room without having too much!

Coloured grout splashback

kitchen splashback ideas - coloured grout
Image by Walls and Floors

If a bright splashback isn't your thing, why not add a dash of vibrancy to your kitchen with a coloured grout? The splashback design above is a great example of how you don't need lots of colour to make an impact - you can simply define your neutral tiles with a coloured outline. This trend looks especially good with plywood interiors or understated japandi style decor, but really, it'll make a fantastic addition to any type of kitchen.

Marble splashback

kitchen splashback ideas - marble splashback
Image by Tile Mountain

‘Elegant, tactile and organic, marble is a great way to make a statement if you’re not looking to use bold colours or patterns’ says Lizzie. ‘It’s a durable material, and when paired with metallic lighting and hardware, it will whisper timeless elegance but stand out enough to make a luxurious impact.’


As marble can be expensive, Lizzie suggests that you can create the same impact by using compact laminate materials in marble designs. ‘These are not only more cost-effective and similarly durable, but allow for more flexible designs as they can easily be curved to slot into your unique space’ she adds.

Antique mirror splashback

mirror splashback
Image by Higham Furniture

‘Antique mirror splashbacks are set to be one of the biggest kitchen trends in 2022’ explains Lizzie. ‘Their rise in popularity coincides not only with the rustic kitchen trend, but also with the growing demand for sustainable design choices. A mirrored or glass splashback is a toughened material that will last for a long time compared to disposable materials which may look good, but will have to be replaced after the wear and tear that splashbacks go through’ Lizzie continues.

‘The antique spin on the mirror splashback trend is a great design tool for those wanting to create an illusion of more space in their kitchens’ Lizzie continues. ‘It will bounce light around a room whilst being more subtle than clear mirrors. They will create a sense of warmth that works well in contrast to dark cabinets alongside complementing contemporary kitchens with a unique vintage edge’

Wood splashback

wood panelling splashback
Image by Howdens

‘Tongue-and-groove splashbacks are a key trend that can really enhance a farmhouse or shaker style kitchen as they tie in with the handcrafted aesthetic. Equally, if you have a modern kitchen, a wooden tongue-and-groove splashback will help warm up and create balance in the space’ says Lizzie.

‘Unlike tiles, wooden splashbacks are more receptive to mould and moisture. It’s essential to make sure they’re coated upon installation to extend its lifespan’ Lizzie continues. ‘However, you can opt for wood laminate materials that will still create this rustic feel but offer easier installation, water resistance and an easier surface to clean’ she adds.


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