When investing in living trees and greenery isn’t practical, artificial plants can be the perfect solution. For those of us who have to balance our dream decor with the realities of life with pets, young children or low light - or simply can’t keep a real plant alive - man-made alternatives can recreate the look.


These days, fake plants are more realistic than ever before and there’s a huge selection on the market, from towering palm trees to tiny succulents. No matter your aesthetic, you’re bound to find an artificial plant to suit your home, whether it’s modern or traditional, boho or shabby chic.

People love fake plants because they’re incredibly low maintenance. You don’t need to water and care for them to keep them alive, or clean up soil if you accidentally knock them over. All you have to do is give them a regular wipe with a damp cloth to keep them dust-free.

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Best artificial plants for your home

Der Rose Mini Potted Fake Plants

Three potted artificial plants on a white background.

If you’re after a few small decorative pieces to add interest to a shelf or tabletop display, this selection of mini artificial plants could be just what you need. With their green-grey foliage and neutral paper-pulp pots, they’d make an attractive addition to most décor schemes, either arranged together or separately. These artificial plants would work particularly well if you've opted for an earth tone colour palette in your home.

Pop one or two on your desk for a more homey feel to your working environment, or gift to a friend for an easy housewarming present.

Dunelm Artificial Fern Green in Rattan Pot

Artificial fern in a rattan pot on a wooden table.

With their warm tones and rustic appeal, natural elements like jute and rattan are all the rage at the moment. This artificial plant from Dunelm incorporates the trend with an attractive woven pot, ideal for creating a cosy display on shelves, tables and windowsills.

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Homescapes 4’ Ficus Tree

An artificial ficus tree on a white background.

Homescapes sells one of the biggest selections of realistic artificial trees in the UK and takes care to make sure they’re as lifelike as possible. The brand uses the latest technology to cut the leaves, before treating each one to protect it from damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. Plus, the trunk is made from real, twisted wood.

When you get the faux ficus out of the box, you can adapt its shape until you’re happy with it.

IKEA FEJKA Artificial Hanging Eucalyptus

An artificial trailing eucalyptus plant on a white background.

With its muted silvery-green leaves, this pretty faux eucalyptus plant should fit in with even the most neutral of colour schemes. Place against a beige or cream wall for a soothing vibe.

At a total height of 58cm, it’s one of the largest artificial trailing plants we’ve come across. But it weighs just 370g, so you can easily place it in a hanging planter without fear of breaking it. Trailing plants are the perfect way to help bring a room to life, and they can look great on book shelves if you enjoy an eclectic, boho feel.

IKEA FEJKA Artificial String of Beads Plant

An artificial string of pearls plant in a black pot on a white background.

Create a naturalistic display with this String of Pearls plant from IKEA. With the leaves overflowing from their container, the plant measures 20cm in height.

IKEA has a wide variety of artificial plants available, and you can mix and match its faux greenery with its many different pots and containers.

John Lewis & Partners Artificial Eucalyptus Bush in Stone Planter

An artificial succulent in a grey planter with an etched face on a white background.

To inject a sense of fun into your room, look no further than this unusual artificial plant from John Lewis. Its stone container has a subtle etched face and faux eucalyptus hair, and at 28cm tall and 20cm wide, it’s a good size for most shelves and worktops.

More like this

M&S Artificial String of Pearls in Ceramic Pot

A trailing string of pearls plant in a patterned pot on a white background.

Adding an elegant touch of greenery to a room is easy with this trailing String of Pearls plant by M&S. It comes in its own ceramic pot decorated with a modern, geometric pattern - all you need to do is work out where you’re going to put it.

Oliver Bonas Stemmed Succulent Artificial Plant

An artificial succulent plant in a clay pot on a beige background.

Oliver Bonas sells a range of lifelike artificial plants, and this faux succulent is one of our favourites. At 38cm tall and 34cm across, it would make an eye-catching addition to a room, and it’s finished with a distressed clay pot and fake soil for an authentic look.

Black Faux Bamboo Plant

Black bamboo plant

For a larger room, this faux bamboo plant is a dramatic addition. The sharp leaves in dark colouring create a stunning silhouette, and would look great against a neutral wall with warm lighting.

This bamboo plant measures 157cm in height, so make sure it's not going to overpower your space!

Smart Garden Faux Phoenix Palm

A faux palm tree in a black pot on a white background.

This Phoenix palm will create a tropical look in any home. It’s 124cm tall and 84cm wide, so it’s sure to make a statement wherever it’s placed.

A few key details make this artificial plant particularly realistic. Each leaf is coloured with various shades of green, while wires in the stems help you mould them into a lifelike shape.

How to choose the right artificial plants for you

Artificial plants are a great way to add greenery to your living space without the hassle of maintaining real plants. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and price ranges, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your home. Here's what you need to consider when selecting artificial plants:

Choosing the right size for your space

Before buying an artificial plant, it's important to consider the size of your space. You don't want a plant that's too small or too large for your room. As a general rule, smaller plants work well in smaller rooms, while larger plants are best for larger rooms. If you have limited floor space, consider hanging plants or plants that can be mounted on the wall.

Which style of plant should you go for

When it comes to artificial plants, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Do you want a tropical plant, a succulent, or a flowering plant? Consider the décor of your home when making your choice. If your home has a modern feel, go for sleek, minimalistic plants. If your home has a more traditional feel, opt for plants with a classic look.

How much should you spend on artificial plants

Artificial plants come in a range of prices, from inexpensive to high-end. Consider your budget when selecting plants for your home. Keep in mind that higher-priced plants tend to be made with better quality materials and will look more realistic than cheaper alternatives. However, there are still many affordable options available that can add a pop of greenery to your home without breaking the bank.

In summary, when choosing artificial plants for your home, consider the size of your space, the style of plant that best fits your décor, the level of maintenance required, and your budget. With these factors in mind, you can find the perfect artificial plants to bring life to your home.


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