Spruce up your space with a bathroom plant or two! Popping some plants in the bathroom is a great way of adding a wow factor to your interiors, and, contrary to what you might expect, many plant species will not only survive but actually thrive in that environment.


Whether you're looking to extend your indoor garden collection to the bathroom, or you're a houseplant beginner, we've saved you the faff of researching and rounded up some of the best houseplants to grow in this room.

Is it good to have plants in the bathroom?

Yes! But only if you choose the right species for the particular environment of a household bathroom, which is generally subject to high humidity, varying temperatures and low levels of natural light. These are the key factors to consider when buying houseplants for the bathroom, but the good news is that there are plenty of plants that fit the bill!

What plants are suitable for bathrooms?

Tropical plants and rainforest plants that are used to varying light levels and high humidity are the most suitable for bathrooms. However, if your bathroom doesn't get much natural light, stay away from sun-loving plants such as succulents, and be aware that plants which prefer a dry environment could wilt under the steam and moisture created by baths and showers. With that in mind, read on for our top picks for bathroom plants!

Best bathroom plants

Boston fern houseplant

Boston fern houseplant, £12.99, Amazon

Boston ferns are naturally found around swamps in Central and South America, so they're a great choice for bathroom plants as they thrive in warm, humid conditions. They also love a daily mist, so consider positioning the plant near the shower so they can get it automatically!

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Boston fern plants can handle low light levels but, if possible, bright indirect light is best. If you have a darker bathroom, make sure to only water your Boston fern when the top layer and centre of the soil has completely dried out, otherwise it can become waterlogged and rot.

String of nickels plant

String of nickels plant, £18, Patch Plants

Found in India, Asia and Australia, the pretty string of nickels plant is a lovely trailing plant that would look fab in a bathroom. Its natural environment is hot, but this plant actually prefers lower light conditions, making it a great option for darker bathrooms.

Like Boston ferns, string of nickels plants love a frequent misting, so shower rooms are ideal. They don't like to be overwatered, so make sure to only top them up when the top layer and centre of the soil is dried out.

Dragon tree plant

Dragon plant, £15.95, Homebase

Native to Madagascar, the dragon tree plant is a fan of warm conditions and bright indirect light, although they can withstand partial shade too. It likes occasional mistings and only needs watering when the top layers of soil have dried out.

The bathroom is a great spot for a dragon tree plant as it provides a warm, humid environment. The plant can also withstand a range of temperatures - handy if your bathroom gets cold at night.

Aloe vera plant

Aloe vera plant, £12.99, Amazon

Found across the world, aloe vera is an attractive plant that also has practical properties. Aloe gel, produced within the plant's leaves, is a hugely popular topical ointment for skin and is also used as a dietary supplement.

Aloe vera loves bright, indirect light and dryer temperatures, so a high windowsill or shelf that receives partial sunlight are ideal spots. As it's a succulent (which keeps water in its leaves), the aloe vera plant will only need watering when the soil has completely dried out. If you have a nice bright bathroom, the low-maintenance aloe vera is a fab choice for you.

Blue star fern plant

Blue star fern plant, £13.99, Amazon

The blue star fern plant originates from the rainforests of South America, where it is accustomed to warm, humid temperatures and lower light levels. Unlike most houseplants, which prefer drying out between watering, the blue star fern prefers to be kept moist. If the top layers of soil are starting to dry out, make sure to top it up with water.

The bathroom is the best spot for the blue star fern thanks to the warm, misty environment, similar to a rainforest. Better yet, if your bathroom is darker or doesn't receive direct sunlight, this plant will be very happy indeed.

Fishbone cactus plant

Fishbone cactus plant, £19.99, Crocus

The fishbone cactus, so-called for its distinctive leaves, is an unusual species. Unlike most cacti, the fishbone cactus thrives in low light conditions and prefers a warm, humid environment, compared to the dry, desert climate typically associated with other cactus breeds.

Originally from the jungles of Mexico, where it grows from tree branches, receiving partial light and shade, this cactus is a fab choice for bathrooms with a mix of direct and indirect sunlight. It also likes regular watering. When the top layer of soil has dried out, it's time to give it a top-up.

Asparagus fern houseplant

Asparagus fern, £11.99, Amazon

As well as being a popular outdoor plant, asparagus plants make a lovely addition to an indoor garden scheme. This plant thrives in humid conditions and prefers shady spots.


Asparagus fern plants do well in shower rooms as they love regular mistings and warm conditions. The soil is also best kept moist so when the top layer of the soil starts to dry out, give it another drink of water. If your bathroom gets especially cold overnight, you may want to avoid the asparagus plant, as it prefers a more consistently warm location. For best results, place it in a shady corner of a south-facing bathroom.


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