The only thing better than the smell of clean laundry is the smell of clean laundry that's been dried outside. On those warm, dry and windy days when the drying conditions are just right, it's a lovely feeling to fill your rotary washing line, knowing you'll have that fresh outdoor smell to look forward to. Plus, drying washing on the line is an eco-friendly and low-cost alternative to using a tumbler dryer, so it makes sense to do so whenever possible.


So to help you find a reliable rotary washing line you can use for years to come, we've rounded up seven of our favourite spinning designs.

We've included a range of sizes at varying price points so you can find the right fit for your garden and budget. So give the tumble dryer a rest, and give a rotary washing line a spin.

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Best rotary washing lines for 2023

Livivo Folding Rotary Washing Line

Livivo rotary washing line

This budget-friendly rotary washing line from Livivo takes up two metres of your outdoor space when opened up, and offers 45m of washing line space making it fairly compact.

Ready for a life outdoors, the frame is mould, rust and weatherproof powder coated. When the weather is particularly bad, or when you're away for weeks at a time, make use of the protective cover - a welcomed feature not all models offer.

There's a ground socket and spike to ensure a secure base for your line, so you shouldn't have to worry about coming home to find your wardrobe strewn across the lawn on those blustery days. With four different height options, you can vary the tension of the line - ideal for those heavier items of clothing.

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Argos Home Rotary Airer

Argos rotary washing line

A similar design in terms of cost and layout, this Argos rotary washing line has four arms and 50m of washing line space. It's said to hold five loads of washing, so it's one to consider if you've got school shirts and work uniforms to keep on constant loop throughout the week. There's a tension clip which lets you adjust the line, so you can dry your socks and heavy jumpers accordingly.

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Brabantia Liftomatic Rotary Washing Line with Accessories

Brabantia rotary washing line

Brabantia is a big name in the rotary washing line business. The brand offers a range of models so it's worth checking out the different specs to find a suitable match for your space. This is a 50m rotary airer, and the metal ground spike is included so you don't need to faff around with concrete. Remove the rotary line when it's not in use - or when you're cutting the grass - and protect the frame from the elements with the convenient cover.

This one comes with its own peg bag so you can keep your washing line essentials close by. You can adjust the height from 132 to 179cm so you've got plenty of room for bedding.

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Oypla Folding Wall Mounted Clothes Dryer

Oypla wall mounted rotary washing line

For a compact outdoor space, or if you want to simply keep your rotary washing line out of the way, why not opt for a wall mounted design? This option from Oypla folds away, so you can pack it down when you're hosting an alfresco gathering. This design is on the neater side as it's 128m when expanded, and offers 27m of drying space. This sort of size would work well for smaller loads of washing, or if you're in a flat share and do individual laundry sessions.

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Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Washing Line

Brabantia rotary line

Another Brabantia model, and this one is on the pricier end of the scale but with plenty of five star reviews up its sleeve, you may be tempted. The 124 to 187cm height range makes this design a useful garden accessory - opt for the lowest setting and place your outdoor cushions and picnic blankets on top so they can air out before use. It also makes hanging the washing out more comfortable as you can find your perfect height and avoid any awkward stretching or bending.

Promising a smooth turn so you can keep your washing basket in one spot, this 60m washing line is an efficient choice, perfect for busy households.

We like the addition of the clothes hanger holes too as you can take extra care of your more delicate items you'd rather not damage with peg marks.

Addis Rotary Airer

Addis rotary washing line

A no-frills, budget-friendly rotary washing line to get the job done. With four arms, and 40m of drying space this is a solid design from reliable brand Addis. One to consider for a big household with lots of football kits, gym gear and kids' clothes to get through, and thanks to the tension adjusting system, you can hang your heavy towels, jeans and jackets with ease.

You've got the option to add a cover and clothes pegs (both wooden and plastic are available) with this model, and you can opt for a longer washing line too.

Brabantia Rotary Airer Bundle with Peg Bag

Brabantia airer with pegs and peg bag

For all the extras too, give this 40m Brabantia rotary washing line a go. Complete with a jazzy cover, peg bag and pegs, this is a full set - a top choice if you're moving house and need all of the essentials.


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