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A pile of disordered clothes is the reality of any home, which is why it makes sense to invest in a stylish laundry basket that will not only keep them out of sight, but help you organise your colours before you pop them in the washing machine.


Whether you're constantly washing for a large family or looking for something small and sleek suited to single life, we’ve put together our picks of the best laundry baskets to help keep your clothing fresh and your floors clutter- free.

What to look for in a washing basket

When choosing the best laundry basket it’s worth considering a few things to make sure it’s the most convenient option for you and your home.

If you have a large household, you’ll obviously want to invest in a bigger items, but durability is also a key factor - it's wise to pay attention to the material to be sure it will see you through numerous washing cycles.

If you want to organise your clothes prior to the wash there are special baskets that will help you achieve that, with separate compartments that can help you prioritise what belongs in the next wash.

Best laundry baskets to buy in 2023

Dokehom Freestanding Laundry Basket

Best collapsible laundry basket

DOKEHOM 18-Inches Freestanding Laundry Basket with Lid on white background

If you're looking for a laundry basket that will fit a large array of dirty clothes but can also be placed conveniently out of the way, this collapsible freestanding basket from Dokehom may be your best bet.

At 18 inches wide it has plenty of room for you to toss your clothes in, and it's made of a durable polyester material with leather handles.

On top, you'll find a drawstring attachment so you can seal your clothes away until they're ready to be cleaned - great for sweaty gym gear! This item is also available in a wide range of patterns, from a summer floral print to simple navy lines so you can find the style that works for you.

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Round Woven Blue Bamboo Laundry Basket

Best laundry basket for style

Round Woven Blue Bamboo Laundry Basket

This glamorous hamper from Oliver Bonas will store your laundry in style, with a mixed blend of naturally toned bamboo that contrasts elegantly with the teal stripes wrapping around the full basket.

With two handles and a lid to keep things neat and organised, it's available in both a small and large to suit all kinds of households.

Grey Rattan Laundry Basket

Best for durability

John Lewis & Partners Grey Rattan Laundry Basket

Made with a reliable rattan material, which has been chosen due to its durability as well as its moisture-resistant properties, this simple but elegant laundry basket from John Lewis has a nice grey finish and polyester drawstring liner.

This liner can be removed once full as a convenient way to carry your laundry to the washing machine, and can be removed entirely if you prefer to drop your clothes straight in the basket.

Toro Large Storage Baskets

Best for matching set

Toro large storage baskets on white background

This matching set of baskets is ideal if you want to separate and organise your laundry into distinct piles. Available in either burnt orange or a pastel pink, each of the baskets have a textured and modern feel so your visitors will be left admiring the shape and style of the container and not the clothes they're storing.

Both of the baskets are nice and roomy, though one is slightly larger than the other, standing at 40cm while the smaller reaches 30cm.

Buy Toro Large Storage Baskets now from MADE

Large Washing Laundry Basket Bag

Best for families

DOKEHOM 90L Large Collapsible Washing Laundry Basket Bag on white background

If you've got kids (or adults) who seem to have trouble remembering where to put their dirty clothes, this bold unit sends a very clear signal!

Available in a handful of colours that range from simple grey tones to a more attention grabbing red or blue, this collapsible basket can be stored away when not in use, but will hold 90L of capacity when needed.

The laundry basket is made with a reliable oxford fabric which should last many wash cycles, with handles at the top made from a sturdy aluminium with a soft rubber grip for comfortable carrying.

About You Laundry Basket

Best for separating

About You Laundry Basket on white background

Keep your clothes in order with this container that can hold up to four removable bags. Not only does this help separate items by colour or even by person, they can also be individually removed which makes taking them to your washing machine even more convenient.

If you want to invest in more compartments to fully optimise your laundry system you'll be pleased to know they come in a variety of designs, so you can opt for several units that stand out from one another from a collection of colours including beige, black or light grey.

Striped Straw Basket

Best for boho style

Striped straw basket

This striped straw basket from Graham and Green is a simple and elegant solution to the problem of messy laundry piles. Made from a maize weave, it has two small handles either side and plenty of space to store your washing.

The natural and black colours combine to add some boho flavour to the basket, and because of the textured material each unit will have a slightly different pattern and tone which means yours will be unique to you.

Buy striped straw basket now from Graham and Green

Flexi-Square Graduated Tub Laundry Basket

Best stackable laundry basket

Flexi-Square 25L Graduated Tub Laundry Basket

Made from a tough and durable plastic, this simple set of two baskets holds 25L of storage each, so you can keep your colours and white separate.

There are carry handles either side to make things extra convenient and when your clothes and linen are freshly washed these can be easily stored out the way as they'll stack together and take up less space.

Holgate Double Laundry Basket

Best hidden laundry basket

Holgate double laundry basket on white background

At a glance you probably wouldn't be able to tell this is a laundry basket, which makes it perfect for a minimalist styled home where you want to keep very little on display.

Tucked behind the breathable, off-white design are two compartments so there's plenty of room to organise your laundry. It also comes with a matching lid to keep things out of view, with curved edges and rope textures to create a light and airy feel.

Buy Holgate Double Laundry Basket now from MADE

Vimala Floral Laundry Basket

Best for packing away

Vimala Floral Laundry Basket on white background

Perfect for stowing away when it's not needed, this floral laundry basket can be set up just as quickly to store your dirty clothes. It's made from 100% cotton so it can be easily cleaned when needed, with two handles either side to make life easier when it's full and needs lifting.

At a height of 52cm there's plenty of space for laundry, with a lovely floral pattern that will divert attention from the unsightly pile of clothes.


Buy Vimala Floral Laundry Basket now from La Redoute


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