If you adore the smell of fresh laundry that's been dried outdoors (and who doesn't?), but don't have the suitable space required for a rotary washing line, a retractable washing line could be your solution.


Retractable washing lines hook onto a wall and can be pulled out whenever necessary, so they're not permanently out, getting in the way.

The handy devices are ideal for compact spaces such as balconies or small terraces and they're a more discreet garden accessory. Hosting guests? Just pop the retractable line away for more space, and a more stylish garden. You can also fix a retractable washing line indoors which is ideal if you're in a flat with limited outdoor space.

We've rounded up the best retractable washing lines on the market so you can find a design that works for your washing setup.

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Best retractable washing lines for 2023

Vileda Cordomatic Retractable Washing Line

Vileda retractable washing line

Vileda is a handy go-to brand for affordable and practical home and cleaning essentials. The brand's retractable washing line has a length of 15m, and should hold up to 15kg of laundry so you'll have plenty of room for shirts, bedding and towels.

You can use this retractable washing line for both indoor and outdoor use. It would work well in a garage, or utility room if you don't have the outdoor space.

This set comes with all of the necessary galvanised steel fittings, screws and wall plugs so you'll have it up in no time.

RotaSpin Retractable Washing Line

RotaSpin Retractable Washing Line

This is another 15m retractable washing line, and for an affordable price of under £10. A no-frills, value find to get the job done. To increase the tautness of the line, and prevent any laundry disasters on those particularly bluster days, it's recommended you prop this line up with a washing line prop.

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Addis Retractable Washing Line

Addis retractable washing line

You can always rely on Dunelm for budget-friendly home essentials! This Addis model also offers 15m of drying space - you'll notice this is fairly standard for retractable washing lines. The neat box and smooth grey cover make this design a particularly subtle garden feature, so it won't interfere with your garden's smart and stylish vibe.

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HomRush Retractable Reel Washing Line

HomRush Retractable Reel Washing Line

This HomRush retractable washing line features two lines, so you can double up on drying space. You'll have 30m of drying space overall, and the lines simply attach to a hook, so it's a faff free option.

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Place on your balcony and take full advantage of those dry, windy days or attach to your garden fence for an outdoor space that's always garden party ready. Or if you've already got a washing line, but need more space, why not double up and keep this line for large items such as towels and bed sheets? A handy way to cut down on energy bills as you can refrain from using the tumble dryer.

5-Line Retractable Clothes Line

Heavy Duty 5-Line Retractable Clothes Line

For a more heavy duty design, give this five line retractable washing line a go. Each line is 7m long, and as they're all in a row, they're especially handy for drying larger items that take up lots of room. Or if you've returned home after a muddy camping trip or walk, you can chuck all of your wet gear on top to dry off.

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Minky Retractable Washing Line

Minky retractable washing line

Our final retractable washing line is from homecare brand Minky. This line is 15m long, and can hold 15kg of washing, so around two loads.

This design effortlessly clips off the bracket which means you can remove it from your garden wall during the colder winter months.


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