Looking for the best tumble dryers on the market right now? It's no surprise in this country - our inevitable damp days make drying your clothes outside a bit of a gamble. Having a tumble dryer also eliminates the task of hanging clothes out to dry (and bringing them back in again!) which makes them super handy for a busy household where the to-do list never seems to end!


We've rounded up the best tumble dryer models, based on performance, energy efficiency, size and other stand-out factors. Scroll down for our picks of the best dryers, after a few key tips on what you should consider before making your choice from our expert:

What to look for in a tumble dryer - a checklist

Simon Bentley, Partner and Assistant Buyer for large electricals at John Lewis & Partners, goes through the things you need to consider before buying a new tumble dryer:
  • Before purchasing a dryer, you must know the dimensions of the space you’re hoping to slot it into, especially if you’re planning on putting the dryer in an enclosed spot.
  • Take the drum size into consideration before you buy. Go for a bigger option if you have a large family or a washer-dryer combination to save space. A large drum size is around 9kg-12kg. 
  • To save more money on your energy consumption, look out for models that have a C energy rating or above. 
  • A 9kg tumble dryer with a heat pump will be kinder to clothes as it doesn’t direct the heat onto the fabrics. Instead, it warms the ambient air that surrounds them, which makes it more energy-efficient, too.

So rather than trying to calculate the odds of your washing drying before the rain arrives, why not dry them indoors with a tumble dryer? The energy-efficient models on the market today are kinder to your clothes and the planet, suit households of all sizes and won’t make your electricity bills skyrocket.

It’s worth noting that in March 2021, energy labels were updated to reflect the wider market for energy-efficient appliances. The new energy rating scale has been simplified and now goes from A-G. Many of the dishwashers below used to be A+++ and A++ rated models but they are now classed with the new A-G system. See what the new energy ratings mean here.

If you're specifically looking for energy-saving models, browse our guide to the best energy-efficient tumble dryers available now.

The best tumble dryers to buy in the UK

Beko Free-standing tumble dryer DPHR8PB561

Beko Tumble dryer DPHR8PB561W

Load Capacity: 8kg
Size: 59.7 x 65.4 x 84.6cm
Energy Rating: C-B

Wave goodbye to time-consuming, expensive drying cycles with Beko’s Free-standing dryer. Select its RapiDry mode and you’ll be able to dry 5kg of laundry in just one hour while still maintaining an A+ energy rating. To save even more energy, simply put the dryer on a lower setting.

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The Beko also has sensors to check on moisture levels and prevent your laundry from over-drying, and its automatic anti-creasing function will rotate the drum periodically for up to two hours after the finished cycle to minimise creases.

Bosch Serie 6 WNA14490GB 9kg Washer Dryer

Load Capacity: 9kg
Size: 59 x 60 x 85cm
Energy Rating: E

Thanks to the innovative motor developed by Bosch, this washer-dryer is whisper quiet. It also has a VarioPerfect function that allows you to decide exactly how you want to save energy – select EcoPerfect to reduce the appliance’s energy consumption by 50 per cent or choose SpeedPerfect to cut the time it spends working by 65 per cent and have your washing finished in just an hour.

LG V9 FDV909W 9kg heat pump tumble dryer

Load Capacity: 9kg
Size: 60 x 68 x 85cm
Energy Rating: C-B

With a generous 9kg drum capacity, this condenser dryer from LG has plenty of room to dry your family’s clothes. It also features a dual inverter heat pump that recycles the hot air circulating in the drum so that it doesn’t have to generate so much heat. This enables the machine to dry your laundry more quickly, but use less energy in the process.

Hotpoint NTM1081WKUK 8kg head pump tumble dryer

Hotpoint NTM1081WKUK tumble dryer

Load Capacity: 8kg
Size: 59.5 x 65.5 x 84.9cm
Energy Rating: C

With its 8kg load capacity, this Hotpoint tumble dryer is a great choice for medium-sized households. Its C energy rating means it’ll be kind to the environment, as well as your utility bills. And to top things off, this tumble dryer also has an anti-allergy programme, which dries with a higher temperature to eliminate pollen from your clothing so you can breathe easy during hay fever season.

Candy Rapido ROH10A2TCE heat pump tumble dryer

Load Capacity: 10kg
Size: 56 x 60 x 60cm
Energy Rating: B

There’s no need to cover your radiators with damp washing with this dryer, as it has a whopping 10kg drum capacity, making it suitable for large families. The dryer has four levels to choose from: Ready to Iron, Dry Hanger, Dry Wardrobe and Extra Dry. It also has sensors that automatically monitor the level of moisture in your laundry and stops the cycle once your laundry has dried to your preferred level. The heat pump makes this appliance more energy efficient too, so while the dryer is huge, your bills shouldn’t be.


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