Composting at home is the most efficient and eco-friendly way of dealing with food and kitchen waste. Better yet, composting also creates a rich and non-toxic fertiliser for your plants and flowers.


If you have a small garden, you might think a compost bin is out of the question, but luckily, there are now plenty of small compost bins on the market to accommodate even the tiniest of outdoor spaces, even balcony gardens. In fact, it's even possible to compost indoors in the dinkiest of homes thanks to some innovative products!

How to make a small compost bin

It's possible to make your own compost bin with the help of a few wooden pallets (who doesn't love a fun wooden pallet project?!). This video shows you how to make one, and though it's a little large for a small garden, you can adjust the size to suit your outdoor space.

Small compost bin ideas

Garden compost bags

Compost bags
INNOLITES Organic Compost Bags, small and large, £18.99 for a set of two, Amazon

These compost bags are a great choice for smaller gardens as their shape is flexible and compact, and can be easily nestled into a corner. The smaller size can take 15 gallons (approx 56 litres) while the larger size can take 34 gallons (approx 128 litres).

A handy velcro flap at the bottom lets you see the fermentation process up close and the material of the bag itself is thick, durable, and efficient at retaining heat and moisture which helps the composting process.

Buy a Set of Two INNOLITES Organic Compost Bags from Amazon (£18.99)

Mini compost bin

VonHaus Bokashi Bin Composter Set of 2
VonHaus Bokashi bin composter starter set, set of two 18L bins, £44.99, Amazon

If you have a balcony garden, or an indoor garden, the VonHaus Bokashi Bin Composter is for you. Its sizing - and an airtight lid so no odours escape - make it ideal for a kitchen or smaller outdoor space.

In the starter set, you will receive everything you need to start the composting process, including two 18L bins and 1kg of Bokashi bran (microorganisms that help your food waste break down), as well as accessories and instructions. The bins even have a liquid compost tap, which will let you collect natural fertiliser for your plants.

Buy the VonHaus Bokashi Composter Starter Set from Amazon (£44.99)

What can you put in garden compost bin?

  • Vegetable & fruit peelings
  • Biodegradable materials such as tea bags and biodegradable plant pots
  • Grass cuttings
  • Plant & flower cuttings
  • Leaves
  • Cardboard (it helps to break it up first)

In ground composter

Verve Submergeable Composter 10L, £18, B&Q

In-ground or submergeable composters are a genius way of using food waste to improve the surrounding soil. Holes in the compost bin let worms enter the bin and break down the fruit and vegetable scraps, which then release nutrients into the soil around it.

More like this

Being submerged in the ground is also handy for small gardens, as it keeps your space from looking too busy and cluttered! This particular design from B&Q is easy to assemble, with no tools required.

Buy Verve Submergeable Composter 10L, £18, B&Q

Tumbling composter

Multifunction Garden Tumbling Composter, 130L, £89.99, Amazon

A tumbling composter rotates and spins your food and garden waste, which helps to speed up the fermentation process. This particular model uses a 360-degree tumbler and is made from durable galvanised steel, UV and frost-resistant and toxin-free plastic. There's also a liquid compost funnel at the bottom.

This model can hold a whopping 130L, and is a little larger than the other models while still unobtrusive enough for a small to medium garden.

Buy the Multifunction Garden Tumbling Composter 130L from Amazon (£89.99)

Worm composter

Worm composter
Urbalive Worm Composter Wormery, 20L unit and starter pack, £160, Wiggly Wigglers

Another great option for small gardens or homes without an outdoor space is the Urbalive Worm Composter from Wiggly Wigglers. This clever little compost bin uses the addition of earthworms, which help create vermicompost (excellent for soil fertility and nourishing your plants and flowers). You can use the composting set without earthworms if you'd prefer, though.

The starter set includes all you need to create an efficient at-home composting station, including a beginner's guide to worm composting.

The brand also sells smaller kitchen-top composters and Bokashi composting sets.


Buy Urbalive Worm Composter Wormery 20L from Wiggly Wigglers (£160)


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