Introducing green life throughout your home can really bring some natural colour and air to your space, but it’s important to remember the pot is just as vital as the plant it will house.


Whether you plan to have a scattering of succulents resting on a table or a large olive tree taking centre stage in your entryway, there are a number of approaches you can take to make sure you’re matching the plant to the design of your home.

We’ve put together a selection of the best plant pots below for a variety of styles that would suit your preferred décor.

Best plant pots to buy in 2023

Sass & Belle Mojave Glaze Pink Hanging Planter

Part of the Scatter Stars collection at the Sass & Belle store, this hanging pot will show off your favourite plants at a height of your choice.

Made with a bold blush pink that ombres into a gentle white tone, this would be perfect for a bohemian space thanks to its organic and handmade look and feel.

Both the texture and the gradient of the colour are a result of the reactive glaze in the creative process, which means each and every item will be slightly unique while still matching, so several scattered throughout your home would give off an individual yet consistent appearance.

Hand Printed Porcelain Plant Pot

Delicately decorated by hand, this collection of colourful plant pots from Nicola Spring have been directly inspired by the Japanese principles of 'Wabi-sabi'. This means they're based on the concept of imperfection and take pride in their individuality.

Made from robust porcelain these are perfect for both indoor and outdoor plants, and basically any area in your home that could benefit from a pop of colour and a light design.

Buy Hand Printed Porcelain Plant Pot now from Rinkit

Green & Gold Foiled Base Plant Pot

Best for a standout plant that deserves an equally show stopping pot, this curved container from Oliver Bonas mixes both deep green and gold foil to complement your foliage.

It has a clean, glazed finish and stands at 15 cm wide and 15 cm deep so would work as a dramatic pair for an entryway, or as a stand-alone in the corner of a modern room.

Made from terracotta, it's worth keeping in mind that this is for indoor use only.

Emily Marlin Round Plant Pot

No matter the shape and size of your plant, these colourful pots from the Emily Marlin range will create a contemporary setting for your very best succulents.

Homemade using a mix of jesmonite and terrazzo they will create a vibrant addition to your home without distracting too much from the plant itself.

Available in a selection of designs, you could opt for the sherbet pink backdrop for some light colour and character, or the emerald green if you really want to make a scene.

Buy Emily Marlin Round Plant Pot now from MADE

No.160 Pot

If you have a long, dangling plant like an ivy tree that's likely to grow beyond its container and expand over time, this metallic option may be the perfect choice for your home.

The brass-finished stand is a clever base as it can be flipped to support the nickel pot at different heights. This means you can give your foliage more room to twist its way to the floor, or simply gives you more choice if want to match the level of the rest of your furniture.

Woven Jahala Pot

This woven jahala pot would suit a bohemian style home, thanks to its natural elements of seagrass and rattan.

Its textured design has been handcrafted which means each has an individual shape and feel, creating a rustic base for your plants that would complement an airy hallway or well-lit living space.

It even comes with a stand included to give it extra height, making sure your preferred plants are easy to spot.

Buy Woven Jahala Pot now from Anthropologie

Blue Stoneware Planter

This quirky pot is packed with character, finding just the right balance between an unconventional shape while retaining a simple and rounded look.

The bumpy surface will help catch the sunlight when left on a windowsill, bringing attention to its multiple merging colours, giving your plant a subtle but standout home.

Fermo Wall Planters

If you're looking to show off your plants but you're lacking in floor space, this set of wall planters could be the ideal solution.

Placed high on your wall they'd be especially ideal for dangling foliage such as ivy, or even as the perfect platform for smaller plants that you'd like to stand out.

While the frame has a flexible string like appearance, they're actually made from a robust iron which means they'll easily hold the weight of whatever foliage you place inside.

Habitat Scalloped Edge Planter Pot

Give your plant pride of place with this textured iron pot that should grab the attention of any guest.

Thanks to its ridged edge and gold finish, this would be a great statement piece for a party or as a standout feature given a centre place on a dining table or entry area in your home.

Sass & Belle Mojave Glaze Yellow Larger Planter on Legs

If you have an interesting plant that needs a pot that will match its energy, this three legged stoneware planter from the Sass & Belle Store is more than up for the task.

Available in a range of colours that include black and yellow, this eccentric container has been made using a special glaze technique that gives each individual piece its own independent variations, so you can purchase multiple and still be confident each will bring its own quirks.

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This means it could work as a single item that will do your plant justice or as part of an off-beat collection in your home.


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