Balcony gardens can be ideal for growing and propagating plants - thanks to their sheltered designs, flowers and produce are far less likely to be dug up by sneaky squirrels, or nibbled away at by hungry snails. But what if space is limited? As balconies are usually compact in size, it may feel impossible to create an abundant, thriving garden. Well, think again! With the help of some space-saving balcony planters, you can achieve as luscious a garden as you could on solid ground.


If you don't have an outdoor space at all, don't fear. There are plenty of ways of tapping into the wonders of nature indoors. Try introducing large, statement houseplants, for example, or you could install mini-greenhouses on your window sills and grow salad, herbs and tomatoes. Living walls and flower walls are also a great idea if you don't have much floor space.

With the right planters, there's no stopping you from growing whatever you want.

Balcony planter ideas

Hanging pots for railings

Hanging Pot for Plant, pack of 4, £24.99, Amazon

One of the best ways of utilising balcony space is by hanging pots on your railings. You can hang planters on either side (so both you and your neighbours can enjoy the display) and mix and match styles and colours for impact.

This colourful hanging planter comes in a set of four and includes white, blue and grey shades too. It's perfect for flower growing as it has plenty of room for height growth, or you could put a trailing plant in it. Just be sure to pop your plant in a pot with drainage holes first when using this planter as it doesn't have holes at the bottom.

Buy Hanging Pot for Plant, pack of 4, from Amazon (£24.99)

Flower Bridge Round Hanging Planter, £4.49, Etsy

We love this clever balcony railing planter; it shows off plants well and takes up minimal space thanks to the wrap-around design. It fits railings up to 6cm wide and also comes with clips to secure in place. Two drainage holes mean you can plant your desired flowers or shrubbery straight in too.

More like this

Buy Flower Bridge Round Hanging Planter from Etsy (£4.49)

Raised planters

Galvanized Iron Free Standing Rectangular Plant Stand, Stone & Black, £75, MADE.COM

As well as growing individual plants from your balcony railings, larger plant displays can be achieved with the use of raised planters. With a longer and deeper planter, you can grow everything from a mixed bed of flowers to a crop of vegetables. Raised planters also free up floor space, so you can keep pots and tools underneath.

This contemporary style planter, made from galvanized iron, is perfect for a modern balcony garden and lovers of industrial design.

Buy Galvanized Iron Free Standing Rectangular Plant Stand, Stone & Black, from MADE.COM (£75)

Foxmore Raised Planter, £130, Garden Trading

For an all-in-one plant box and storage solution - this raised planter from Garden Trading is ideal. The lined open planter can be filled with herbs, vegetables and flowers, and the shelf below can neatly store away your gardening tools and accessories. It's a great investment for new gardeners and balcony owners.

Buy Foxmore Raised Planter from Garden Trading (£130)

Ladder plant stand

Alderley Plant Ladder, small, £70, Wilko

Similar to raised planters, ladder plant stands (also known as vertical planters) use height to free up space on the ground, the open shelves, however, create a more compact display, and let you show off lots of different types of plants in one space. If you're super organised, you could even arrange your flowers and vegetables by shelf.

This dinky ladder shelf from Wilko is great for growing herbs and smaller vegetables on balconies. Fill it with lots of small pots and be sure to label them if you're growing from seed so you don't forget what you have!

Buy Alderley Plant Ladder, small, from Wilko (£70)

Vertical Herb Stand, £109.99, YouGarden

For a larger ladder plant stand, this vertical herb planter might be just the thing. There's plenty of room to plant and grow flowers, shrubs, herbs, fruit and vegetables, and the height between each shelf means each plant will get plenty of light.

Buy Vertical Herb Stand from YouGarden (£109.99)

If you can drill nails into your exterior wall, hanging wall planters are also a great option for balcony gardens. Similarly, hanging planters from an enclosed balcony ceiling is a great way to free up floor space.


Now all you have to do is get growing!


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