Deck out your home and indoor garden with these super stylish, eco-friendly houseplant pots. There is a huge choice of green, ethical plant pots on the market these days, from totally biodegradable, compostable pots that won't leave a footprint, to recycled designs made from repurposed fishing nets and sustainable, natural materials, like bamboo and husk.


We break down 10 of our favourites...

Eco plant pots 2023

Biodegradable plant pots

Rectangular biodegradable planters, from £9.99, TheCraftyPlanterUk at Etsy

When you hear the phrase 'biodegradable plant pots' you might conjure up images of simple brown, hessian designs, but thanks to developments in technology and a growing focus on renewable materials, you can now find plenty of stylish, colourful biodegradable products, just like these vibrant planters from The Crafty Planter.

These pots are made from PLA filament, a vegetable/plant-based material that is waterproof, shatterproof, non-toxic and completely biodegradable.

Buy Rectangular Biodegradable Planters from TheCraftyPlanterUk at Etsy (£9.99)

BRAEMAR kraft paper plant pot cover, extra-large, £16, Basil And Fleur at Etsy
BRAEMAR kraft paper plant pot cover, extra-large, £16, Basil And Fleur at Etsy

We love the arty, boho style of this paper plant pot cover. It's made entirely from recyclable kraft paper, so it can be popped in your recycling once it comes to the end of its life. It should last you a long time though, as the paper is tough - just make sure to pop a drip tray under your plant pot inside the cover, to stop any water from leaking out.

You can choose from three minimalist shades: carbon black (pictured), snow white and mist pale grey.

Buy BRAEMAR Kraft Paper Plant Pot Cover from Basil And Fleur at Etsy (£16)

Bamboo plant pots

Eco plant pots made from recycled bamboo, set of 10 8cm pots, £10, Abel & Cole

As any gardener will know, you can never have too many practical, everyday-use plant pots. Normally, these are plastic pots, that you can use for growing herbs, repotting houseplants and flowers, and popping inside of larger, more decorative planters.

These colourful plant pots from Abel and Cole are even better than typical plastic plant pots; one, because they're made from recycled bamboo, and two, because they're pretty enough to have out on show as they are! They would be ideal for a sunny windowsill full of herbs, or as a pop of colour inside a more neutral style indoor planter.

Buy a Set of 10 8cm Eco Plant Pots from Abel & Cole (£10)

Haxnicks 8-inch Terracotta Bamboo Pot, set of five, £8.86, Amazon

Haxnicks is another great choice when it comes to practical eco plant pots. This all-purpose plant pot, which comes in a set of five, is made from sustainable bamboo fibre and rice starch - entirely biodegradable and compostable.

It's a must for eco-savvy gardeners.

Buy Haxnics 8-inch Terracotta Bamboo Pot, set of five, from Amazon (£8.86)

What's the difference between biodegradable and compostable?

Biodegradable materials will break down naturally into harmless compounds (but it may take a while depending on the materials)

Compostable materials are a form of biodegradation, but they require certain conditions to break down properly (e.g. a compost bin). Composting also creates rich nutrients that are important for healthy soil and plant growth

Husk plant pots

Nut Husk Plant Pot, 7 inches, £22.72, KansoDesigns on Etsy
Nut Husk Plant Pot, 7 inches, £22.72, KansoDesigns on Etsy

Agricultural by-products, such as coffee, seed and nut husks, are other examples of reusable materials that would otherwise be burnt and wasted.

This plant pot is handmade from nut husk and non-toxic formaldehyde-free resin. Husk pots often have this distinctive grainy finish, which looks lovely alongside textural houseplants.

Buy Nut Husk Plant Pot from KansoDesigns on Etsy (£22.72)

Husk milkshake planter, 5-inches, Lime, £6.99, Husk
Husk milkshake planter, 5-inches, Lime, £6.99, Husk

UK brand Husk use a combination of coffee husks, bamboo powder, nut husk, chaff, straw and non-toxic resin to create stylish and sustainable planters for the home and garden.

This statement, lime-green design is perfect for small succulents and cacti or for a fresh pot of herbs. It also comes in blush, olive, white and grey shades.

Buy Husk Milkshake Planter from Husk (£6.99)

Recycled plastic pots

Burton Navy Wave
Burton Navy Wave, 20cm, £28, Ocean Plastic Pots

As well as naturally-made plant pots, they are a growing number of brands repurposing wasted materials to create new, useful products. Take the brand Ocean Plastic Pots for example, who use plastic washed up on the beaches of Scotland, as well as discarded ropes and fishing nets, to make beautiful, recycled (and recyclable) plant pots.

More like this

The pots are designed in Glasgow and made in Scotland, and in 2021 they won the first Sustainable Garden Product of the Year Award at the RHS Flower Show.

This particular pot, with its striking blue marble design, is made from old navy blue ropes, and can be used either inside or out.

Buy Burton Navy Wave Plant Pot from Ocean Plastic Pots (£28)

Peach 'Bloom' Set - Made from White Rope, £20, Ocean Plastic Pots

We love this peach-coloured plant pot, also from Ocean Plastic Pots. This design is made using discarded white rope and it comes with a handy matching saucer to catch liquid when watering.

Buy Peach Plant Pot from Ocean Plastic Pots (£20)

Ecopots Amsterdam Plant Pot Made From Recycled Plastic, from £12.95, Circular & Co at Not On The High Street
Ecopots Amsterdam Plant Pot Made From Recycled Plastic, from £12.95, Circular & Co at Not On The High Street

Belgian brand Ecopots use recycled plastic and recycled natural stone to create durable and attractive plant pots for use indoors or out. Their Amsterdam Plant Pot (pictured) is made from recycled milk bottles and crushed stone powder, giving it a timeless, rustic finish.

Buy Ecopots Amsterdam Plant Pot from Circular & Co at Not On The High Street (from £12.95)

Recycled by-products pots

Hand-cast Eco Recycled Plant Pots, from £14, ConcreteJungleLondon on Etsy
Hand-cast Eco Recycled Plant Pots, from £14, ConcreteJungleLondon on Etsy

This striking, and rather retro-looking, set of plant pots are made from a mixture of natural hydraulic lime, recycled crushed oyster shells and recycled by-products from iron making (who would've thought that'd make a stylish plant pot, huh?).

Each pot is handmade and totally unique - like most recycled products, each design is slightly different - making it all the more special.


Buy Hand-cast Eco Recycled Plant Pots from ConcreteJungleLondon on Etsy (from £14)


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