The cleaning product market is a crowded place, with an overwhelming number of sprays, solutions and potions to choose from. So to help you fill your cupboards with reliable cleaning products that really do the job, here at YourHomeStyle, we've collated our go-to, favourite cleaning products.

So whether you've got a new cream sofa to protect, or a mouldy bathroom to blitz, we've got you covered in our round-up of the best cleaning products.

We've included a mix of household names, eco-friendly solutions and multi-purpose cleaners so you can find cleaning products that work for your home and cleaning routine.

So take a browse, and fill your cleaning caddy to the brim!

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Best cleaning products for 2023

Method Wood Floor Cleaner

Method Wood Cleaner, Almond

Method's cleaning products are easy to spot on the supermarket shelves thanks to their stylish yet pared back branding, and they're a popular choice for those looking for planet-friendly cleaning solutions. This non-toxic and plant-based formula has been designed for wooden and laminate flooring. It's effortless to use thanks to the nozzle design - just squirt the solution straight onto your floor and mop. Save yourself the hassle of dragging a heavy bucket around.

What's even better, it has a sweet, almond scent that's in no way overpowering - a refreshing change to the more commonly found floral scents.

Ecozone Bathroom Cleaner

Ecozone 3-in-1 Bathroom Cleaner

Ecozone's bathroom cleaner is great for removing limescale - we were amazed at how shiny and polished the sink taps and shower head appeared after use. Easy to use too, just spray and wipe. You can also buff with a dry cloth for a really polished look.

It works all over the bathroom - spray on sinks, tiles and toilets, and as a plant-based formula you can be sure it won't erode your surfaces.

The only downside is the slightly unpleasant scent, but if you're willing to sacrifice a nice aroma for sparkling taps, you're onto a winner.

Ecover Toilet Cleaner

Ecover lemon and orange toilet cleaner

Another eco-friendly bathroom cleaner to add to your collection. Ecover's toilet cleaner is made with plant-based and biodegradable ingredients, so you can avoid harsh chemicals whilst still removing lime scale. As an added bonus, this product boasts a fresh yet subtle orange and lemon scent which we'd take over bleach any day.

It's worth checking your local pharmacy and plastic-free grocery shop as you can often fill your own plastic container with Ecover cleaning products as a way of cutting down on plastic.

Cillit Bang Power Multi Purpose Cleaner

Cillit Bang Power Multi Purpose Cleaner

Despite the heavy-duty expectations of this well-known brand, we were pleasantly surprised by its slight floral smell – quite unlike the bleach-heavy scent we anticipated. Cleansing agents such as formic acid work effectively to remove limescale, and the foam makes light work of kitchen grease. It doesn’t boast the same eco credentials as some of the other sprays, but it is good for household deep cleaning jobs.

More like this

OceanSaver Anti-Bacterial All Surface Cleaner Starter Kit

OceanSaver Anti-Bacterial All Surface Cleaner

Reduce plastic use in the kitchen and bathroom (two areas where it can really stack up) with this starter kit, consisting of a spray bottle and refill tabs – although you can use a bottle you already have and save even more plastic. Drop the tab into a water-filled spray bottle and shake (we found it took a little effort) until dissolved. The ‘Ocean Mist’ releases a fresh, clean smell without being too overpowering, and it cleaned well with minimal scrubbing.

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Bin Buddy Fresh

Bin Buddy Fresh Berry Blast

Taking the bins out has to be one of the worst household chores, mainly due to the formation of the dreaded smelly bin juice. This stuff works wonders - sprinkle the Bin Buddy powder over your filled rubbish bag for a more pleasant smelling bin. It even works when your bin is filled with food.

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The Pink Stuff

The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste

The Pink Stuff is a cleaning cupboard staple for many and for good reason as it works on pretty much anything. From oven tops and BBQs, to ceramics and furniture, this cleaning paste is a real all-rounder.

Our team found it particularly helpful for cleaning ovens and tackling furniture stains.

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Flash Extra Power Magic Eraser

Flash Eraser Ultra Power

For those pesky stains and marks - fingerprints, crayon on the wall and hob spillages - give the Flash Magic Eraser a try. Just wet the sponge - no extra solution required - and wipe away unwanted muck and grime. These magic eraser designs are not a sustainable option as the sponges don't have the longest lifespan, but they're an effective option if you've got a tricky stain in need of tackling, or you're doing an all-over blitz of the whole house for a special occasion.

As a powerful stain remover, it's best to be particularly careful with paintwork etc if you're wiping walls.

Harpic Power Plus Toilet Cleaner Tablets

Harpic Power Toilet Cleaner Tablets

These toilet cleaner tablets from Harpic offer an effective alternative to scrubbing away at limescale with a toilet brush, which let's face it, is never a fun task. Just place the tablet in the toilet, leave for a while, and flush. Easy.

Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser

Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser

We were expecting big things from this aptly named degreaser, and it did not disappoint! Leaving a lemony scent, it cleaned well and cut through grease with ease. It’s a liquid-based spray (rather than foam) but it still performed well – particularly on oven doors and metal hobs.

It’s strong stuff (it can also be used to clean vehicles and outdoor cooking equipment) so keep it away from little hands. Cheap and cheerful, it’s a useful option for tougher jobs!

Febreze Fabric Refresher Cotton

Febreze spray, cotton

Febreze is perfect for giving your home a clean feel without the hassle of actually scrubbing or cleaning, so it's ideal if you've got last-minute guests on the way. Perfect for pet owners too, treat your sofas and chairs to a quick refresh. Febreze's fresh cotton scent is a firm favourite for many, and we love the strength of the formula.

Febreze is always a handy car freshener too - particularly when you've had a wet smelly dog in the back!

Scrub Daddy Original Sponge

Scrub Daddy Sponge

This smiley sponge is more than just a happy face, and boasts a number of handy cleaning features. The sponge changes texture depending on the temperature of the water, hardening in colder water which is well-suited to tougher stains, and softening in warm water for a more flexible texture.

The eyes are particularly handy for cleaning narrow glasses as you can move the sponge around with your fingers rather than jamming your whole hand into the glass. The mouth is useful for dirty spoons too as you can scrape the bottom and top of the spoon at the same time.

This Scrub Daddy sponge is also dishwasher safe so you can keep this guy happy and clean for hygienic reuse.

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Bar Keepers Friend Power Cream

Bar Keepers Friend Power Cream

The Bar Keepers Friend power cream is great for everyday use on worktops. Remove unsightly stains with ease, whether its grease, limescale or grime.

It can also be used for restoring and polishing brass so if you're an upcycling enthusiast, this could be your best friend too.

Vanish Gold Carpet Care

Vanish Gold Foam Carpet Care

A great buy for pet owners, this Vanish Gold carpet care is ideal for removing cat hair balls. Just spray on the foam, brush the stain, and then hoover up the mess. It's designed to eliminate odours too, so could be a worthwhile investment for new puppy owners!

Dr. Beckmann Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Solution

Dr Beckmann Carpet Cleaner

One for the cream carpet fanatics. Dr Beckmann's carpet cleaning solution comes in a unique, user-friendly design with the brush on top of the bottle. Target red wine, chocolate and muddy footprint stains with ease.

This set comes with the Dr Beckmann upholstery cleaner so you can keep your cream sofa, car seats and mattresses looking their best too.

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Zoflora Concentrated 3-in-1 Multipurpose Disinfectant

Zoflora Linen Fresh Concentrated 3-in-1 Mulitpurpose Disinfectant

If you're after an all-rounder to work all over your home, we found Zoflora's concentrated disinfectant to work particularly well. Whether you're mopping floors, or freshening up musky clothes, this is an ideal go-to to have in your cleaning cupboard. The concentrated multipurpose formula kills bacteria and viruses, and smells delightful. The Linen Fresh is our favourite!

Suitable for spraying, wiping, soaking and mopping, tick off all of your cleaning to-do list with this trusty formula.

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HG Mould Cleaner Spray

HG Mould Remover Spray

A build-up of bathroom mould is inevitable so it's wise to have a dedicated mould remover to hand. This HG mould spray proved popular in our team, and it may even save you from a hefty deposit at the end of your rental agreement. Just spray the effected tiles and walls, leave to work its magic and wash off. No need to scrub.

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Kilrock Blast Away Brush On Mould Gel

Kilrock Blast Away Brush On Mould Gel

Another mould remover to consider, Kilrock's mould gel is super for bleaching grubby grouting. The small brush on top of the bottle is handy for reaching neat corners and edges where mould, mildew and algae often forms.

Flash Floor Cleaner Speedmop Starter Kit

Flash Speed Mop

This nifty mop from Flash works on a range of floor types as you've got the option of using a dry cloth - great for dusting - or a wet wipe which is more suited to kitchen tiling and sealed flooring. Attach your cloth onto the mop, and discard after use. So while it's not the most sustainable cleaning product, it's a hygienic method as you're getting a fresh cloth every time.

The nifty mop swivels so you can clean cobweb-filled corners, and it's slim enough to reach under sofas.

Dishmatic Fillable Handle

Dishmatic sponge

Anything that makes washing dishes more of a breeze is a winner in our minds, so we love the simple yet effective nature of Dishmatic's dishwasher brush. Fill up with your favourite washing up liquid - ditch damp, smelly cloths and sponges - and enjoy a cleaner, more efficient time at the sink.

This pack comes with six sponges, so you can easily refresh your brush whenever necessary.

Minky Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Pads

Minky Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Cloths

These colourful cleaning pads from Minky are suitable for a number of cleaning tasks. Featuring an abrasive, yet non-scratchy, side for burnt-on casserole stains, and a gentler microfibre side for removing grease and grime, they're great for dishes and wiping down surfaces.

They'd also work for bathroom chores so you can assign a colour to your bathroom cleaning cupboard.

As an added bonus, these cloths feature anti-bacterial protection to prevent bacteria build-up.

Pledge Duster Starter Kit

Pledge Dust It Starter Kit

Make light of dusting duties with the Pledge duster starter kit. Featuring a handle which allows you to reach further and keep your hands clean, this set works with duster refills, so you can replace the duster whenever it's in need of a refresh.

Dettol Tru Clean Surface Cleanser

Dettol Tru Clean Anti-Bacterial Multi Surface Spray

A reliable surface cleanser that's perfect for all kind of kitchen clean ups, Dettol proved a popular pick amongst our team. We especially love the fresh and fruity scent of this crisp pear edition - it's sweet without being overly perfumed. Bulk up and save yourself a trip to the shops with this convenient six pack.

Dettol Antibacterial Wipes

Dettol antibacterial biodegradable wipes

If you prefer a wet wipe, Dettol's antibacterial wipes are also a solid choice. Clean kitchen worktops, office desks and toilet seats in seconds. The wipes are biodegradable and kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Mr Muscle Drain Unblocker

Mr Muscle Power Gel

It's always a wise idea to have a drain unblocker under your bathroom sink for those surprise plumbing emergencies. This Mr Muscle drain unblocker works well and is easy to use - great for clearing drains of clogged hair.

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