We know how satisfying it can be to step back and admire a shining kitchen floor after a good clean, so it's worth investing in a decent mop for the job. The humble cotton mop and bucket has come a long way, and there are now a number of mop styles to choose from. Read our guide below, and find a mop style that works for your hard floors and cleaning routine.


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What types of mops are available?

Flat mop

Ideal for covering large floor areas, flat mops come in all variations and can work for all kinds of hard flooring. There's the option of dry microfibre cloth heads - great for dusting - as well as wet wipe designs that work a treat for post-breakfast kitchen clean ups. Many flat mops now come with reusable mop heads for a more sustainable way to clean your floors.

Spray mop

For a more thorough clean on stubborn stains, you may require the addition of cleaning solution, which is where the spray mop comes in handy. Solution is stored in the mop itself, and a trigger handle lets you spray directly onto the floor - a hygienic and user-friendly alternative to the traditional mop and bucket.

Sponge mop

Sponge mops offer a cleaner way to clean your floors, as they tend to be more absorbent than traditional mop heads. Enjoy a more efficient clean, without the sodden floor.

Traditional mop

You may want to keep it classic and opt for a traditional cotton mop and bucket design. As the mop heads tend to be larger, they can be useful for particularly large areas, especially if you're doing a quick once-over. Their no-frills design can often mean they're more affordable too.

More like this

Steam mop

For an intense, deep clean without harsh chemicals, go for a steam mop. Steam mops are plug-in, electrical devices designed to sanitise hard flooring through the power of steam. Ideal for targeting smaller areas in need of a thorough clean.

To help you find exactly what you're after, at a price point to suit your budget, we've selected 11 of the best mops on the market. You can also learn how to make your own cleaning products with these 5 eco-friendly recipes.

Best mops to buy for 2023

Best flat mops

Flash Floor Cleaner Speedmop Starter Kit

Flash mop starter kit

If you're fed up with your mop getting steadily grubbier. this hygienic solution from Flash could be your answer. This flat mop comes with separate cleaning pads you can discard after use. The dry cloths are handy for dusting under the sofa and picking up pet hair, while the wet cloths are perfect for your kitchen floor - or any finished or sealed hard surfaces - as they help to dissolve grime. The wet cloths even have a lemony scent so you can enjoy a kitchen that's both fragrant and sparkly clean.

It's a fairly thin mop, making it easy to store, and the dry pads and wet cloths are easy to get hold of whenever you need to restock.

E-Cloth Mop

E-Cloth mop

For a more eco-friendly solution, give the E-Cloth mop a go. This flat mop features a machine-washable microfibre head, so rather than going through hundreds of single-use wipes, you can chuck your mop head in the washing machine. What's more, you can avoid any nasty chemical solutions as this design just requires water to clean. Wet the cloth, wring it out, and attach to the mop.

Great for all over the house - use this mop on wood, tiles, laminate and stone.

If you're not swayed yet, the thousands of five star reviews found online may do the trick.

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Best spray mops

Vileda 1-2 Spray

Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop

Save yourself the hassle of dragging a heavy bucket of sudsy water around with this contemporary Vileda spray mop. Fill the small container (the blue part of the handle) with water - and a drop of cleaning solution if you fancy - and use the mop's trigger handle to spray as you mop. An effortless way to remove more stubborn stains such as food spillages and grease.

This spray mop also pivots so you can clean those tricky, hard-to-reach spots and it's another design with a reusable, machine-washable mop head.

Tower Dual Container Spray Mop

Tower dual container mop

This advanced, dual chamber design lets you store two different cleaning solutions. This means you can clean your laminate and tiles with specially designed solution, without the faff of refilling. There's a simple trigger handle, so you can spray and mop as you go.

We love the fun, and slightly glamorous, black and blush gold design that's sure to jazz up your cleaning cupboard. Functional too, this mop conveniently folds down for easy storing.

Symple Stuff Triangle Spray Mop

Aherin Cleaning Triangle Spray Mop

The final spray mop in our list features a unique, triangular mop head which is bound to come in handy for dusting corners. Fill the container with your go-to floor cleaner, or of course just try water for a more natural clean, and spruce up your floors.

This spray mop is 128cm in height, so it should work well for high ceilings and underneath furniture.

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Best sponge mops

Amos super mop

AMOS super mop

One of the benefits of a sponge mop is the fact you can use it on your windows, cars and patio doors without it dripping all over the place. Pull the lever on this Amos Super Mop to wring out the sponge, and off you go.

This sponge mop can also be used on wood and marble, so it's more versatile than you may think.

Addis Superdry Sponge Mop

Addis superdry sponge mop

A budget-friendly choice from popular cleaning brand Addis. The neat mop head of this sponge mop should work well for stubborn kitchen floor food stains, such as stuck on tomato seeds and sauces, as you have more control when scrubbing. There's also a built-in scraper to help tackle tough stains. An easy choice for your bathroom too, and thanks to the lever, you'll never need to touch the grubby sponge.

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Best Traditional Mops

Addis Cotton Mop and Refill

Traditional mop

Another mop from Addis to consider, and this one is a traditional design for a bargain price of under a fiver - a fuss-free option for great value. This cotton mops comes on its own, so you'll need your own bucket, but you do get a second mop head.

Black and Decker Traditional Mop

Black and Decker mop and bucket

Offering a fairly traditional mop style, but with a few snazzy features to enhance your mopping game, this Black and Decker mop is sure to make light of your kitchen chores. This is a spin mop bucket, so rather than using a pedal, or manually twisting, you just have to push the mop down into the container, which then rotates and dries out the mop. Three of four wrings should do it.

The telescopic handle can be altered to suit varying heights and there's a quick release plug which lets you drain the water without having to awkwardly tip it over into the sink. Packed with plenty of desirable, well-thought-out features, this mop is a nice mix of traditional and contemporary.

Best Steam Mops

Klik n' Flip Smartronic Deluxe Shark Steam Mop

Klik n' Flip Smartronic Deluxe S6003UK Steam Mop

While we associate Shark with vacuums, it turns out the cleaning brand has a number of steam mops on offer too, and snazzy ones at that. The Klik n' Flip model has three different steam settings to match various floor types, and you can flip the design flat with the click of a switch to double the cleaning power. As an added bonus, the pads are machine washable.

There's an eight metre cord, and you get 11.5 minutes of steam cleaning time, which isn't long but enough to target specific areas.

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Vax Steam Clean Multifunction Steam Mop

Vax multi-function steam mop

A more affordable steam mop on offer, from Vax. We love how this design can be turned into a handheld device, making it a solid option for cleaning mirrors and windows. It comes with an array of specialised tool heads to suit a range of homeware - you can even use it to clean your taps and oven - making it a versatile pick you'll likely get plenty of use out of.

Weighing just over two kilograms, this steam mop is a lightweight design, perfect for any upstairs cleaning jobs.


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