While cleaning your home can be therapeutic, actually getting your hands dirty and tackling those chores is easier said than done. So, anything designed to make the process easier is fantastic in our eyes.

Having a small cleaning caddy close at hand is often a huge help. Some carry a selection of sprays and sponges as you move through your home. Others are designed to keep your bits and bobs tidy, so they’re ideal for keeping near your sink or in a cupboard.

We’ve found the most practical and aesthetically pleasing ones on the market right now, so you can finally get round to all those cleaning jobs you can easily ‘forget’.

Best cleaning caddies to keep your home spick and span

Wenko storage box

Wenko Storage Box for Cleaning Utensils

If space is at a premium, try this cleaning caddy from Wenko. It packs down to just 4cm tall, so you can slide it into a cupboard or drawer when you’re not using it.

One of the best aspects of this bag is its many different compartments. Use the main section to store large bottles and cleaning tools, and keep cloths, sponges and other small items in the six exterior pockets.

Thanks to this caddy’s generous size, it’s a versatile item to keep in your home. It would come in handy for storing DIY or gardening supplies, as well as cleaning provisions.

Osco bamboo caddy

Osco Bamboo Caddy

Home cleaning is one area where we can all make improvements to reduce our impact on the planet - and a bamboo caddy is a fantastic sustainable storage solution.

This one is on the smaller end of the spectrum when it comes to cleaning caddies, so it’s ideal for items like cloths, brushes and small bottles.

Check out our favourite refillable cleaning products for more eco-friendly product inspiration.

Joseph Joseph sink organiser

Joseph Joseph Surface Stainless-Steel Caddy Sink Area Organiser with cleaning supplies on a worktop

We love Joseph Joseph’s range of practical yet sleek household items, and this compact sink organiser is an ideal choice for busy kitchens. While some caddies are designed to be portable, this one will look neat as a permanent feature on your worktop.

In the main compartments, you can store useful cleaning supplies like washing-up liquid and brushes. And there’s a dedicated rail at the front for smaller items like sponges and scouring pads.

A few clever features make this one of our favourite cleaning caddies. It’s got a hidden sloped base to drain away excess water, and you can easily take apart the separate pieces for a quick clean.

Steel sink tidy

Steel Sink Tidy with washing up supplies on a worktop

As much a home décor piece as it is a storage solution, this charming cleaning caddy is definitely one of our favourites. With its neutral, powder-coated-steel finish and rustic wooden handle detail, it would be perfect for country or coastal-style homes, but it would bring a rustic touch to modern schemes too.

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Inside, you’ll find three separate compartments to help you keep your cleaning supplies neat and tidy. For ultimate interior décor goals, team the caddy with neutral-toned items like cotton cloths and wooden-handled tools.

White kitchen caddy

Whitefurze Kitchen Caddy with Leaf Green Insert, Plastic, Cream

For a simple, affordable option, you can’t beat this plastic cleaning caddy. With its classic white colouring and pop of colour in the handle, it’ll help create a uniform and uncluttered look in your cupboards.

As the caddy holds its shape, it’s a great choice if you're looking for a permanent storage box to keep under the sink. Just grab hold of the handle to take your supplies with you as you do your chores.

Made from polypropylene with a useful handle in the central tower, this caddy is durable and easy to clean. As an added bonus, the two main compartments are deep enough to stop tall bottles and tools from falling out or toppling over.

Favori storage caddy

Favori Storage Caddy with three bottles

You don’t have to sacrifice style when you’re doing the chores, as this cleaning caddy proves - and if you’re after a classy option, you can’t get much better than this. With its white base and neutral wooden handle, it has a chic, Scandi feel.

Thanks to its large inner compartment, there’s plenty of room for a range of sprays, cloths and sponges. So, it works well as a cupboard storage box or as a portable caddy.

Matt Black Bits and Bobs Caddy

Matt Black caddy with 'bits and bobs' written on it

With its simple lettering and wood and metal handle, there’s a chic simplicity to this stylish cleaning caddy. As it’s designed for ‘bits and bobs’, you could store almost any household supplies inside, but the handle makes it a convenient choice for carrying items from room to room.

Mix and match it with other items from the same range at Dunelm to create a finished look. We particularly love the laundry, pegs and pet food caddies. There’s no excuse to be disorganised now!


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