The best Christmas wreaths for 2020

Take a look at our round-up of this year's most stylish Christmas wreaths

2019 Christmas wreaths

Christmas is poking its head around the corner, and with the festive countdown almost upon us, it’s time to start looking at the best Christmas decorations!


Though we’re in November, there’s no time like the present to get ahead and have a good look around for the perfect festive wreath for your front door. That’s why we’ve taken a look at what the High Street has on offer, to bring you 10 must-have Christmas wreaths to suit every festive room design.

Whether you’re going Scandi-chic, traditional, frosted, dark, or blush with your Christmas colour scheme, there’s bound to be a wreath that suits your interior.

Real or faux?

Deciding between a real wreath and some faux foliage can be a bit of a problem, but it’s all about working out which is better for you and your home.

Real wreaths are a great if you want to perfume your hallway with the scent of pine and eucalyptus and like a natural, rustic look, however the downside of a real Christmas wreath is its longevity. Though it will last until Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, it will eventually begin to die and start to break down, so you’ll have to get a new one each year – which means more money.

However, if you like a glamorous glittery look, or you’d like to invest in a wreath that will last for a few years, then go for an artificial wreath.

Though they won’t perfume your hallway in quite the same way, they will last a long time and save you money in the long run.


Natural bark silver star twig wreath, £20, National Trust

Christmas star wreath National Trust
© National Trust

Bring a rustic style to your home this year with this starry wreath from the National Trust.



Minimalist Christmas wreath with micro lights, £16.99, Lights4Fun

Minimalist Christmas wreath with micro lights from Lights4Fun
© Lights4Fun

Not a fan of large, over-the-top wreaths? Keep it simple with this minimalist design created by Lights4Fun.


Magical glitter snow wreath, £10, Wilko

Magical glitter snow wreath from Wilko
© Wilko

This wild artificial wreath from Wilko looks as though it’s been left outside in a polar storm. Use it to bring a frosty look to any room.


Pop art bauble wreath, £25, John Lewis

Pop art wreath from John Lewis
© John Lewis

If you’re a fan of colour you can’t go wrong with this wreath from John Lewis. It’s made from glistening baubles in all the colours of the rainbow.


Gisela Graham – green leaf wreath with two tone red berries, £50, Amara

Green leaf wreath with red berries designed by Gisela Graham
© Amara

This red berry wreath designed by Gisela Graham is surprisingly realistic! It’s neutral enough that you could use it as an autumn wreath too and really get your money’s worth.


Impressionism pre-lit star wreath, £20, John Lewis

Impression prelit star wreath John Lewis
© John Lewis

Bring some Scandinavian style to your home this Christmas with this simple star wreath from John Lewis.


Soft gold wreath – eucalyptus, £14.50, Cox & Cox

Soft gold leaf wreath from Cox & Cox
© Cox & Cox

Many of this year’s wreaths include rounded eucalyptus leaves, but this design from Cox & Cox has been turned gold for an elegant look.


Large gold glitter wreath, £22, Curated Living

Large gold glitter wreath from Curated Living
© Curated Living Limited

Add some sparkle to your Christmas decorations with this glittering gold creation from Curated Living.


Pale gold and turquoise glitter leaf and berry wreath, £29.99, The Contemporary Home

Pale gold turquoise glitter leaf berry wreath from The Contemporary Home
© The Contemporary Home

Looking for some vintage glamour? This beautiful wreath in muted glittery tones will complement classic decorations in shades of turquoise and bronze.


Frosted fir and rosehip wreath, £49.95, Annabel James

Frosted fir and rosehip wreath by Annabel James
© Annabel James

This lightly frosted wreath is definitely one of our favourites! The clusters of red berries bring real warmth to this festive design from Annabel James.