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5 easy ways to refresh your home for spring

Getting your home ready for spring can be as simple as refreshing your walls with a new, statement work of art, or even adding a few heavenly-scented candles. Read on for our top tips to celebrate the arrival of warmer, brighter days!

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Published: March 1, 2022 at 12:01 am

Spring is all about new beginnings; when flowers start to bloom and the days get longer, new opportunities feel ripe for the plucking. What better way to greet this cheerful season than by looking to our homes for inspiration? There are so many ways to welcome spring at home, from livening up walls and incorporating new colours and textures.


Here are our top five ideas to get you started...

5 ways to prepare your home for spring

Refresh your walls

Poster in pink living room
Abstract artwork poster, Posterlounge

It’s amazing the difference artwork can make in a room – from bedrooms, kitchens, hallways and even bathrooms, hanging posters and art prints can instantly transform your space and affect the mood of a room. With spring around the corner, lighter, brighter prints are a great choice as they'll lift your scheme. You could even move around existing art prints to refresh your space.

For high-quality art prints at low prices, Posterlounge is a great place to start your search. They cater to a huge range of interior styles, from vintage film posters to classic works of art as well as more contemporary abstract prints, for as little as £5.95! We love this pink abstract design which is perfect for a sweet, spring look.

Spring clean

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You can't have a spring refresh at home without a spring clean! Before you get going, however, why not try making your own eco, DIY cleaning solutions? Or check out these top eco cleaning brands. By opting for chemical-free cleaners you'll not only reduce harmful toxins in your home, but also in the environment as a whole!

When it comes to the actual cleaning chores, do an inspection of your home and make a list of areas that are in need of attention. Then tackle your list slowly, one day (or even weekend) at a time. Areas that are sometimes forgotten about include door handles, sideboards, tops of cupboards and windows.

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Don't forget to check out your soft furnishings too! Spring is the perfect time to deep-clean carpets, rugs, curtains, cushions and blankets.

Switch up soft furnishings

Sticking to plain cushions with a single stand-out patterned design is a failsafe style trick. Nancy’s added prints from King & McGaw in contrasting frames so it doesn’t look too uniform, and a dried flower hoop from The Allotment Florist
Sticking to plain cushions with a single stand-out patterned design is a failsafe style trick. From Nancy's home makeover here.

With the weather warming up, cosy throws, boucle fabrics and faux-fur cushions might not be in such high demand at home. Spring is the best time to store away the heavier, winter-appropriate, soft furnishings and crack out the lighter linens and cotton items.

Refreshing your bedding style, whether it be through colour or pattern, is a lovely way to welcome in the new season. Or how about swapping in a new statement cushion cover? Sometimes the little things can have a huge impact.

Add spring fragrances

NEOM Feel Refreshed Candle
NEOM Feel Refreshed Candle, 185g, £35, M&S

You might not be able to see it, but home fragrance can have a huge impact on your interior vibe. You can recreate the scents of a blooming garden or a zesty tropical getaway with the right candle or diffuser - handy if the weather outside isn't working with us!

Neom’s Feel Refreshed candle is the ideal accompaniment to springtime – a specially formulated blend of 24 essential oils associated with restoring energy, this fragrance is designed to give you a boost.

Prepare your garden

Propagating plants
Sustainable plant pots, Dobbies

There are plenty of things to keep busy with in the garden before the onset of spring. Planting summer bulbs, tidying up flower beds and borders and cleaning out your greenhouse are just a few things to tackle.


If you don't have an outdoor space, investing in some houseplants is a must. Spring is the time to shuffle any existing plants you have indoors too to make sure they are getting appropriate light levels (most houseplants like bright, indirect light) and it's also a good time to start considering propagation by repotting and making cuttings of your most thriving plants. You can give these offshoots to friends and family or keep them for yourself and increase your plant display!


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