One of the easiest ways of attracting birds to your garden is with a simple and stylish bird bath. There are lots of designs to choose from, including classic stone styles that would be perfect for a traditional, Victorian garden, as well as more contemporary bath bowl designs that would look great in urban style gardens.


Bird baths provide birds (and other wildlife if situated in an accessible spot) with an important source of water, all year round. They're also helpful for birds to clean and preen their feathers.

Water is just as important in winter as in summer, as other water sources may freeze up. You can keep your birdhouse from freezing up by adding a small amount of hot water to it whenever the temperature drops.

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And you'd like to make local birds feel even more welcome in your garden, why not try adding a bird house as well as a bird bath? We have a step-by-step guide to making a bird box from wooden pallets if you fancy making your own.

Where is the best place to put a bird bath?

If you're able to, place your bird bath in a shady spot in your garden. This will keep the water temperature cool in the warmer months. Having trees, a hedge or branches nearby will also make the birds feel more at ease, as they can view the bath from a safe distance and have a quick getaway spot if they feel threatened.

It's also a good idea to add pebbles or branches to your bird bath so the birds can have a safe, dry spot to stand on while they hydrate and refresh themselves.

Best bird baths

Gardenesque Stone Bird Bath

Gardenesque Stone Bird Bath, £159.99, Amazon

If you love the rustic look, this antique-style bird bath from Gardenesque might be for you. It has a detachable dish, making it easy to transport, and the sloping sides and generous depth make it a great spot for busy birds needing plenty of refreshment and hydration. Weather-proof clay, that can withstand frost and rain, makes it as practical as it is stylish too.

Pop this bird bath near plenty of greenery to get the full charming effect. It would look great in a range of design styles, but particularly cottagecore, shabby chic and Edwardian.

It's 63cm in height and weighs 26 kilograms.

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Elements Black Resin Bird Bath

Elements Black Resin Bird Bath, £22, Dunelm

Prefer a modern, minimalist style? This matte black bird bath from Dunelm is ideal for contemporary garden schemes, like patio gardens and even balconies.

Made from durable polyresin with an uncomplicated design, this bird bath would look especially fetching nestled amongst potted plants and colourful flowers.

It measures 41.3cm in height.

Buy now from Dunelm

Gardman Aura Wild Bird Bath

Gardman Aura Wild Bird Bath, £31.87, Amazon

For something a little bit different, how about this artistic bird bath from Gardman? It's a great choice for modern gardens and will jazz up a decking or patio area. Or, how about using it as a focal point in a wildflower meadow or eco garden?

This sleek metal bird bath can be assembled without tools and it sits sturdily on three legs. It's even been recommended by the BTO, Britain's leading wild bird association, so you can be sure your local birds will be fans of this one!

It measures 38.5cm in height.

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Terracotta Bird Bath

Terracotta Bird Bath, £20, Dunelm

If you have a small garden or outdoor space, a water bowl might be a better choice than a traditional bird bath on a stand. This sweet bird bath bowl is made in collaboration with the Natural History Museum and is made from 100% terracotta, with a smooth internal glazed finish.

It's 29cm in width and could be easily popped on a garden shelf or table. Try and choose a spot where there's not a lot of bustling activity in your garden, a quiet corner near trees or hedgerows is best.

Buy now from Dunelm

Fallen Fruits Ltd Grey Metal Hanging Bird Bath

Fallen Fruits Ltd Grey Metal Hanging Bird Bath, £12.27, Amazon

You can save on floor space with this pretty hanging bird bath! You can keep the hanging bath evenly balanced off a branch or pole by placing a stone or two inside, which the birds can also use as perching spots.

More like this

You won't be able to fill it with as much water as a traditional fixed bird bath admittedly but if you're after a dainty decorative choice, ideal for shabby chic schemes or cottage gardens, this is might be the one for you.

It measures 30.48cm in height and weighs 485.34 grams.

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Hedgehog & Leaf Bird Feeder/ Bath

Hedgehog & Leaf Bird Feeder/ Bath, £39.99, Gardenesque

For another bird bath bowl choice, how about this cute hedgehog leaf design? You could place it on either a raised surface or on the ground if you want to attract more than just birds (you might actually get a real hedgehog!)

This bird bath is made from durable resin and can be safely left outside all year round. We'd add some branches or pebbles at the edges too so birds can access the water without getting completely wet.

It measures 28cm in width.

Buy now from Gardenesque

Wall-mounted Bird Bath & Feeder

Wall-mounted bird bath and feeder, from £20, DrakeHandMadeUK on Etsy

Don't have space for a bird bath or a suitable tree or branch for a hanging bird bath? This wall-mounted style might come in handy instead. It can be screwed into fences, sheds, trees and brick walls, and each design is made to order.

We love the subtle design and thanks to its compact size you can easily take it with you from home to home - especially handy if you're renting!

It measures 13cm (£20) or 18cm (£22) in diameter.

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How to clean a bird bath

It's important to keep your bird bath clean and prevent any build-up of mould and harmful bacteria that can make wildlife and birds poorly. We recommend emptying your bird bath and giving it a wipe-down every week. For an eco and bird-friendly clean, use one part white vinegar to nine parts tap water and scrub all over the basin. Then rinse away and refill with clean water once more.


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