We all want to maximise the space we have in our homes in order to utilise it to its full potential. However, this can be difficult, especially as the majority of us already struggle to cram our large lives into our less than large homes.


Around 95% of Brits admit to some form of hoarding - we are a nation known for clinging on to items that hold memories and comfort, but lack use and practicality. Nobody wants to throw away memories but, in a family home, you can't afford to have clutter for your safety and sanity - that's why you need to be clever with your storage, in order to save keepsakes and space equally.

We caught up with Primrose and Plum, online specialists in homeware and gifts, who gave us their advice on how to save space and make a small room appear larger:

Storage secrets

Floor to ceiling home storage
© kundoy

Look at the layout of the furniture in your home and you will notice that the majority of your free space is usually within the top two thirds of a room. Storing upwards, as opposed to sideways, is a great way of making use of dead space. By installing taller storage units, like floor-to-ceiling book cases and shelving, you can create a quirky look and save a great amount of floor space.

Due to their shape, traditional wardrobes tend to protrude, take up a lot of room and look bulky within the design of a bedroom. Tall wardrobes with sliding doors are fabulous space-saving solutions and look sleek.

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Hanging some long shoe racks on the back of wardrobe doors will not only clear some floor space, but also keep those ever-separating pairs together.

Don't worry, saving space hasn't got to be all practical - get creative! Incorporating storage into the overall design of a room can be fun - invest in some decorative storage boxes or vintage-style chests that complement the design of a room. Better yet - buy some plain boxes and decorate them yourself to create a totally unique and bespoke piece. And don't forget about all that space under your bed!

Think inside the box

Underbed storage
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You can find storage in the most unlikely of places. Have an old foot stool? Why not replace it for one with storage inside?

There is bound to be an area in your house that you are not making the most out of - look around alcoves and bay windows to find those hidden pockets of space.

Alcoves are usually brilliant areas for storing CDs, DVDs and books. That extra room under a bay window is great for placing furniture, providing extra space in the rest of the room. That area under the stairs is one area that can be used cunningly; you may think you can only store a phone or some coats under there but, use that space wisely and you could store cupboards, boxes or even have a mini office under there.

The art of illusion

Small mirrored room
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When you have creatively crammed your stuff into every nook and cranny of your home, you may need to use a bit of imagination to make the space appear bigger.

  • Use light colour schemes throughout your home and allow as much natural light into the space. Furniture, sofas and chairs that are raised on legs also create a sense of light and space.
  • It may be the oldest design trick in the book, but mirrors really do bounce light around a room to make it look larger. Every house needs a mirror, so invest in a large feature mirror to really open up the main room in your home.

When working with a small space, accessories need to be carefully placed. Over-accessorising a small room will create a cramped feeling, however none at all will make it look like a blank canvas. Candles, vases and wall decorations strategically positioned will highlight certain parts of a space and create a fresh and pretty look overall.


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