How to create botanical candle holders

Rescue glass bottles from the recycling and transform them into elegant candle holders for next to nothing!

How to create botanical candle holders

This effortlessly simple project brings the beauty of nature indoors for the festive season. Collect sprigs of foliage during a walk and you’ll be able to relive those happy memories during family dinners.

You will need

  • Empty, clear glass bottles
  • Tall candles
  • Selection of foliage
  • Secateurs

Takes 45 minutes.


Step 1

Thoroughly clean the glass bottles. Leave to fully dry.

Step 2

Collect foliage from your garden, forage from a walk with family or buy from a local florist. Holly or bay tree sprigs will give a traditional look, but you could use fern and eucalyptus for an on-trend feel. The woodier the sprigs are, the longer they will last in water before you’ll need to switch them out. Softer cuttings will need to be changed more regularly.

How to create botanical candle holders
How to create botanical candle holders

Step 3

Cut the sprigs to size with the secateurs, measuring them against the outside of the bottle so that they’ll sit neatly in the main body of the bottles.

Step 4

When you’re happy with the lengths, pop each sprig into the bottles. You might need to poke them down with a knitting needle if they won’t go in smoothly. Fill the bottles with water to about halfway up the neck.

Step 5

Push the candles into the neck of the bottle, ensuring they’re a snug fit and stand straight. Use a small knife to carefully shave away part of the base of each candle if they’re too large.


Take care! Candles pose a fire risk, so before lighting make sure they’re on a stable surface away from flammable materials, and never leave a lit candle unattended.