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How to make a Christmas foliage chandelier centrepiece

Find out how to make your own hanging ceiling wreath for your Christmas table with our step-by-step tutorial!

Christmas centrepiece with foliage

A foliage Christmas centrepiece looks so impressive – but you can make one at home using natural greenery you can gather for free! In this video tutorial, our expert florist Lucy Silverthorne. shows you how! We’ve also included each step in writing below, so you can follow along at your own pace.

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You will need: 

  • A base, measuring approximately 30cm in diameter (to make a centrepiece roughly 45cm in diameter). This can be any sturdy circular structure, from a wire wreath frame to a child’s hula hoop. Make sure it is light in weight and neutral in colour.This piece is easier to make if the hoop is suspended, as it allows you to work freely around all sides.  
  • Secateurs
  • Strong scissors 
  • String or binding wire 
  • Foliage – we’re using conifer, ivy, skimmia, variegated holly, eucalyptus and olive. Make sure your foliage is fully hydrated before you start, cut and leave in buckets of water for 24 – 48hrs. 
  • 2 x lengths of ribbon, each 1m long 
  • 1 x length of ribbon for suspending from the ceiling

Step 1

Take the two long lengths of ribbon and knot each end to the frame, at four equally spaced points. You will have created two long loops of ribbon, hold these loops up and check that your frame is hanging parallel to the work surface. Tie your string or binding wire to the base.

Step 2

Begin attaching foliage to the base, by winding the string around the frame and the foliage and pulling securely. Ensure you cover the inside and outside edge, as well as the top and bottom of the hoop. Work around the frame, placing the foliage in the same direction, but slightly lower so you are overlapping the stems. Consider the placement of your foliage; ensure there are no gaps and your base cannot be seen.

Step 3

Once you have added the final pieces of foliage, wrap the string around the base tightly and make a secure knot. Trim the remaining string.  

Step 4

To hang your chandelier, thread the final piece of ribbon through the two long loops, making sure it hangs evenly. Fix to your ceiling.

The chandelier can be made 3-4 days in advance. Spray the finished piece thoroughly with water and store in a large bag/bin liner, keep somewhere cool and dark. The decorations will need to be added just before you display the garland, to avoid them spoiling. 

To keep the chandelier looking beautiful for the festive season, avoid placing it near direct heat (over a radiator or open fire) and lightly spray with water daily (protect furniture before doing so) 



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