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How to make a Christmas garland with natural foliage

Find out how to make a festive garland using seasonal greenery in our step-by-step video tutorial

How to make a Christmas garland with natural foliage

A Christmas garland looks so festive and stylish draped along a mantelpiece, bannister or dining table – and it’s easy to make your own using seasonal greenery! Read on for a step-by-step tutorial courtesy of expert florist Lucy Silverthorne.

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How to make a foliage Christmas garland

You’ll need:

  • Secateurs
  • Strong scissors
  • Spool of garden twine
  • Tape measure
  • Sticky tape
  • Foliage – we’re using conifer, ivy, skimmia, variegated holly, eucalyptus and olive. Make sure your foliage is fully hydrated before you start, cut and leave in buckets of water for 24 – 48hrs.

It’s worth spending a few minutes placing the decorations onto the garland before you start, to make sure you’re happy with the placement. Consider grouping items together, which gives a natural, organic appearance.

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Step 1

Measure and cut a piece of twine to the desired length of your finished garland, adding approx 40cm. Using the extra length of twine, make loops at each end, these will be used when hanging your garland, so make sure they’re secure.

Tape one end of the twine to your work surface with a piece of sticky tape (this stops you becoming tangled once you start making it!) This piece of twine is your base twine.

Cut a second length of twine, approx 3m long – this is your binding twine. Depending on the length of your garland, you may need more binding twine. When needed, cut another 3m of twine and knot to the existing length.

Step 2

Take a few pieces of foliage and tie together tightly using one end of your binding twine (do not cut the twine)  Place this bunch onto the free end of the base twine, slightly over the loop. Secure this bunch to the base by wrapping the bind twine around a couple of times

Step 3

Take a few more pieces of fresh material and place them onto the base twine, but slightly lower, so they overlap the stems of the previous bunch. Secure in place by winding the binding twine over both the bunch and the base twine.

Repeat this process until you have covered the length of the base twine, varying the material each time, to achieve interest.

Tip: It is important to pull the binding twine tight after each bunch has been added, this will prevent bits falling out. Check the garland from all angles, making sure you have achieved an even and balanced shape.

Step 4

To finish, wind the binding twine around the final pieces and the base twine several times, pulling tightly and knot.

Step 5

To secure the decorations to the garland; wrap the wire around the foliage and base twine, bending the wire back on itself, ensuring there are no sharp ends poking out – which could potentially damage your furniture.

The foliage base of garland can be made 3 – 4 days in advance. Spray the garland thoroughly with water and store in a large bag/bin liner, keep somewhere cool and dark. The decorations will need to be added just before you display the garland, to avoid them spoiling.

To keep your garland looking beautiful for the festive season, avoid placing it near/ direct heat (over a radiator or open fire) and lightly spray with water daily. (protect furniture before doing so)


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