If your garden shed is looking a little tired, and in need of a quick makeover, it could be time to grab the paint pots and brushes. There are lots of specialised shed paints available, and we're spoilt for choice when it comes to colour options. As well as giving your shed a lovely professional finish, specialised shed paint can help protect the wood from weathering, so it's a worthwhile task if you want to keep your shed in great condition.


In our round-up, we've included a mix of classic slate greys and browns for a traditional look, as well as dark blues and light pinks for an eye-catching pop of colour. So take a browse, and find a new look for your shed.

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Best shed paint for your garden

Ronseal Fence Life Plus, medium oak

Ronseal Fence Life Plus, medium oak

A trusted brand that's been around for decades, Ronseal is a solid option if you're looking to give your shed that extra bit of protection. This is the brand's Fence Life Plus paint which is suitable for both sheds and fences. Offering five years of weather and UV protection, your shed should remain in good nick for many summers to come.

There are loads of colours to choose from in the Ronseal range. If you want to keep it classic, this medium oak is an easy choice that'll work with a range of garden décor colours and themes. The paint comes in a large five litre tub, and can be applied by both brush and spray.

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Ronseal Garden Paint, charcoal

Ronseal charcoal paint

The popular paint brand also has a 'garden paint' range with an array of contemporary and fun colours - perfect if you're in the market for a jazzier shed. A big plus with this paint is that it's suitable for most exterior timber, metal, brick and stone, so you can easily create a stylish garden with a core colour scheme. Get creative and match your shed and plant pots.

Black and dark grey sheds are very much on-trend this year, so we love this charcoal colour. Why not paint the window frames a yellow or pink for an effective, contrasting look?

The 'garden paint' range is worth a browse. You'll find everything from purple berry and lime zest to elderflower and blackbird so you're sure to be inspired!

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Cuprinol Garden Shades, sweet pea

Cuprinol pink garden paint

We couldn't resist this lovely pink shed paint from Cuprinol. Different enough to make in impact, without being too loud a colour, this sweet pea colour is the perfect balance. This shed paint is designed to protect your wood for six years, and it's suitable for brick and stone.

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Rather than masking the wood entirely, this shed paint has been designed to enhance the grain of natural wood so you should be left with a colourful yet rustic finish.

This colour would look great on wood panel garden seating for a more colourful backdrop to your garden gatherings.

Wilko Exterior Paint, night sky blue

Dark blue garden paint

If you think a black shed would look too severe, but you still fancy a striking look, give this dark blue shed paint a try. The exterior paint from Wilko takes just two hours to dry and should last for five years.

Pair with brass, or gold garden décor for a glamorous garden vibe.

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Frenchic Al Fresco, parma violet

Frenchic garden paint

We're huge fans of Frenchic paint thanks to its eco-friendly credentials and selection of gorgeous paint colours. The brand's Al Fresco range can be used both indoors and out, so you can spruce up your kitchen chairs after you've tackled the garden shed.

This parma violet is perfect for creating a soothing vibe to your space. It's quite delicate and is sure to work a treat in the light summery months when your flowers are in full bloom.

As an added bonus, because of this paint's minimal VOC content, it's safe to use on children's toys.

Sadolin Woodshield Woodstain, black

Black Sadolin garden paint

This black shed paint from Sadolin is well-suited to contemporary gardens. It's a bit pricier than the other shed paints in our round-up, but considering it offers 10 years of protection, we'd say it's a worthwhile investment. This should also keep you off shed painting duties for a while!

This shed paint also boasts fade-resistant qualities to allow for an intense colour, year after year.


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