If you like to keep your favourite bedding set crease-free, or make sure that your clothes look their best, an ironing board really is a household essential - and if you're using it regularly, you'll need something reliable to make chores more bearable.


We've tested five ironing boards from well-known brands, including Lakeland and Brabantia, to help you decide which board is right for you. Whether you're looking for something sleek and portable or a sturdier board for heavy laundry days, we tested a variety of options. For our reviews, we considered how easy they were to set up and take down, what the cover is like, and how well you can iron on it!

Read on for our tried and tested reviews of some of the leading names on the market...

Best ironing boards to buy in the UK - reviewed by the YourHomeStyle team!

Minky Hot Spot ironing board

Minky ironing board

We had high hopes for this well-known household brand, and it didn’t disappoint. Sturdy enough for family use, this board folds down to a practical size. The 100 per cent cotton topper is covered with heat-reflective dots, which left garments crease-free with little effort and minimal time. A moveable Hot Spot silicon rest means you can leave your iron anywhere on the board, rather than slotting it into a holder. The loop legs provide a steady surface, and the adjustable board can be positioned to heights up to 90cm. The tapered end is well-designed for ironing smaller items, too.

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Easy-Store mini ironing board with hanger hook

Easy-Store Mini Ironing Board with Hanger Hook, £34.99, Lakeland

This nifty design is a clever solution for smaller homes and flats. It’s lightweight, compact and has a hook, so you can hang it up in the wardrobe out of sight when not in use. Petite proportions (its ironing surface is 30 x 85cm) mean it’s quick and easy to set up, so an ideal option to tackle any last-minute laundry emergencies. However, it isn’t height-adjustable and there’s no holder for the iron, so be careful not the knock the iron over. Despite its small size, though, it is stable to use and still big enough to iron most garments.

ANYDAY John Lewis & Partners ironing board

ANYDAY ironing board £30

Soothe your senses while pressing away creased clothing with this mellow pattern. Click the legs out of this lightweight ironing board and raise it to your desired height (up to 90cm) with ease. Automatic child safety locks also ensure that little hands don’t get caught while setting up or taking the board. A wide, curved end helps when ironing shirts and fitted sheets, and the thick cover prevents any metal fretwork showing through. The non-slip pads prevent the iron from slipping, but larger irons may have trouble fitting in the cradle. A reliable, family friendly option at an affordable price point, too.

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Brabantia ironing board C

Ironing Board C, Brabantia - Fresh Breeze

Transform busy laundry days with this super sized ironing board. Brabantia’s Type C board has a surface area of 45 x 124cm, but with an added transport lock to keep the board secure, it was easier to fold down and put away than expected. The thick triple-layered binded cover kept creases at bay and a 7-step height adjustment means that you’re not hunched over. If we had to mention a downside, the wide end of the board means you can’t swivel a tshirt around (if that’s your ironing style) but you can easily iron a whole shirt with minimal movement and fuss. For those with large households (or laundry loads), this board is a useful investment.

Kleeneze Elise table top ironing board

For those with snug spaces or iron the occasional item of clothing, this ironing board easily sits on top of a table or kitchen cabinet – simply pop out the two hinged legs and it’s ready to use. You have to iron clothes on top of the board, rather than on the end, as the legs get in the way, but we found it surprisingly easy to iron a shirt. Its small size means you’d struggle to iron bedding on it, but the lightweight frame and no mechanical height adjustment makes it easy for those who prefer not to grapple with large boards.


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