As a true kitchen workhorse, your dishwasher needs reliable dishwasher tablets to make sure all your crockery and glassware is sparkling clean at the end of each wash cycle. There are numerous branded and supermarket own-brand tablets on the market - but which do the best job without breaking the bank?


We tried a selection of dishwasher tablets at home, looking to see how well they cleaned, if they were good value for money and what, if any, were their eco-credentials.

The best dishwasher tablets at a glance:

Check out our tried-and-tested guide to the best dishwasher tablets, and how to keep your dishwasher performing at its best.

Tried-and-tested: dishwasher tablets

Ultimate all in one tablets, Finish

8 out of 10

Finish Ultimate All In One Dishwasher Tabs

As the priciest product on test (33p per tablet), we expected a brilliant clean and shine from these – and they delivered! Dried-on debris, tea, coffee stains and grease all disappeared after a standard cycle. They even worked well on the dishwasher’s eco-setting, so you can save water and still get spotless dishes. The pouch they come in is recyclable, but you have to take it to the supermarket as it’s not collected kerbside in most areas around the country. Snap these up when they’re on offer and you won’t be disappointed.

All in one dishwasher tablets, Smol

9 out of 10

  • Buy now from Smol (£5.80 for a pack of 30; trial pack of 9 tablets costs £1)
Smol dishwasher tablets

Boasting vegan-friendly Leaping Bunny certification and 100-percent plastic-free packaging, these dishwasher tablets are an ideal choice if you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly way to clean the dishes. They got rid of stubborn stains with ease and left glasses clear with no food debris or grit behind. However, you do get what you pay for, as they work out as just over 19p per tablet.

Magnum Original all in one dishwasher tablets, Aldi

9 out of 10

  • Buy now from Aldi (£3.29 for pack of 40)
Aldi Magnum dishwasher tablet

The cheapest of the tablets on test, Magnum Original come in at 8p per wash so they’re a great way to reduce costs on an expensive household item. Small and compact, they still pack a cleaning punch. We didn’t go easy on them, testing them on takeaway curry tupperware alongside a heavy load of pans – and they stood up to the test, albeit the shine was a little lacklustre. There’s no plastic to unwrap, which gives them a big eco tick.

Ultimate all in one dishwasher tablets original, Asda

7 out of 10

  • Buy now from Asda (£5.95 for pack of 50)
Asda Ultimate All in One Dishwasher tablets

These tablets cost a little over 11p each and pack plenty of cleaning power. There’s a solid and liquid part to each tablet, which dissolves completely in the wash to leave dishes and glasses glowing. We found them slightly more perfumed than other tablets. In addition, they don’t score too highly in terms of eco perks, however, they’re a reliable addition to your kitchen cleaning arsenal.

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Brand vs Supermarket

Overall, the results in our home test were close, with supermarket Aldi's own brand coming out top on price and planet-friendly brand, smol, leading the field in terms of its eco credentials. Only one point separated the dishwasher tablets from Finish and Asda, neither of which scored as highly as the others on eco-friendliness. The testing team at recommend keeping an eye out for offers when you're out shopping to grab the best deals.


Fairy Platinum Plus All-In-1 Dishwasher Tablets Bulk

Fairy all in one dishwasher tablet

We are currently testing these tablets by popular household brand, Fairy. The Fairy Platinum tablets claim to 'tackle tough cleaning challenges' without the need to rinse or wash more than once. They are also designed to help prevent grease build-up in your dishwasher as well as keep the filter grease-free. We like the idea that the ultra soluble tablet not only dissolves fast, but the salt and rinse aid action - plus glass and silver protection - are part of the tablet. We look forward to finding out how well they perform and if, as they claim, they also keep your dishwasher smelling clean and fresh.



Why are my dishes still dirty after using the dishwasher?

There are a few reasons why your dishes might still be dirty at the end of a wash cycle. Firstly are you stacking your dishwasher properly with the dirtiest items on the lower rack facing to the centre? Make sure nothing is catching the spray arm(s). Can they can rotate freely? Place flat items along the back or sides of the dishwasher so that the detergent dispenser can open fully. Scrape off all leftover food as you load your dishwasher and correctly place dishwasher tablets in the dispenser – not loose in the machine. Finally, make sure you care for your dishwasher in line with the manufacturers’ instructions: keep it topped up with dishwasher salt, clean the filter regularly, check the spray arm for blockages and deep clean every few months with a dishwasher cleaner.

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