As energy costs soar, we're all doing our bit to keep our bills down, and that's where an energy monitor can come in very handy. The practical plug-in gadget lets you know how much energy your electrical appliances use, so you can alter daily habits, set schedules and timers, and as a result, lower your bills.


There are a number of models available, including designs that double as smart plugs and let you view and track power usage on an app, as well as more straightforward models that display the details on the energy monitor itself. Take a browse below, and find out which appliances are power hungry in your household.

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Best energy monitors for 2023

Mecheer Energy Monitor

Energy monitor with blue backlight

For a thorough investigation into your appliance's power usage, this energy monitor doesn't hold back on detail. You can switch between a number of different modes with this plug-in energy monitor, and view an appliance's voltage, total kWh and maximum/minimum power. There's also a cost function which tells you how much you're spending when using your household appliances so you don't need to faff around with calculations. This should help towards setting household budgets and swapping in more energy-efficient appliances so you can cut down on energy bills.

Just plug in your appliance - whether it's your fridge, toaster or kettle - and discover what it's costing you.

Tenda SP9 Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring

Tenda SPN9 smart plug and phone

This nifty smart WiFi plug not only tracks your home's power consumption, but lets you control your electrical appliances from your phone. View and track your home's power usage month by month (on a snazzy graph) and spot patterns and any alarming spikes.

You've got more overall control of your devices' power usage with a smart plug as you can effortlessly switch devices on and off, and set timers and schedules to help prevent unnecessary bills from racking up. There's also the addition of voice control so you can just ask your Alexa to switch off the lights without having to leave your snuggly bed, easy! We like the sleek, non-bulky plug design too which is certainly no eyesore.

More like this
TP-Link Tapo Mini Smart Energy Monitor

This Tapo device works in a very similar fashion, allowing remote control of devices, and an insight into which of your home appliances are drawing the most power. You could test your laptop for example, and compare working from home to heading into the office, and it's also a useful way of turning your devices off at the wall rather than leaving them on standby all night.

This particular model has received a number of five star reviews from happy customers, with buyers commenting on the gadget's user-friendly nature.

Energenie Energy Saving Power Meter

Energie energy monitor

If you're more focused on looking into the cost of how much your appliances cost to run - and don't want the addition of smart tech - this energy monitor from Toolstation is an effortless choice. Just plug the device into your mains socket and then plug the appliance you want to check into that, simple. It'll measure energy use, and then calculate the costs so you can discover which of your home appliances are guzzling the most power.

Emporia Smart Home Energy Monitor

Emporia Smart Home Energy Monitor

While plug-in energy monitors are great for checking the power consumption of smaller household appliances, this energy monitor lets you monitor larger appliances such as washing machines, ovens, water heaters and dryers. Installation is far more complex, as the device is made up of clamp-on sensors that are installed into your circuit panel. However, you can enjoy a more overall review of your household's energy consumption without the hassle of buying lots of individual plugs.

The app lets you view what you're spending, and shares energy-cost saving tips and advice. It's worth noting that while this device comes with DIY instructions, a professional is recommended for the installation.

Kasa Mini Smart Plug

Mini smart plug

The final energy monitor in our round-up is a neat smart plug that's been awarded thousands of five star reviews on Amazon. This model should work with any WiFi router, so set up should be nice and easy. Monitor real-time energy consumption, as well as daily averages, and use the scheduling function to reduce energy waste, and save on bills.

Smart plugs are great for keeping cosy in the winter - pop your electric blanket on before bed, and heat up your office before you start your day, all from your phone. You can also set timers to switch off your plug at a set time - ideal if you're charging a device overnight and don't need a full night's sleep worth of power.


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