Even with a dehumidifier whirring away, the windows open, and the shortest of showers, keeping our homes free of mould can be a tricky task.

Whether it's the dreaded cluster of black spots, or blistering of paint, mouldy walls are unpleasant to look at, and can have negative effects on our health. There are all kinds of mould-zapping cleaning products around, but another option is to paint your walls with an anti-mould paint, and prevent the mould from appearing in the first place.

Designed for walls that are exposed to high levels of condensation, and containing a specialised formula to prevent the growth of mould, anti-mould paint can be applied to your wall just like any other paint. We've gathered a list of eight options below, so you can keep pesky mould at bay, with a fresh lick of paint.

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What causes mould on walls?

Excess moisture causes mould to appear on walls, particularly if the area is lacking in sufficient ventilation. The moisture may come from a leaking pipe or window or a build up of condensation (from boiling pans, showers and drying clothes indoors etc.). It's therefore no surprise that our bathrooms tend to be mould breeding grounds.

How do you treat mould before painting?

There are a number of anti-mould sprays, gels and solutions on the market to help remove mould from walls, so before applying your anti-mould paint, it's best to try and remove as much of the mould as possible. If possible, you should also make sure your wall is completely dry before painting.

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How does anti-mould paint prevent mould?

Anti-mould paints, such as Zinsser and Ronseal's formulas, contain a biocide that prevents fungal damage and the growth of mould, protecting your paint's surface from blistering, cracking and the growth of black spots.

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Best anti-mould paint for 2023

Zinsser Perma White Self-Priming Paint, 1L

Zinsser white anti mould paint

Zinsser offers an array of specialist paints for all kinds of painting dilemmas, and luckily the popular brand has an all-purpose, mould resistant paint in its collection. Designed for high humidity areas, this Zinsser perma white paint boasts a self-priming nature. This means you can apply this anti-mould paint directly onto your wall and save yourself the hassle and cost of buying a number of different products. Just make sure your walls are free of mould before you start to paint.

This is a white matt paint, ideal for a kitchen or bathroom in need of lightening.

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Ronseal Anti-Mould Paint, 2.5L

Ronseal anti mould paint

While we tend to associate Ronseal as a go-to paint brand for our outdoor painting tasks such as shed and fence painting, the brand also offers a number of products for your indoor DIY jobs.

Ronseal's anti-mould paint comes in a 2.5L tin so you should have plenty left over for second coats and touch ups. This is another white matt finish, and it's designed to keep your walls and ceilings free of mould for up to six years.

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Polar Anti-Mould Paint

Polar anti mould paint

Polar has been around for over a hundred years, and sells a range of specialist paints including waterproof, stain-resistant and radiator paint. The brand's anti-mould paint is designed to prevent mould from penetrating interior walls and ceilings, and can be used on brick, plaster, cement and concrete.

Polar's anti-mould paint should last for up to five years, and you can choose between a 500ml, 1L or 2.5L pot, depending on the task at hand.

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Dulux Easycare Bathroom Paint, 2.5L

Dulux bathroom paint

If you're looking to add a splash of colour, and keep mould at bay, Dulux's Easycare bathroom paint collection is well worth a browse. Anti-mould paints are often white, so we were delighted to come across this range.

This willow tree colour is a soothing mint green - a lovely way to add a fresh pop of colour to your bathroom. It would look particularly effective in a chic country space, and as it's fairly neutral, you'll easily find patterned bathroom tiles and accessories to match.

Featuring a MouldTec formulation, you can enjoy mould-free walls for up to five years with this product.

Johnstone's Paint to Cover Damp, 750ml

Johnstone's anti mould paint

A real perk of Johnstone's Paint to Cover Damp paint is that it can be applied to damp walls, which is ideal if you're really struggling to dry out your space. This paint has been formulated with high opacity in order to prevent mould from seeping through.

You can use this paint on plaster, brick, stoneware and cement so it's a handy pot of paint to have stored in the shed. We also like the handy 750ml size. Paints often come in much larger pots which can often result in unnecessary waste.

It's worth noting this paint has a lengthy drying time of 14 to 16 hours, so you'll need to set aside plenty of time for this DIY task.

Farrow and Ball, Modern Emulsion, 2.5L

Stiffkey Blue Farrow and Ball

Big fans of the luxury paint brand will be pleased to hear that Farrow & Ball's modern emulsion paint is designed to protect your walls against mould. The tricky part will be choosing a colour, as there are over 140 to look through...

We were drawn to Stiffkey Blue - a gorgeous choice for a bathroom, and it'll look beautiful in a living room or bedroom against funky, bright prints.

As well as its mould-resistant qualities, another big appeal is this paint's versatility - apply to your moisture-prone bathroom walls, living room or hallway. Its washable nature also makes it a solid choice for kitchen walls - wipe off tomato sauce splatters with ease.

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Wickes Mould Protect Emulsion Paint, 2.5L

Wickes anti mould paint

Wickes is always a useful stopping point when you're DIY shopping on a budget. Offering a smooth matt finish, the brand's white anti-mould paint is ideal for high condensation areas such as your kitchen or bathroom.

You can add a second coat in as little as two to four hours, so an ideal choice if you're after a quick and efficient paint job.

Dryzone Anti-Mould Paint, 1L

Dryzone anti mould paint

While lots of the anti-mould paints come in a crisp white colour, Dryzone's anti-mould paint is available in a magnolia shade - ideal if you're after a warmer feel. This formula fights against black mould, so you can keep your bathroom, kitchen and bedroom looking and feeling fresh.

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What to consider when buying anti-mould paint

When purchasing anti-mould paint there are a couple of extra features to think about, as well as the typical considerations such as colour and amount of paint required.


As you can see from our round-up, the longevity of anti-mould paint varies between brands and products. You'll find many boast around five to six years of anti-mould protection, which is ideal considering how often we can find ourselves scrubbing away at walls in an attempt to remove mould. Of course every home is different with the house's build and ventilation impacting the degree of the mould problem, so it's best to keep some paint to the side so you can keep on top of any mouldy patches that seep through.

Cost per square meter

We've found in general, anti-mould paint is similar in price to traditional paint. Even popular brands such as Zinsser offer anti-mould paint for under £30, and think what you could save on anti-mould sprays and time spent scrubbing!

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